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Recapturing Childhood... Sweet Nostalgia

**All Images in this Post were Sourced from E-Bay Auctions** 

I know why Vintage Toys are always a Hot Seller... everyone was once a Kid.  So Recapturing Childhood and Experiencing the Sweet Nostalgia of those Beloved Toys that were our Favorites and we remember spending countless hours playing with brings everyone back to their own Personal Happy Place from the Past.   Many Adults didn't hold onto the Toys of Childhood, or very few Survived the ravages of the Years or countless moves... so being able to find and Collect the most Beloved of your Old Toys is the next best thing to having the Originals.  At certain Seasons of Life people often go on Quests to replace something Beloved that has been Lost over Time so that they can have it once again.  Or perhaps they never had the opportunity to have it as a Child and now they're an Adult they can afford to finally get it for themselves and fulfill that Wanting.

I like to look up the Images of the Favorite Toys from my Childhood, since few of our Toys Survived all our Nomadic Travelings as Children and then continued Travels well into Adulthood.  To Travel Light we often had to leave behind a lot.  And actually, once outgrown, you really don't think about how much you might Miss those Sweet Nostalgic Moments that certain Toys will bring back rushes of Memories of later in Life to look back upon fondly and Remember.   Liddle Kiddles were my absolute Favorite Girl Toys to Collect and thus began my earnest Collecting in 1966-1967 when the Original Ten were made.   Liddle Tiddle here with her Crib and Duckie was my Favorite and so was the very first one I asked for and received.  I still have her, though not the Original from my Childhood... but I was fortunate to discover her in a Thrift Shop along with some other Kiddles for a mere dime apiece!!!

That's much cheaper than they had cost New... I remember that my Parents couldn't afford much so I had to wait Patiently for each acquisition of my Kiddle Collection, which made it all the Sweeter actually.   Children nowadays expect Instant Gratification and have so much, so what they possess doesn't seem to be Cherished and Appreciated or Cared for as much as when you don't have a lot and had to wait for it, skimping and scraping to earn it with limited resources.  Each Kiddle had a Cute Name like Bunson Bernie the Fireman with his Adorable little Yellow Slicker.  I remember taking Great Care not to over bend them so that the wires wouldn't poke out of the rubber bodies and keeping them clothed so that I wouldn't lose any of the Clothing or Accessories they came with.

I remember thinking it was really Special that Florence Niddle the Nurse Kiddle had a Sweet tiny Infant Accessory.  I've always had a Passion for Miniatures, Bits and Bobs... which is why Smalls still Appeal to me so strongly and I can spend hours fussing with, sorting and Organizing them to this day.   As a Child anything Miniature was preferred over anything regular or over-sized, I think my Parents probably Appreciated that since some of our Homes were quite Cozy and there wasn't a whole lotta Space for Stuff.  Also, with the constant Moving it was easier to Keep some of the Smaller items and move them with us.

Greta Griddle was really Stylish and came with her own Tea Party, bouffant Hairstyle and Party Dress.   Though each came with it's own comb and brush, I remember not fussing with the Hair very much at all so that it would stay Pristine.  Yes, I was a very Strange Kid that way, I took Immaculate Care of my Toys so they almost looked New even after Years of playing with them and Loving them.  Because of this we often gave our Old Toys away to other Children when we had to Move again... or to our Younger Cousins who lived in North Wales and were crazy about anything American since they couldn't get many of the Toys made here in the United States.

I remember particularly Loving the long Hair of Lola Liddle and seeing if I could ride her around in her Sailboat in the Bathtub or Wading Pool without tipping her over and getting her wet!?  *Smiles* As I recall the Sailboat wasn't actually too buoyant and steady in water even without the Doll inside.  The Commercials always made the Playing so much more Realistic than it actually was in Real Life, didn't they?  Some things never change... *Ha ha ha*

Babe Biddle had a Sports Car and a Trendy Sixties Style Bob Haircut.  She didn't fit very well into her Car, but it didn't seem to matter that some of the Accessories weren't really to Scale of the Dolls, our Imaginations still soared while Playing with it all.

I Loved the Cute little Apron Graphics of Sizzly Friddle Kiddle... and as I recall, some Kiddles were harder to come by than others in the Stores, I Imagine the Popularity of certain Characters accounted for that but perhaps some weren't as mass produced as others, since I know that some were Sears Special Edition Dolls at the time.    I don't think I ever got Surfy Skiddle for instance, though I might have and just don't remember her being among my Collection of the Original Ten?   She's certainly distinctive enough to remember... but it has been around Fifty Years... so you know, it could be a complete Memory Lapse Senior Moment going on?  *Bwahahahaha*

Trikey Triddle Kiddle had a Balloon and unusual Tricycle, I think she was one of the last ones I received before I quit Collecting them.

