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After The Super Bowl... Back To Abnormal... Whew!

So, after the Hooplah of the Super Bowl being Hosted right here in our Community it's finally back to our Abnormal!  *Whew and a Smiles*    This meant I no longer had to Referee the potential of a Smack Down 2015 over the TV Remote Control between Men and Children.   No more fussing about missing 'Sponge Bob' on account of Grandpa monopolizing the favored TV from Sunup to Sundown watching Football related Hype.  *Smiles*  It also meant I could turn my Attention back to my Goal of ten or more items of Inventory being Edited and Purged from the House and get it Showroom bound!   Almost all of the Vintage Kitchenware I'd Purged prior to Pro Bowl and Super Bowl Weekends and readied for Sale had already Sold and headed off to their New Homes with their Delighted Buyers.   

Delighted because what had taken me Years to Source Sets of in the Thrill Of The Hunt many, many Moons ago, they could now buy a Set of all at once and at a Fair Price.   Hey, I've had this stuff for Decades and utilized it in my Kitchen before it was Trendy to Collect for a Retro Kitchen Vibe, which meant I Sourced it when it could be had for a pittance, so I could easily pass along the Savings to my Customers and still make Bank while knowing it was going to be Appreciated and Cherished by it's New Owners.  My 1950's Pinks have always been a big Hit and fast Sell...

But the more Unusual Designs of White and Turquoise pieces, like this Antelope Bowl, which I was never able to Source a complete Set of in all the years I'd been seeking it, still Sold quickly as Orphaned pieces.  Perhaps this next Generation of Hunters and Gatherers will be Successful in finding the missing pieces to complete the Set and they were Excited to procure their Anchor Piece to begin.  In fact, every time I came into Showroom One Fourteen to bring in more Vintage Kitchenware over the Weekend, I was able to talk to my Customers who were Interested in buying it up and hear their Great Stories about how their Retro Kitchen Visions were being Created and coming together in their Homes.

The Antelope Bowl and some of the Pink Casserole Set were going Home with an Adorable Young Military Family Stationed in Yuma.   I also like to meet and talk with my Customers so that I also know which elusive pieces they are seeking, so that when I'm on my Thrill Of The Hunt for Found Treasures, I keep their Wish Lists in Mind for Sourcing Product.   It's kinda like being a Personal Shopper of the Pickin' Kind sent out on a Scavenger Hunt of sorts with the Fun Challenge to see just how many elusive pieces you can uncover and find to fulfill Wish Lists of Clients?  If they're Buying from my Showrooms then I know we have a similar Love Affair with certain things and that Mutual Appreciation is an Instant Bond forged, so I really get along right away with my Customers and many have become Friends over the Years.

They also know my Eclectic Tastes could mean they can find a broad array of Inventory and not a narrow or predictable assortment of Goodies.   I could be predictable I suppose but I've chosen not to be on Purpose, it's more Exciting to me Personally to Source Eclectic Inventory than just a singular Style, Color Theme, Genre or Era.   Though I certainly Love to see a Dealer's Space who Specializes in a singular Theme because it always looks so Fabulously Cohesive... that's just not for me in a Retail Quest.  If that Theme goes out of Style and it's Trend ends, I don't wanna get stuck with a bunch of Inventory I don't want for myself and didn't Intend to Keep.  I always try to keep Supply and Demand in Mind when I'm Sourcing Product.  No use Supplying what there is no Demand for, no matter how Great it is, how Well I did it or how much I Liked it.

