Thursday, February 26, 2015

New Location Of The Paper Collage

My Talented Friend Pamela's Shop THE PAPER COLLAGE has moved to a bigger and better location, so we couldn't wait to get over there and see the new spread!  As always the Shop was a Vision of Marketing and Display Genius.  I always want to buy up everything Displayed but Thankfully Pamela Encourages me to be more Creative than that and Design my own with the wealth of Supplies she stocks the Shop with to Soothe and Feed the Creative Soul!

The Lazy Artist that I am I know she's right, but my first impulse is usually to just buy something Lovely that has already been Created rather than to make the Time to Create, even though Creativity is Pure Bliss for me so I should make the Time to do it more often.   I know what I want and what my own Ideal, Tastes and Aesthetic are, so really it does turn out better and more perfectly for me when I Create what I want rather than buying something I like.   But I also know that if I don't take a Class or get together with other Artists to have a Creative Day, I probably won't set aside enough Time for it and Create anything at all.

So going to Pamela's Shop has always been a Treat because we usually end up Creating something there, taking some of the Great Classes and Workshops offered and trying our hand at new Artistic Methods and Styles.  I only Wish I could set aside more Time to get over there more often and take more of the Classes and Workshops. 

While I Enjoy the Creative Artistic endeavors and seeking out Art Supplies... Little Miss Organization enjoys helping Miss Pamela with keeping things Organized, Clean, Tidy and Creating Displays.   She always sets right to work since that is her Type of Bliss and is more Play than Work in her Eyes.

With Easter fast approaching the Vignettes were a Vision of Spring, Easter and Lovely Pastels... seeing so many Gorgeous Hand-made Cards, Tags and Paper Arts has me itching to Create some of my own now, so I stocked up on Supplies for Future Projects we'll make together.

Of coarse when it comes to Artistic Supplies, Paper Arts and Ephemera I can go overboard... way overboard... and this day was no exception to that Rule.  *Winks*   But I got a great Stash of new Products that are just My Style and will Create some Fab Cards and Tags I've got in mind.   Eventually I want to offer some of my Tags and Cards in my Showrooms because when I've taken the Time to Create them to Sell, they've been very well Received and Sold Out quickly.  So, I must get my Lazy Artist Arse in gear mustn't I?!?  *LOL*

In fact there is a Workshop coming up next Month at the Shop that I would so like to find the Time to take:

Couture Card Class with Leslie

Create five pretty cards using Graphic 45 papers
and other pretty embellishments.

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

If you think this is something you'd Enjoy as well, visit Pamela's site HERE for more Details about Signing Up before the Class is filled!   Couldn't you Imagine presenting a Card as Beautiful as this that you Created yourself making it all the more Personal and Special?   And then have learned a wealth of Techniques to continue to Create your own Beautiful Custom Cards!

So... mark your Calendars for the Card Class... but know that the Shop also offers Custom Cards that have been Created by various Talented Local Artists as well, so if you're not so inclined to want to make your own, you can Purchase some of the most Beautiful Custom Cards you'll ever see!  Much better than any mass produced Card, it Personalizes the Giving of it just that much more.  These will be Cards that the Recipient will want to Keep and Cherish as a small Work of Art worthy of Displaying and being Inspired by.

Throughout the Year the Shop will also Host many other Workshops and Classes for a variety of Paper Arts Projects.    I've taken Workshops to Create Paper Lanterns, Domino Art Jewelry, Tags, Journals, Scrabble Tile Art, Artist Trading Cards, Gift Cards, Rosette Making... the list is practically endless and I've thoroughly Enjoyed every one and Learned so much!

Pamela also Hosts a regular ATC Swap to Trade ATC's with other Artists, with a different Theme each Month.   This Month's ATC's had just come in for the Swap, this was one of my personal favorites.  You can make them all the same or all different... and what a Great way to meet and Network with other Artists and Connect with Kindred Spirits whose Style of Art you mutually Appreciate.   A Great way to get your Art and Style out there to Share with others too!

In fact, it was Pamela who introduced me to the World of ATC's and I thought it a Wonderful Idea to Trade Art and I really Enjoy Creating and Collecting them now.  Such Sweet Mini Works of Art to Display and be Inspired by... and they fit into Photo Holders so well to Display en mass.

  Pamela also Hosts regular Craft Flea Markets where you can de-stash your Craft Stash for Cash!  I've Attended the Craft Fleas and the variety of Crafts, Supplies and Bargains is to die for!  So... if you have a Hoard of Artistic Supplies, Craft and Paper Arts to dispose of... this will be the Venue for you to Sign up to Participate in... but Spaces are limited, so be sure to check out the Website for more information on upcoming Craft Flea Markets being Hosted.

