Saturday, February 21, 2015

Sweet Salvage ~ Rustic Luxe ~ Part I

I know... I've been MIA from the Land of Blog for a while... been Mad Busy and dealing with our main account being hacked so getting that mess straightened out to enjoy my Holiday Weekend properly whilst actually doing everything was no small feat... so no time to devote to Blogging.  I don't like to try to just knock a Post out in a hurry, I am OCD enough to want to do it properly so felt it should wait for the appropriate time and amount of attention I wanted to give it.  I knew you all wouldn't mind waiting if I made it worthwhile. *Winks*

The SWEET SALVAGE "Rustic Luxe" Event was gonna make it worthwhile Trust and Believe that!  I attended Opening Day to get some good Blog Images but had to wait until Saturday to return and get my Intended Haul, which was excruciating lemme tell ya!  Due to having to wait on the Bank to re-issue my Card after the Identity Theft Closed Down everything so I couldn't even access any of it!  Yeah, major inconvenience and Drama since I had so much going on and surely didn't need any financial crisis to threaten to derail any of it!   First order of Business was to scoop up one of my Friend Minnie's Spring Pillow Creations from her "Vintage Minnie" line, isn't it Lovely?

And rather than the larger, younger and more expensive White Tail Mount on a Shield, I opted for a more demure, older 1940's and less expensive Mule Deer Mount without a Shield... which actually turned out Perfectly for what I wanted to do with it at Home, so having to wait actually paid off.  Future Posts will Showcase the Him I made into a Shim and how I Pimped it out once I got it Home and placed in it's intended spot... I'm absolutely J'Adoring everything about it!   The Man is Happy that I got one that he didn't have to attempt to take the Shield off of for me... he didn't need another Project.  *LOL*

Another Wardrobe Treasure I felt I hadda have... one of my Friend Heidi's new Spring Line from "Paris Montana" that features a Maxi length Urban Cowgirl Wrap Skirt.  Yep, that's my new Skirt being Modeled by the Manne, Love that I'll be able to wear it with Jeans, Leggings, a shorter Skirt or even Shorts if I wanna, such diversity and how Awesome is layers of Ruffled Hand-Dyed Tulle anyway for Casual Elegance?!?

Here's the always Chic Heidi Modeling the lighter version of the Wrap Skirt next to mine... they come in a variety of luscious Hand-Dyed Hues so picking a Favorite was not easy... but the darker Hue was just more Wednesday Addams Urban Cowgirl Chic so that was the one for moi, Naturally!  *LOL*

In fact the Rustic Luxe Event was a Favorite of mine because it is just Our Style, we had so much Fun attending!  Styling a Home as if Eva Gabor and Vikings lived together and managed a Decorating Compromise is kinda like The Man and I living together and figuring out how to Style the Home actually!  So all the Awesome Rustic and Luxurious Elements Showcased together was right up our Alley!!!  smile emoticon

For the Art Studio Cottage and my Sewing Needs I got this Luxe Mink Pincushion Fashioned out of a Repurposed Silverplate Sugar Bowl, Dyed Seam Binding, Bling and Old Lace.   I have so many scraps of Vintage Furs just begging for Projects that this really Inspired me a lot... Lord knows I've got enough Old Silver Orphaned Pieces to marry them to and then have this be part of a larger Collection.   Old Silverplate hasn't been a Best Seller at my own Showrooms so I NEED to do something with it... I just Love it too much to discard any of it, so Upcycling it is always preferable if I hafta drag it back Home to do something else with.

My Adorable Friend Minnie was a Vision as always in her New Spring Line... I could really lose myself in the Boutique Area of the Event each and every time I attend.   I hardly ever come away without at least one or two Treasures from the Boutique at The Sweet and this Month's visit was no exception!

Minnie had also Created some Clever Rustic Totes utilizing scraps of patch-worked Organic and Vintage Style Fabrics.   I ended up also 'Scoring' a Vintage Umbrella in a luscious faded Amber Silk Fabric in the Boutique Area, it will join my Vintage Umbrella and Parasol Collection that will eventually be suspended from my Art Studio Cottage Ceilings.

My Favorite "Left Behind" Piece that just wasn't in the darned Budget... this Amazing long Mink Table Runner with Crocheted Edges!  *Swooning*   Now that's Luxe done up My Style fo' sure my Friends!  *Winks*   Yeah, I could be eating my Oatmeal with a Centerpiece like this draped across the Breakfast Table as my first Visual of each day!  *Ha ha ha*

And my Friend Myko's Space was particularly Enchanting for this Theme with a Cabinet Of Curiosities Style Mantle Display that was To Die For!!!   Seriously, I wanted each and every Cloche and what was Showcased inside of them... especially that Ostrich Egg and Bird's Nest one... so hard to walk away on that first day and not be able to 'Score' even one... and by Day No. 3 most were alas... scooped up already by other Lucky Nature Lovers!  *Sob*


But... don't feel too Sorry for me... I was certainly not deprived and at the end of the day I 'Scored' the most Awesome Treasures during this Month's Pilgrimage to SWEET SALVAGE "Rustic Luxe" Event!   You know, I always seem to say this, but this was one of my all time Favorite Themes and I thoroughly Enjoyed every minute of it and all the Inspiration it provided.

Along with being able to visit with all of my Wonderful Friends there it is always such a Treat and I look forward to it every single Month and know that it never disappoints and always exceeds my expectations in every way!    I also always get to meet so many other Interesting and Wonderful People while Shopping and waiting in line to get in or check out... or whilst sitting in the Courtyard enjoying what is being offered up on the Gourmet Food Trucks.    This Month the Gourmet Mexican cuisine was amazing, the Crispy Cod Tacos... YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I also 'Scored' this Rustic Luxe Tote from the "Grungy Galz" Spring Line... how Cute is this!?!  In fact you can find so many inexpensive yet luxurious and Creative Hand-Made Bags and Totes that you'll end up with a Collection of them in no time because you are not gonna be able to resist... I know I can't!!!   Reasonably priced enough that you can stash some away to give as Gifts throughout the year too... and what Gal do you know that wouldn't Appreciate such a Surprise Gift?!

The problem with having a Nine Year Old Photographer is that ALL of your double chins are gonna show up because she's lower than you are so the angle is NOT gonna be Good or Flattering!  *Blushing*   Hopefully my Lovely Mule Deer distracts enough that you're not reaching for your harpoon thinking that a beached Whale is strangling a docile Deer that wandered too close to the shoreline?  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*

Ahhhh... we always have such Fun don't we?  At least Princess T and Mister Ron are on this See-Saw Created out of  Old Tractor Seats!  Yes, it was a Good day to be us, that's for sure!!!   Be sure to come back since I had to ante up my Ten Image Limit per Post to about Sixteen in order to squeeze in all the Eye Candy I Captured thru the Eye of my Lens... so there is MUCH more to come!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Wow! Wow Wow! You did good! I absolutely have to try my hand at a Maxi Cowgirl Wrap Skirt! I can see it in Calicos as a Peasant attire!

    1. You are gonna have to Share an Image of that Calico Peasant Maxi Wrap when you get it Created Marlynne! Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Wednesday Addams Urban Cowgirl Chic ... I am so gonna have to come down to that market. I love your new 'dead thing', Dawn! :)

    1. I knew you could appreciate my new dead thing my Friend! *winks* Dawn... The Bohemian


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