Monday, January 26, 2015

Two Big Games = Beaucoup Visitors

With BOTH the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl Games being held here in the West Valley for the next two weekends back to back, we will have beaucoup Visitors descending upon our area for the two Big Games.  So I have been in hyperdrive adding to the Showroom Inventory at our Antique Mall in preparation for the increase of potential consumers who will probably want more to do along with coming for the Epic Games they arrived to Enjoy.

You see, we aren't very far from the Stadium... and the majority of Gas-Food-Lodgings are closer to our Sister Towns to the South of the location than going into the Metro Glendale or Phoenix areas, so it just makes sense that a lot of Shopping and Dining will happen around here.   Sure, the Metro Phoenix Downtown area is having a closure of Ten Inner City Blocks to hold the Big Block Party for Super Bowl Partying, but what to do in between all the Big Events is probably going to be more Localized.   And won't most of the Wives and Girlfriends WANT to go Shopping and bring back their own Trophies while their Guys are into the Sporting Revelries?  And I'm banking on them wanting to buy some of my Stuff as a Souvenir of having come to Arizona for the Big Games!  *Winks*

We're already seeing the influx since the Pro Bowl was Yesterday Evening and so many Visitors had arrived this past two weeks and gone Pre-Game Shopping.   We had a Big Sale Event and a Parking Lot Event at our Antique Mall these past two weekends and it was Shopping Pandemonium!   WOW, so much was going out of the Showrooms that I needed to ramp up the Big Edit and Purge Quest of 2015 and get it into hyperdrive pronto!

Fortunately The Son and Family came to the house over the weekend to Help me de-stash a few rooms of potential Inventory... and haul the rest that wouldn't be Showroom Bound away and over to their house or to be donated.   Yes, we made amazing progress with two more Adults aiding in the massive Project I'd undertaken.   Me, myself and I can get quite a lot done... and Princess T does her best to be my Assistant most of the time... but it was astounding how much quicker and how much more we plowed thru a couple of rooms with the added Adult Assistants and Teamwork!


And... The Son's Beloved also Loves to go 'Pickin' with me, so us Gals headed out to 'Score' even more Great Junque... Junquing Partners are invaluable since it adds another set of Eyes and Hands to the Mission.    Day No. 1 we moved stealthily without Kiddos in tow... Day No. 2 we took the G-Kid Force with us to Bird Dog since Time was of the Essence on a Sunday Afternoon when things close down earlier.

Loved this huge Old Plaid Metal Trunk originally from Hollywood... reminds me of those Old Picnic Baskets and Thermos from that same Era!  Can't say I've ever seen a Trunk like this before either so it was a Great 'Score' and Addition to Showroom One-Thirty-Three.   If I told  you how much I paid for it you wouldn't Believe me, I had to do a double-take that it was being Let Go of so low since for it's Age it was in remarkable shape and clearly had been well cared for!   Cha-Ching!

Of coarse, with so many things moving out of the Showrooms it also meant I had to do major foofing of both Spaces to get them back in order and Inventory moved in to replace what had gone out... and around crowds of eager Shoppers swarming in... no small feat!  It reminded me of those Comedic Challenges of just how many people can you cram into a Volkswagon... only it was just how many people will cram into a Showroom before Dawn has to Exit Stage Left because it got just too cozy for moi!  *LOL*

I would have liked to have spent more time playing with my Vignettes to get them Just So since I'm quite anal about Styling and having it look a certain kinda way.  But honestly, Customers didn't seem to care one way or the other so I was rather just throwing it in there for now and going Home to get more.   Though at Home I did play with unstuffing some mini styrofoam ball pillows to use the innards as faux Milk in the half dozen Vintage Style Milk Containers I was bringing in.  Must have worked because three of the larger ones Sold immediately!

And The Bohemian Cat Duo at Home had commandeered the two pillows I hadn't yet eviscerated as their Cat Beds by the time I got Home that Evening and gave me looks like "No you don't..." and had spilled out so much of the innards of the eviscerated pillow that it looks like freshly fallen Snow all over the Front Porch!   What can I say when they're all cuddled up together like this and looking so damned Content and Comfy... now I'll have to Source more styro ball pillows to utilize for Future Vintage Milk Container Projects I suppose!  *Smiles*

And yes, in case you're Counting... I know that I will go over my Designated Image Sharing Quota on Today's Post... *LOL*... Sorry, couldn't help myself, I was having so much Fun deciding what to bring into Inventory and how to Marathon Style it like an Olympic Race was in progress.  I was quite Proud of Self and patting Self on the back for pulling it off in such a hurry actually and glad the Home Team showed up to Assist me just in time!