I do remember that Howard "Biff" Boodle was my second acquisition and my Favorite of the Boy Kiddles on account of his Brown Eyes and Cute T-Shirt that sported his Name and his little Jeans.  Back in the day there weren't very many Brown Eyed Dolls or Dolls of various Ethnic Groups, I don't know why... and I always had a 'Thing' for Brown Eyes.  Being one of the only ones in the extended Family that didn't have Dark Eyes and seeing so many of my Family and Friends having Dark Eyes I simply didn't understand why Toy Manufacturers didn't make more Dolls that looked like the People around me or from our Cultures?

Calamity Jiddle was a Cowgirl and she had the most Adorable Rocking Horse and Cowgirl Outfit.   I think her Ensemble was one of the most Interesting and Detailed ones so she was high on my Favorite Kiddle List.

Now, for some strange reason I just cannot recall if I had Millie Middle or not... even though she was one of the Original Ten so I suppose I did... I just don't remember her like the rest, so I guess she didn't Impress me as much, I dunno?   She and Surfy Skiddle are off the Ole' Memory Grid! *LOL*   And in case you are Wondering, No... I totally Cheated on remembering some of the Names, you can Google it to jog your Memory Banks.  *Winks* 

I can't say that in all the Years I've been seeking out Vintage Toys that I've EVER found a complete Collection of Liddle Kiddles or any in the Original Packaging like this, so I suppose it's Rare and I know at Auction most of these go for so much that it's outrageous I really Wish I HAD kept my entire Collection now!  *Winks*   I Guess I'm not the only one who had a heady Nostalgia for the Kiddles, they were clearly Beloved by many, though Modern Kiddos don't know what they are because you just don't see them around very much in the Re-Sale Market even as a Collectible, folks must have just held onto them?

I remember how Jazzed I was when my Dad and Mom Surprised me with the Ultimate Gift of the Liddle Kiddles Klub House!!!   That was a Big Deal because it was rather expensive and thus Sacrificial for my Parents to get at the time.  I'd been Collecting the Kiddles for a while before I finally got the Klub House so I was able to fill it with Kiddles, all of which were pictured on the Graphics of the exterior of the Klub. 

Even the sides had Graphics on the Vinyl... but it wasn't very sturdy so you had to take Great Care since it was only Vinyl over Cardboard and with a lot of Love and Use it could get pretty busted up.

It was Great Storage and a Carrying Case for my Kiddle Collection and all of the paraphernalia though, so it kept everything intact and easy to play with.

And when you opened it up, well, it had this Great Three Dimensional Interior that I remember just Adoring!   So Colorful and with the molded Plastic raised up on the Furnishings and Outdoor Area which had a Road for the Kiddle Vehicles, a Pond for the Sailboat and a Rodeo Arena for the Rocking Horse.   So... did any of you other Girls have a Passion for the Kiddles too?  Which ones did you Collect and do you still Possess the Originals or have you Sourced replacements?

And finally... my other all time Favorite Toy that my Younger Brother and I Shared and spent many an hour mutually Creating Things with... our Thingmakers by Mattel and the Colorful Plastigoop used to make our Creations!  We had several Molds, his Favorite being the Bugs.   And my Favorite being the Creeple Peeple Pencil Toppers.   Yes, I was and still am an Addams Family Type of Gal!  *Winks*   I remember that we'd Create them and then Sell them at School and to our Friends around the Neighborhood, quite the little Entrepreneurs we were!  I still possess one of the Original Creeple Peeple Pencil Toppers that I Created as a Child, he's Yellow and Green and has the Snake in the back of his Head.

And being Hippie Kids I Naturally also Adored making the Fun Flowers and Butterflies from those Molds... you could stick them to the Windows of your Room or wear them as Jewelry, so Mod and Funky they were!  *Ha ha ha*   I was Jazzed to find out that Plastigoop is still being Manufactured since the Old Goop would harden and dry up over Time and be no good... because I still have many of the Old Molds, they were Sturdy and Metal so they had lasting power... and you can still find the Heating Units that actually Work... Toys were just made to last back in the day.   Though when I think about it, Toys weren't as Safety Conscious with the Heating Units etc. that we played with at very young ages, often without Supervision and yet still managed not to have mishaps with!   Today's Manufacturer's would worry about being Sued!  Ah, Kids just don't Live on the Edge like we did as Youngsters do they?  *Winks* Well, Hope you Enjoyed taking a Trip down Memory Lane as much as I did whilst Recapturing my Childhood and some Sweet Nostalgia in Today's Post?


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. So interesting to see this unusual post for you! A glimpse into your childhood1 Enjoyed it a great deal!

    1. Needed the Sweet Escape of Nostalgia, dealing with some heavy personal issues on the Homefront right now. Makes me feel better to remember some very happy times when things were simpler. Dawn... The Bohemian

    2. Needed the Sweet Escape of Nostalgia, dealing with some heavy personal issues on the Homefront right now. Makes me feel better to remember some very happy times when things were simpler. Dawn... The Bohemian


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