Saturday, February 14, 2015

Love Is In The Air... It's Just Damn Hard To Photograph!

Yes... it's Valentine's Day... and Love is in the Air... but I'm finding that it's just damn hard to Photograph!   As I look around at Retail Spaces everywhere it hits me that apparently I'm not the only one Afflicted with a Decorating and Styling Dry Spell when it comes to this particular Holiday.  And you wouldn't think that would be the case, this being the Romantic of all Holidays and all of the Options that would bring with it for Fabulous Vignettes and Marketing Strategies would you? 

Perhaps we're just all burned out with Over-Decorating for the string of Holidays that precedes Valentine's Day?   I mean, Retail Wise and in so many Homes there was a Show-Out of Styling Enthusiasm for Halloween and Christmas.  It really got you in the Mood for those Holidays because you were virtually surrounded by it all for weeks preceding them so that the Atmosphere was saturated with their Vibe and Ambiance!


But Valentine's Day reminds me a lot of Thanksgiving when it comes to Decorating and Styling for it... squeezed in between two more Popular Holidays that folks go All-Out to Decorate for... and so almost like an afterthought just a nod to it is visible in the Shops or Homes of even the most dedicated of Stylists and Decorators among us!

I looked high and low to find visible Signs of it that I could Photograph for my Valentine's Day Blog fodder.  But though Love will certainly be in the Air... I just found that it's damn hard to Photograph when the Signs just aren't there to capture through the Eye of the Lens!  *Le Sigh*   So I had to Adapt and Improvise, being particularly Creative for this Post's Images since the Romantic Style Signs were so Elusive. 

Sure, I could have gone Corporate and Generic Commercial by just Photographing the Amazing Flower Shop and Bakery Section of the Grocery Stores.  Which were quite Impressive with it's Valentine's Day Displays as you walked through the doors.   Bang, you were visually assaulted by all that Red, Pink and White... and knew exactly which Holiday was on the Horizon when you walked in!   There was Overkill of Roses by the Dozen, Heart Shaped Topiary and Heart Shaped Helium Balloons, Heart Shaped Cookies, Heart Shaped Cupcakes and Heart Shaped Candy Boxes galore!

But I guess I just wanted more than that... not that I'm opposed to a Good Sweet Heart Shaped Creation that isn't mass produced... but I wanted a Romantic SETTING to put me in the Mood for Valentine's Day.   Something more than a mass Commercialization Assault in an Appeal to get me to spring on a generic box of Chocolates, which I can't even eat... an array of Confections that would put me into a Sugar Coma until next week... and cut or living Flowers, which I Love all year long, but don't necessarily Speak my Valentine's Day Love Language so completely as a True Romantic SETTING that they could be in.

Sure... Jewelry is a Love Language of it's own that can be spoken this Holiday... but even the Jewelry Displays in the Shops were void of a Valentine's Day jaw dropping Show-Out of Styling and MOOD that the Holiday of Love was fast approaching!   A few tacky foam Heart Shaped cut outs and obviously fake equally tacky Rose Petals sprinkled around the Bling was rather pathetic I thought to indicate it was supposed to be a Valentine's Day DISPLAY!.  *LOL*

I thought that a few of our Antique Mall's Vendors at least gave it a better shot than that by grouping like-hued Treasures in Romantic Pastels or Sexy Jewel Tones for their Vignettes so that you kinda knew what Holiday was coming up.   And I'm not bashing any of them mind you because my nod to Valentine's Day in the Showrooms and at Home was absolutely PATHETIC too... so I'm equally Guilty as Charged when it came to stepping up for this Holiday's Styling and Decor!  *Hangs Head in Shame!*   Princess T put me to Shame even more by spending two weeks prior to the Holiday diligently readying and pouring over her Valentine's Day Cards to pass out at School.

This Vendor's Corner at our Antique Mall probably had the Best Romantic Inspired Setting I could find... and it was designated to a tiny Corner of the entire Booth, but it sure beat the Hell outta my feeble Attempts in either Showroom I can tell ya!   There is so much I could have done... but just didn't get around to... and the tragedy is that what little I did have for this Special Day Sold extremely well, so it is certainly a missed Opportunity for increased Sales!

And certainly, since we'll be having our Big 20% Off Sale at the Mall for Valentine's Day AND President's Day, there will be plenty of Shoppers descending upon the Mall, regardless of how it's Decorated and Styled, to buy their Beloved a Special Somethin-Somethin at a deep discount!   *Smiles*  I'm already seeing an increase in Sales for those Early Bird Shoppers that didn't want to risk waiting for the actual Holiday to present their Love Gifts and prefer to Give in advance.

In our Home we have an Understanding that Yours Truly would rather pick out her own Valentine's Day Love Gifts to get EXACTLY what I want to signify their undying Love for me!  *LOL*   It's a long Story, but Trust and Believe that prior to that Understanding I got some... ahem... sketchy Love Gifts that I had to Pretend to Adore and fight the Urge to Return so's I could get something I actually Loved or even Wanted!   And I ain't one to waste a Superb Gifting Holiday like that to Justify getting something Fabulous for Self! *Bwahahaha!*   You can see in Previous Post the Fabu Valentine's Gift I got for Self on behalf of The Man... he knows that finding that Perfect Gift is half my Thrill!  *Smiles*

Now about the rest of 'em... The Man and The G-Kid Force... their Love Language is different... they are totally Content with Candy they will fight over and try to consume more than their Fair Share of regardless of how much each receives individually!  *Winks*   Someone will always inhale theirs just so that they can then Go For someone else's.  Slyly, stealthily and covertly of coarse... and then deny said Raid on what was NOT theirs to consume!   And then the ensuing Drama and accusations will fly and play out as to who ate the Stash of those who tried vainly to Ration theirs out?!?  *Le Sigh*  The Wailing and finger pointing will be Intense!  *Smiles*

Each can be Guilty depending upon what irresistible Temptations were Rationed and Stashed... and for how long.  Apparently there is an Expiration Date on how long one can and should Attempt to Stash something that they don't want a Raid to uncover and become the Spoils of War.  So the Cache of what isn't supposed to be found ends up in the most unlikely of places to thwart the Adversaries and it becomes somewhat like a Blackbeard Treasure Hunt as Pirate Style Raids go on for weeks after the Holiday if there is any hint of a Ration Stash still in existence!?!   *Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of Rum... me needing the bottle of Rum as I Mediate these clashes!  Smiles*   I bought them enough Candy each this year that they should all be in a Sugar Coma 'til the middle of next week!  *Ha ha ha!*

So... I raise my Glass in Cheers, Blessings and Love from the Arizona Desert, where the Visual Evidence of this Valentine's Day Holiday is rather conspicuous by it's absence... and I tried to Capture at least Fourteen Romantic Inspired Images on Purpose, which proved to be no easy task... but that's Okay so long as Love is still in the Air my Friends... Here's to your most Romantic Love Filled Valentine's Day ever... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Such pretty pictures! Like the cakes!
    Regards Janny

  2. Such pretty pictures! Like the cakes!
    Regards Janny

  3. Those Cupcakes were just beautiful! Would be perfect for a group of ladies tea . But I'm like you I want something that will last and not on my Hips!


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