Actually when under the gun and pressed for Product I found that I could Fall Out Of Love quicker with so many things that I might have been more reluctant to Let Go of out of my Stashes at Home or Freshly Picked.  So it was a very Enlightening Revelation that such Pressure and having to make spontaneous decisions is actually beneficial for My Process in this Editing and Purging Quest I've got going on.

And the fact that The Son and Fam actually Enjoyed Assisting me made it so that I didn't feel like I would be causing an Imposition to them in the Future if I asked for them to come over to Help Purge the Hoard every so often when they have the time and inclination to do so!  *LOL*   The Son merely said so long as not too much of it flows over to their house he's Okay with it.   His Beloved is totally diggin' doing a Freestyle Pick at our house and so she was in her Height of Glory loading up their SUV coz Free is always the right price, right!?!  *Ha ha ha* 

 But since they are setting up their Home as Young People do, they were Thankful for how many useful things were up for grabs and I was Happy to send them away with.   Because only certain things can be Showroom bound and be appropriate and suitable Inventory for Selling at an Antique Mall such as ours.  Though I am certainly not a Purist and neither is our Mall, and I think 'Antiques' in general are Deaded and no longer very high in demand, I do think certain things shouldn't be offered up.  It kinda bothers me when Vendors do 'cause it's tacky and more suitable for other Venues like Tag Sales or Yard Sales... I try hard to be more Discerning and Donate what I don't think is suitable, but would be a Great Find at a Thrift Shop for someone.

And I'm blasting thru as many Household items as I am Antiques, Vintage and Collectibles here at the Ole' Homestead as I clear out Room after Room in order to downsize and Simplify Life.   I'm finding that at this Season of Life we tend to use about 10% of what we have in the way of useful everyday Household items, so 90% of it could Go and we really wouldn't miss it one iota.   Since I always buy the best Quality I can afford, if Friends or Family can use it then I don't want to just Donate it without giving them first option of what I can't bring into my Showrooms. 

So most of what they hauled away was Modern Kitchenware, Big Fluffy Towels, Newer Linens and Pantry Items that I have an overabundance of and wasn't utilizing most of the time.  My Kitchen Cupboards look practically like Old Mother Hubbard's now and are bare, my Linen Closets as well.  *Smiles* But it will really Help me to better Organize what is left and is used most often so I'm Delighted with the Epic Purge that got done in one fell swoop this Weekend and so quickly that I was Amazed at how fast we got it done and outta here!  {Insert me Happy Dancing!}  Having empty Storage will be an added Bonus for what we Keep.

Since all but one of my Vintage Suitcases and Train Cases in the Showrooms got Sold I was also Happy to glean my Stash of extra ones and get some of them into Inventory.   I Hope to get the rest of them into Inventory this week because I just Love how a Mountain of stacked Vintage Suitcases looks, don't you?   I've Upgraded my Vintage Suitcase Collection constantly over the years I've been Collecting them and using them for Storage and Display... and now only hold onto my absolute Favorites that I consider the cream of the crop of the Styles and Colors I prefer.

The same goes with Vintage and Antique Lampshades.  I Confess I've had a complete Fetish and Infatuation about both Collections and so I amassed more than any Sane Person oughtta. So it was high time I Culled the Hoard of them and Let Go of  those that have been replaced by Upgraded ones I preferred.  *Smiles*   It isn't easy sometimes because when you really dig a certain kinda thing you might have a tendency to hold onto it longer than usual... or at least I do.   This Sweet Old Shade for example I was totally smitten with the Velvet Trim and Tulle Ruffle of.  Bt it's in a more Pastel Shade than I Decorate with and the Fabric was too Pristine and Pretty to Deconstruct the Shade to where I'd rip it off and consider it a Keeper for My Style... perhaps Tea Staining the Trims to Age them to my Idea of Time Worn Decrepit Perfection.  {I know, I know... those who Love Pastels and Shabby Chic or the Colorless Palette are Gasping and clutching their Chests at the mere Thought of doing such a thing right now aren't you?!  LOL}

In fact, I had actually Stashed several of these Sweet Girly Vintage Shades with the Intention of putting them in Princess T's Bedroom... but she's just not that much of a Girly-Girl and she really isn't a Fan of Pink, Colorless or Shabby Chic Style Little Girl Rooms.   Remember, she's our Wednesday Addams Child, a Girl after my own Heart, so if Gramma digs it, then she's diggin' it equally and is Content to follow in my footsteps when it comes to Style preferences.   And I'm perfectly Okay with that... perhaps she will WANT to Inherit the rest of whatever is left when I depart from this World?   And that my Friends will be a Good Thing and I can leave knowing I can Rest In Peace!   *Ha ha ha* 

Blessings and Love from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I hope you have a fun and very profitable week ahead.

  2. Congratulations on getting so much done with your extra help! I know it had to feel good!


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