I really got the Spring Fever whilst visiting the Shop... I mean, how couldn't you with all this Visually Delighting and Inspiring you!??!?!   Made me want to rush right Home and begin Styling for Spring and Easter!

I bought some of the new Stickles colors... I J'Adore Stickles!  If you've never used the Product, get some, you'll soon want the entire Line and it's an inexpensive way to Jazz up your Paper Arts, Domino Pendant Jewelry, Scrabble Tile Arts and the like!  *Smiles*

Princess T and I are mos def Scrapbook Paper Addicts... we can find all kinds of uses for our Favorite Scrapbook Papers and so we have an enormous Stash of them at Home and it's a staple for our Creative Projects involving Paper.   We're always seeking out new Designs we like and Pamela always carries Unique Lines of Scrapbook Papers you just can't find in the big box Craft Stores.

One of our New Favorites is this Junque Gypsy Line of Scrapbook Paper... SOOOO Our Style!!!  Yep, I think we bought triplicates of each Design... one for each of us to use in Projects and one for our "Keeper Collection" of Scrapbook Papers we use as backdrops to Photograph small Creations against and use for Future Reference when we want to replace a Favorite Design.

  Not to mention you just never know when a Design will be Retired or Discontinued and you just can't get it anymore because it's no longer being Produced.   I know you probably cringe when that happens too, especially if you don't have anymore of that Design and now it's gone forever... so if you keep a "Keeper Stash" of your Favs at least you'll always have one if only to use for Inspiration and Photography Backdrops.

Of coarse New Paper Designs are coming out all the time too and I Love to find New Favorites to add to the Old Favorites.   I have my particular Lines that I am drawn to, like a Groupie of sorts for those Manufacturers that Style them because I tend to Love everything they offer in their Lines since it's so very My Style and thus Perfection.  *Ha ha ha*

Pamela and I are noted for never passing up Smalls when we go Pickin' together because when you Enjoy Paper and Mixed Media Arts as much as we do, they ALWAYS come in handy to use and to Sell to those who might not Enjoy the Thrill of the Hunt Sourcing them and just wanna buy them off you instead.  *Winks*   We scour high and low to Source those Smalls for your Artistic Projects and maybe I'm a bit of a Nut, but I thoroughly Enjoy Packaging my Smalls... it's Fun for me to make Gypsy Style Swag Bags of assorted Artist Supplies and other Creative Smalls.  The Kiddos and I could spend hours sorting thru our Stash to individually Package the Kits, it's like Play!

Nothing is quite like wading through Art Supplies, Smalls and Ephemera for us... whether it's our own Private Stash or at our Favorite Shops and Vendor Friends that Specialize in those Products.  It's rather like Disneyland For Creative Souls to be surrounded by such things.  And you will definitely be surrounded by such things at the Shop... and it's so much larger than the last location so there's even more Space, Eye Candy, Inventory and Unique Finds for Creative Minds!!!  *Insert Squeals of Delight!*

Yeah, I know, I'm flagrantly disregarding my self-imposed Image Quota in Today's Post to Plug my Friend's Amazing Shop... HADDA though, no way I could Edit down to just 10-12 Favorite Images I took while Pamela Revealed her Enlarged Vision!!!  *Smiles*   But I don't think you'll mind the occasional Obsessed Post that goes Long will you?  *Ha ha ha*

Yep, it's a lot of Visuals to Assault you with... but in a Good Way though... so Overdosing on Inspiration and Beauty isn't always a Negative... actually I can't remember when I considered it a Negative at all... bury me in Inspiration and Beauty any day I say and never apologize for it!

I just never get tired of Pretty Things and I can visit Shops like this and literally lose track of Time and be totally Lost on the Canvas of my own Imagination with the Creative Possibilities racing around in there at warp speed!  *Winks*

Anyone with a Creative Bent totally 'Gets It' and can Relate... even if others can't fathom why we get so Excited about what makes our pulses race and our Imaginations soar to heights out of the Stratosphere!

Princess T saw these Mixed Media Journals and fell in Love... she's cutting up every Magazine she can find and I'll allow her to now to Create her own version of this Cool Art Form.   She's also making Miniature Books and Journals for her LPS Critters and Doll House Library now that she's got all her new Papers from Miss Pamela's Shop to Create with!

So, if you find yourselves in the Far West Valley of the Sun... drop by the new location of 

Perhaps we'll even see you there or take a Workshop or Class together some day?!?

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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