And since Supply and Demand Shifts over Time I also like the Thrill of staying abreast of what the People want and trying to find it to offer up to them!   Remember, it's The Thrill Of The Hunt that I can't Live without and is my Rush... I could probably Live without Selling anything or even Keeping anything really... but that Hunter-Gatherer in me is such a Strong Natural Urge I just cannot Suppress it no matter how hard I've tried!  *LOL*   Being able to find People who really dig whatever I uncover and got the Thrill of Hunting and bagging... well, it's just Icing on my Cake!  Here is a recent Haul... very Good thing that I don't wear Baseball Caps 'cause that 'Grateful Dead' Cap was Tempting to wanna hold onto for a while and maybe Channel Jerry Garcia?!?  *Ha ha ha*

When you Source what you happen to Love it's a particular Thrill I cannot Describe, even though I know I won't Keep most of it and don't need to Possess all of it for more than the brief time it will sit around waiting to be Inventoried and be Showroom bound.   This Memo Board Created from Salvaged Victorian Ceiling Tin pieces, other Salvage Metals and Old Lumber was very Western Rustic Luxe.

And I made the Mistake of Allowing The Man to see this Hat I Sourced, it's brand New and Thankfully didn't fit him, too big, because he Desperately wanted to Keep it and Trade his Desert Bush Hat in for it!!!  WHAT?@!??  The Desert Bush Hat he Adored a few Years ago and hadda have so I paid way too much for... and I Hate to pay Retail for most things and not be able to Negotiate my Best Deal... but you know how Guys are!  *LOL*

But you look really GOOD in your Desert Bush Hat and it fits you better I Convince him, so that he'll turn loose of the Dept. Of Corrections Hat he's clutching close to his chest now and I need to flip in my Showroom and know will be a Quick Sell!  *Smiles*   Obligatory Image of The Man in his overly Expensive Desert Bush Hat... Thankfully I Convince him THIS Hat is better suited to our Desert Adventures than a Hat with a Nifty Juvenile Corrections Patch on it, which is really all he was Attracted to on that other Hat anyway.  *LOL*  Dealing with an Adult with Traumatic Brain Injury means the Negotiation Process is very similar to the ones I have with the G-Kid Force when I'm trying to talk them out of something and shift their Focus away from it and onto something more Appropriate for them... I'm getting really Good at it in fact!  *Patting Self on the back!*

So I Spirit that damn Hat out of the house and into the Showroom as fast as I possibly can before he changes his Mind about relinquishing it.  *Winks*   I'll have to remember NOT to take him along with me to do any re-stocking of Inventory and foofing of the Showrooms until AFTER it Sells, because if he sees it again, the Wanting will start all over again and he'll have second thoughts about it becoming someone else's Nifty Hat!  *Ha ha ha*   BTW: I had a Hoard of Vintage Suitcases that I turned loose of myself and dragged into Inventory and was Delighted when most of them, including this one, Sold immediately!   It was a very Good two weeks of Sales at our Antique Mall during the two Big Football Games and the Phoenix Open for Golf being in Town all at once!

But that also now means that I've got to get myself in gear and busy Sourcing and Purging and Pricing MORE to bring in for this next Pay Period!   Which is actually a Good Problem to have and I like when Inventory Turns faster so that the Showrooms are constantly Evolving and Changing with a steadier rotation of Goodies coming in and going out in a nicely balanced flow.   It has also Challenged me more to Let Go of Treasures that I was reluctant at first to bring in yet, but now Needed to in order to fill empty Space...

Like two matching Vintage Doll Bed Frames with Great Old Graphics on each of their four sides that were supposed to be a Project for The Man to do for me when I initially Sourced them well over a Year ago... before his Catastrophic Accident.   You see, they no longer had Mattresses and Linens, so I was going to have him Create a Mattress Board for each one and then I was going to Create a Mattress and Doll Bed Linens and Pillow out of Antique Ticking Materials I have.   But they've sat languishing in the Storage Cottage gathering dust since he cannot use Power Tools without Supervision now and the Honey Do List has been Overwhelmingly Long for him so I'm doing away with all those shelved Projects so he doesn't have to think about what never got done or reminds him of Before The Accident.   These were two such Projects so off to the Showroom they went... to be someone else's Wonderful Project... and I'm Okay with that... I'll never Live long enough to do all my Projects anyway unless I become an Immortal!  *Ha ha ha*


And there is absolutely no point in Crying over Spilled Milk right?  *Winks*


Blessings and Love from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. so happy your are doing so well with your moving your any chance are any of your mannequin heads up for sale?


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