Thursday, February 12, 2015

Looking Through Sepia Colored Glasses

You've heard of looking at your World through Rose Colored Glasses... well, I prefer to look at mine through Sepia Colored Glasses instead.   Lately more than ever Sepia Tones are Appealing to me even stronger as I find it to be a very Soothing Aged Palette when it comes to Neutrals that go with just about anything and everything.

 Source: SWEET SALVAGE Facebook Page

It's Attraction is even more Telling when I'm out and about finding myself drawn to just about anything that would go with Decorating in Sage and Sepia Style for our Home.  I'm embarking upon some Room Make-Overs as the Great Edit and Purge has gone into full swing and cleared out so much of what was no longer necessary or Adored.

I don't know that I shall have a completely Blank Canvas to build upon since there were clearly a lot of Keepers as well as that which went out the door as I Curated the Collections.  But I do know that a Theme is coming together nicely in the way I want those Rooms to be Transformed.  The Livingroom in particular is going more Neutral and Natural with an abundance of Sepia Toned Treasures and Decor.

Rooms that the Family spend more Living and Relaxing Time in don't need to be so Stimulating or packed with Inspiration as my Creative Spaces, so they can be Styled quite differently and yet still be My Style and Authentic to Self.   Looking at those Spaces through my Sepia Colored Glasses gravitates me towards what to bring in... or Exit Stage Left in the Transformation Process.

I have a Vision of what I'd like it to Morph into eventually... and it's well on it's way towards getting there.  I'm Patiently wading through every Possession in every Space we have to ensure that the Letting Go Process is thorough and very well thought out.  My detachment from things is somewhat of a Surprise actually, in a Good way.

And what we Keep or bring in now will be only the most Cherished of Objects... the True Keepers.  Things that will stand the Tests of Time for what I really want to be surrounded by and not just what I Like or was a Great Deal.   Those Objects... the Likes and Great Deals... will be Showroom bound and not take up Residence in the Home or Studio Spaces.

With Valentine's Day coming up so quickly upon us, and knowing that The Man will have me to just choose something I Adore as my Gift from him, I'd been out Seeking that Perfect Gift Addition that I would Cherish and would mos def be a Keeper!

And I noticed that it too had the Beautiful Aged Sepia Tones to it that I've been particularly Attracted to lately!   Yes, the Man's Valentine's Day Gift to me this year would be this Lovely Vintage Magnolia Pearl Bag from the Early Years of Robin's Line, which are my Favorites.   Getting a Great Deal on it was just an added Bonus, so Color me Happy with Receiving this year's Love Gift from my Beloved.

With Bling AND Tea Stained Vintage Trim Elegance it was an absolutely Perfect addition to my Collection of Art Bags by Favorite Artisans.   Artistic Accessories are something that I always utilize every day and am perpetually Inspired by when I am surrounded by them, so I consider them a Wise Investment that I get a lot out of and never fall out of Love with.

And picking up Quirky Treasures and Vintage Trims to Create my own Art with is also always something that I am perpetually in search of in my Hunting and Gathering forays.   Recently I picked up a trio of Old Turtle Shells from a Friend who gave me a Good Deal on them... and my Imagination is already churning with what to do with them.

And it's also about time to get started with some of the long overdue Gypsy Curtain Creations now that I have an Abundance of Tea Stained Old Sepia Crochet and Lace Linens, Old Burlap and European Grain Sack Linens, yards and yards of Seam Binding and Antique Brooches to Play with in the making of them.   I like to have a lot of Options in the way of Supplies before a Creation begins to Manifest... and now the Stash is sufficient for this Project I'm Excited to begin.

After all... the coming of Spring brings with it New Life and New Beginnings... here's to giving Birth now to whatever your Imagination has Conceived and Carried to Full Term my Friends!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Good for you! Inspired to do a makeover at home! You Bag from your husband is beautiful!!

  2. Sounds as though you have a beautiful vision happening Dawn....what fun to start over. l too prefer Robin's older stuff and your new bag is a stunner. Hope you have a wonderful Valentines weekend:-)


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