Monday, February 16, 2015

I Love A Good Sale!

I LOVE a Good Sale... doesn't matter whether I'm Buying or Selling... a Sale is just such a Rush isn't it and Creates a Special Energy that is simply Contagious!?   And the Big 20% Off Sale that our Antique Mall had for Valentine's Day went so well for me that I had to rush in there Sunday to replenish Inventory for the other Big 20% Off Sale for President's Day!   Showroom One Thirty Three in particular looked barren after the Sale, it had been practically emptied out, which was a good problem to have and so I focused most of my Attention in there to re-fill and re-foof.

Isn't there something so Uber Creepy and Stepford-Wive-Ish about 1950's Era Dolls?  *LOL*   So they fit right in with the more Weird and Wonderful Vibe of Showroom One Thirty Three.   This particular Showroom is the one I'm Experimenting with most when it comes to slowly Transitioning it to more My Style and see how that goes over and is received by Customers?   So far, so good... and I'm really Happy about that since eventually I want both Showrooms to reflect more of my own Aesthetic and Personality, if possible.

Supply and Demand being what it is you never can tell for sure what the Demographic will embrace and wanna Buy.  So I want to be Sensible about what I offer and feel that it will Sell and not just be something of a Curiosity that will get a good gawk and lurk but won't go out the door.  *Smiles*  Not that I'm opposed to Window Shopping and Inspiration Jaunts, I do more than my own fair share of that too, but I think you know what I mean when it comes to Retail Space having to pay off and be a means to an end as well as my little Happy Place.

I was actually Glad a lot went out the door in one fell swoop so that I had a semi-blank canvas to re-build some Vignettes upon.   Styling and Display are some of my Favorite things to do with the Showrooms and making it look Fresh is difficult if you haven't Sold so much that most of the Inventory is Fresh too.   I don't like moving the same stuff around so my Enthusiasm wanes a bit unless I'm able to bring a bounty of New Inventory in and really be able to give everything a New Look.

My Spaces are not huge and so to give them a Fresh Overhaul I need to unload Inventory and Turn it fast so I have the room to bring a lot more in to replace it.   I'm not one to bring something Home to Storage after it's been brought into Inventory.  I know some Vendors don't mind doing that, but once it's gone out the door... well... I don't want it ever coming back or be schlepping it around from one Location to another.  I'd rather do a mark-down and ensure it goes away to it's New Home if it's been sitting longer than I want to fuss with it or look at it!  *Ha ha ha*

But I haven't spent all of my three day Holiday Weekend just Working... Au contraire... as a matter of fact on Valentine's Day, while the Young Prince was at a Competition for Band, and The Man wanted a Relaxing Kid-less Day to languish at Home... Princess T and I had a Girl's Day Out and met up with our Adorable Friend Tricia Samsal of VINTAGE BLISS.    Now, knowing that she was meeting up with Miss Tricia, the Queen Of Pink, Princess T got her Pink On right down to her Cowgirl Boots!  *Smiles*

Since I also Enjoy Styling with Quirky Vintage Hats, especially Band Hats nowadays to Celebrate Prince R's penchant for Band, I really liked this Cute Display of a Young Man Mannequin wearing one in Tricia's Vignette.  Alas, I haven't been able to bring my Vintage Mannequins in for Display Purposes to my Showrooms since when I do the Customers are tenaciously doggin' me to Sell them and I don't wanna!  *Ha ha ha*   So I've had to resort to bringing in mostly Display Items I'm willing and able to part with and detach from so it won't be such a Tease that I have to Deal with constantly.  *Smiles*

I also Loved Tricia's new Branding with the Drink Cozies... I shouldda got me one... but I forgot... since Princess T was alledging she was famished and was practically dragged me off to one of our Favorite Mexican Restaurants in the area, Manuels!   Insistent Hungry Children claiming Starvation cannot be suppressed for long after all! *Smiles*

Okay, so now she's all Smiles, Love and Cooperation again with a plate of Delish in front of her!  *Whew!*   Yeah, this one doesn't Suffer in Silence lemme tell ya, she can turn Beastly when she thinks I've gone Long and she's not having Fun or her own way anymore!  *Le Sigh*

And frankly, I was getting rather famished myself... so this Delish Fresh Spinach Enchilada Luncheon was just what I needed as well to round out a Nice Girl's Day Out Together... before meeting up with The Son and Family to go over to their Home later for a Delish Dinner they were preparing for us for Valentine's Day.   Yeah, it was a Good Day to be me... that's for sure!  *Winks*

And they had Grapefruit that looked like they were grown outside of Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant... Yowsah, now that's a Mutant Grapefruit if I ever saw one!   *Smiles*   Well... we had lots more to Share for Girl's Day Out on Valentine's Day... but that shall wait for another Post since I've reached my Image Quota for Today's Post!  *Winks*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. So happy for you that sales are going so well! m My sister and I shopped at an Armadillo Store in Grain Valley, Missouri a few weeks ago. We were impressed!


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