Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Sweet Peek... Of Rustic Luxe

The SWEET SALVAGE "Rustic Luxe" Event is fast approaching.  Mixing distressed woods, other casual and Natural materials with luxurious metals and soft materials to create spaces that balance comfort and chic is what Rustic Luxe Style is all about.   This is also about Style Elements that the Genders can agree upon since it is a Stylish compromise between Masculine and Feminine Treasures being combined Artfully.   Rustic yet Luxurious, balanced in a Decorating approach that blends and blurs the lines Beautifully.

Here is just a Sweet Peek as my Friend Myko was Transforming her Spaces into a Rustic Luxe Vision for the upcoming Event.   Playful and not quite so Serious is what can make the Luxe more Relaxed and Casual... and adding Luxury plus Softness can make the Rustic into a more Refined and Chic Retreat.   Of coarse the Pimped Out Taxidermy is just My Style so it felt quite like Home to me.  *Smiles*

In fact, I've set my peepers upon a particular White Tail Beauty that I'd like to Adopt and bring Home to join the other Taxidermy Treasures here at Bohemian Valhalla... should fit right in don'tcha think?  *Winks*    The Man is perfectly Happy to let me Trick Out my Taxidermy My Style just so that he can Enjoy having Taxidermy in the House and not banished if it were to look too much like a Man Cave Hunting Lodge... such Sweet Compromise is just part of the Rustic Luxe Appeal.

And of coarse the Cabinet Of Curiosities Style Mantle Exhibit was another Favorite Vignette reminiscent of Home Sweet Home.   I could certainly do some serious damage to the Budget during this Event, I can already tell!  *Wince and a Wink!*   I've still got Bird's Nests sitting out on the Porch waiting to be fumigated after having fallen out of our Trees during the last Monsoon Storms... if I don't get them readied to come inside soon, the Birds will be back trying to reclaim and Nest in them!  *LOL*

I think this Style of Mantlescape is just Perfect for Spring.   It can Inspire you to go out seeking your own Natural Treasures found on your Outdoor forays and bring them Home to put under Glass and have a Special Story to tell about the acquisition of.   Every Treasure that Nature gave up Freely in our Outdoors Adventures has a Special Story to go along with it, a Memory tied to them, which is what makes them so Precious even though they were a Gift from Mother Nature that cost nothing.

Source: SWEET SALVAGE Facebook Page

And how Clever is utilizing your Orphaned Silver and Glass Shakers as Chess Pieces for a Whimsical Game of Chess?   I Hope you have Enjoyed your Sweet Peek behind the Scenes my Friends?   If you simply MUST have more before Opening Day Thursday, February 19th and will run through Sunday, February 22nd ... please visit the SWEET SALVAGE link I've provided to Transport you to the World of Rustic Luxe!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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