Monday, March 2, 2015

Arizona Renaissance Festival 2015

 Source: Photographer Syd Martin... my Lil Bro'

My Brother was able to make it back out to Arizona for some more Press Coverage of the Arizona Renaissance Festival and he took Prince R and I with him during this Trip.  It was our first ever experience with a Renaissance Festival and it exceeded all of our expectations!  I'm now thinking Good Lord why did I wait so long?!?   My Brother knows many of the Performers since he has covered the Festival for many years, but this is his first time covering the one hosted in Arizona.   This is his Beautiful Friend Serendipity from the Clan Tynker.  We stood side by side taking many of the spectacular Imagery but of coarse my Bro is a Professional and I a mere Amateur, so I'll be giving you an Exclusive and Sharing many of his superb Images along with my own since he gave me permission to Blog with both.

Source: Syd Martin Photography

Everything about the Festival is Amazing and it Transports you to a Wonderful and Surreal place of Enchantment, Magic, Fantasy, Imagination and Creativity.  Many of the Performers and Guests Create their own Costumes and Accessories, many taking Months to complete, so it was particularly interesting to me to talk to each of them to hear of what Inspired their Costume Designs and have them Share Creative Details about their Costumes and the Character being portrayed.   From the Simplistic to the Sublime I J'Adored each and every one!

Source: Syd Martin Photography

Of coarse being able to attend any Event where my Talented Brother is doing Press for it is also a Wonderful learning experience as well in the Art of Photography so I was taking advice and notes about how to become better at an Art Form I'm thoroughly Enjoying more and more.  I was quite flattered that my Lil Bro' was very complimentary on my Photography and the Eye I view my Subject matter from, since it differs from his own and he can thoroughly Appreciate that as a fellow Artist.  It is true that everyone views their World around them from a different and unique perspective and their Photography often reflects that individualism.

 Source: Syd Martin Photography

And seeing how he set up his shots and the subject matter was a treat to behold... he has a way with making everyone feel Comfortable and Natural in front of his lens, which in turn Creates the most Flattering of Imagery.  I've always said that my Brother can make anyone look like a million bucks and feel like a Professional Model without having to Photoshop the hell out of the image to do it!   *Smiles*   So many of the Lovely Young Ladies at the Event were in fact Naturally Beautiful though and could indeed Model with the right person shooting them.

Of coarse I had Fun taking my own Images so be prepared to be buried in Renaissance Posts and saturated with over-sharing of everything that Delighted our Eyes and Senses!   *LOL*  It was a cooler day than usual so The Young Prince borrowed my Wrap and proceeded to convert it into a Costume for the Event since we had not Created Costumes being that it was our first time.   Rest assured that will be different next time as we're already Imagining what our Costumes will be like for attending next year, since we Enjoyed ourselves so much we will certainly be making annual Pilgrimages from now on!   These were definitely Our Type of People and we fit right in!  *Winks*

My Grandson especially, being the Free Spirit and Artistic Soul that he is, proceeded to join in with some of the Musicians, Dancers and Troupes that were Delighted at his Interest in their Crafts, Patient enough to Teach him since he's a Quick Study with an abundance of Natural Talent, and Gracious enough to allow him to join them.  It warmed my Heart that this kid that the Public School System complains all the time about and is convinced 'can't learn' in the Traditional Sense, can be so easily taught and become instantly adept with the right kind of Teachers at whatever it is they can Create Passion for him about!

Watching him Dance, play Instruments he's never played before as if he's played them all his Life, and Learn to use Acrobatic Props like a Pro and seem like part of the Act was mesmerizing to me since he was so good at it and a complete Natural!  It actually gave me a Peace that no matter how he does in High School, his Gifts will make room for him in Life all the same as God Intended his Path and Purpose to be... having that Peace diminished the huge amounts of Stress I've been under while Dealing with the School System on his behalf.   Part of the reason we attended this Festival was to de-stress ourselves from what we've been up against and going through lately in fact.

