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AZ Renaissance Festival 2015 ~ Part IV The Finale'

 The Entertaining Jester Elijah Tynker Whippo

The Lovely Serendipity Whippo of Clan Tynker

The Adorable Fairie Sarah Corkill


By now in the Renaissance Series of Posts you can easily distinguish which Images are my Brother's and which are mine.  *Smiles*    And even though I still have scads of Images left to Share I have decided this will be the final Post because I just haven't felt much like Blogging lately.

I should have bought The Man some of these Beard and Hair Ornaments to keep both his Beard and his Hair tidier.  Lately keeping him, the Home, the Kiddos and Garden tidier has been rather a Challenge that I've not been up to either really.

Attending the Festival and spending Quality Time with my Brother during his visit really were high points for us both, since his Family and ours has been dealing with far too much to make most days all that enjoyable.   We both had been in dire need of a Respite and the Festival with his Weekend Visit provided exactly what we both needed as a Welcome 'Getaway' from the Issues of Life piling up.

A Fantasy Escape can be a very Welcome interruption in the daily grind and coping with an onslaught of personal crisis.   It was very tempting in fact to go back for another weekend while the Festival would still be going on, but finances and circumstances have not permit such an indulgence.  So I was grateful that my Brother funded the initial and first ever experience for the Young Prince and I.

I was Sad for him that he didn't get his Hat in time before another fellow 'Scored' it though.   Hard to see someone else walking around wearing YOUR Hat.  But the Young Man Graciously allowed us to Photograph him in it so that my Brother could ask the Vendor to make a similar one for him to Special Order.   It was one of those "He who hesitates is Lost" scenarios where my Bro' had the Hat in hand and then put it down to go looking for me, to ask what I thought about him Purchasing it?  Then when we returned it had JUST been Purchased by this Lucky Fellow, who Thanked my Bro' for hesitating!  *LOL*   The rest of the Red Fox pelt cascaded down the back, it was a Magnificent Hat!

Shopping at the Festival was Amazing... though I know you will find it hard to Believe that I only Purchased a couple of items for the Young Prince and passed on anything I was Jonesin' for.

Had Budget permit though I would have certainly picked up this Amazing Knitted Creation which could be worn seven different ways and was the Colors of the Rainbow!  I got to meet and talk with the Artisan and it was the very last of two she had left.   She said they take her three Months to Create and she won't be making any more due to arthritis making it far too painful, I can relate to that dilemma.

For the Time and Talent it takes to Create such a piece she had a Fair price on it, but I didn't have that much to spend so I reluctantly had to Pass... though she did allow me to Photograph it for posterity.   So... my Brother came away without his Hat and I came away without my Fav Wardrobe piece... ah well...

The King and Queen were so busy and traveling the Festival so quickly that this was the best Image I could capture as the entourage briskly passed by us on their way to another Performance.   I Wish I could have shown you the front of this Magnificent Ensemble the Queen wore!

I must say that the majority of the Participants gladly posed for Photographs though and everyone was so Friendly and eager to make you a part of the Fantasy.

I would have liked to regale you with all of the Wonderful Images we captured if I was more in the Mood to Blog... but it's been one of those particularly Dry Spells for me Bloggy Wise... plenty of pixs and no Desire really to deal with Image loading and tell the Stories... perhaps I'll snap out of it soon and catch up with all the delayed Blog Stories I had to tell... Time will tell...

But I do Thank those of you who came by anyways... even during my slump... to visit and/or to say a few words... I do Hope you've Enjoyed coming along Virtually with us... and maybe I'll find an Excuse to Share more of the Enchantment another time...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. I hope you are feeling in a better mood already! Your posts are so interesting don't stay away long!


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