This indeed was a Magical Escape that drew us in completely and made us feel very much a part of it since we had so very much in common with those who participate in it!    I just Loved this Costume, made me think of the Queen Of Hearts Character of Alice In Wonderland!   I kept waiting for her to utter, "Off with her head!!!"   *Smiles*   None of the Details of the Costumes escaped me and I could see how Proud many of the Artists were of their Creations they were wearing and others were Admiring.   I mean, how much Fun is it to Dress Up anyway and have an Alter Ego, right? 

And of coarse The Grandson and my Brother said that how I dress every day made me fit right in!  *LOL*   There were many Fairies, Gypsies and Belly Dancers wearing Ensembles that in many ways look like my everyday Wardrobe and came over to tell me they were Admiring MY Ensemble!  *Ha ha ha*   Little did they know that I wasn't even wearing a Costume... that's my everyday Attire!  *Bwahahaha*   The Grandson and Brother got quite a kick outta that lemme tell ya!   The Weekend we attended was Pirate Weekend and so of coarse there was an abundance of Fab Pirate Attire to behold!   Who doesn't Love a Pirate!???!??


And the Fairies, well, they were some of my Favorite Costumes... I think I now NEED Wings and a Headdress like this!  *Smiles*   Aren't they absolutely Divine!?!??!   Yeah, I could mos def ROCK something like that at the next Festival!  *Winks*

I'd say something like this if I was in my Younger Years... but I think my Belly Dancing Gypsy Costume Days are behind me now.  *LOL*   Yeah, the Grands would cringe if Gramma insisted upon donning garb like that for the next Festival with my ample midriff hanging out me thinks!?!   But 'The Girls' could still fill out the upper half bodaciously!   No brag, just fact.  *Ha ha ha*

Now this Lovely Young Lady was so Sweet and we were totally diggin' her Dreads so she Schooled us on how to Create and Care for them... since The Brother's Fiance' wants to sport them and I've always liked them very much myself we were Interested in learning more about the Style since we Loved hers so much.  She said she hopes that next time she sees me perhaps I will have taken the plunge and Dreaded Up?  *Smiles*

Yep, if mine could look like this I'd definitely go with it and be wearing the Flowers and Beads in my Hair as well!   She allowed us to Photograph them so that if we decide for sure we could let a Stylist see the Type of Dreads we like best since there are many versions and ways to do and wear them.  I wouldn't be such a Cowardly Lion about it if I thought I could wear them well and maintain them appropriately... but it is a commitment so I must ponder some more I think.   The Grandson was so Logical about it, he just told me to Go For It... it's just hair Gramma... and if I didn't like it I could just shave my head and start over!   Ahhhh, the Fearless Outlook of Youth, gotta Love it! *Ha ha ha*

But, I am always drawn to a Lovely Dreaded Do... like this Young Lady's Colorful Dreadlocks, which could have been extensions and so perhaps that is another way to go without as much commitment right away, I dunno?   Loving the Ears too... so Cute!

And here comes Trouble... I could see Princess T with an Ensemble like this which would be quite fitting given how much Trouble that Kiddo can be sometimes!  *Smiles*   By the way, in case you were Wondering, Princess T was at a Sleepover Party and The Man opted to stay Home since large Crowds and Festivals just aren't his thing, which is why they didn't come along.  But I'm Glad you did my Friends, if only Virtually... and be sure to come back for even more of the Festival Series I'll Post Sharing the gazillion Images my Brother and I took!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. What a wonderful experience for you and the Prince! Another fun thing to plan for and look forward too!

  2. oh how I miss a proper Renaissance fair, and this one looks lovely! So many pretty outfits.

  3. We have a Rennaisanice Festival around here every summer. I have never attended but from listening to others, it is great fun.

  4. Each time I spend away from blogland and return you've been up to something wondrous again! What fabulous photographs you have shared, and this event looks so much fun. Green with envy. (But glad you went so we could see all this magic). x

  5. Thanks for the wonderful visit to the Ren Fest! I haven't been to one in years and it looks like the costumes have become even more fabulous.

  6. Love the costumes, especially the elf one! I hate that we don't have Ren Faires in Australia! Sulks.

  7. Wow!! Just wonderful photographs you have shared here dear. I just loved every photograph in different costume. Costume designers also did amazing work, you know same types of costumes I have seen in NYC events. I enjoyed there a lot too.


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