Thursday, January 29, 2015

Brass Armadillo... Let's Go Shopping!

I have to Confess that even though I'm a Vendor at our Antique Mall, I also Love to go Shopping at both of our Valley Locations or just pay regular Visits!   Even before our Goodyear Location existed and I signed up to become a Vendor there before the doors even opened, I had Shopped at the Downtown Phoenix Location for many, many years.   I always found Great Deals and such an Eclectic Mix of so many Fabulous Time Worn Treasures there.   Sometimes going into a tiny Shop is more Intimidating to me... it makes me feel like I can't just spend sufficient time Browsing, Relaxing and Window Shopping or being Inspired... especially if the Owner or Staff hover or are overly accommodating or anxious to Sell me something.  So I've always felt more Comfortable visiting the larger Venues with numerous Vendors, many of whom aren't Present, where I can be more Anonymous in my Shopping Experience and not feel any Pressure to Buy, or to frequent Shops that my Friends own that are like a second Home to us all.

 So I can't begin to tell you how excited I was when the second Location of our Antique Mall opened so close to Home and I could try my hand at Selling in an Antique Mall as well as become a regular Shopper and Browser there!!!  To become even more of a part of the Community of Like Minded Souls that I have so much in Common with and hang around.   It seemed like such a big leap of Faith at the time because I didn't really realize how little risk was actually involved when you're only renting Month to Month and don't have to commit to making it a Living at it if you don't want to, or don't have the time or resources to take it to that level yet, if at all.  For now I'm Content to keep it at the humble level I now have it.   I Enlarged the Vision considerably after my first year of Confidence building and seeing that it was Sustainable for me and I needed to grow it and expand, but what I have now is Manageable and Enjoyable, I'm still having Fun with it as my little Hobby and Happy Place.

I now realize that I had spent a long time Fantasizing about doing it after I had Retired from the Corporate World and as an Outlet to fill the Void of not being Employed at a paying Career.  Since it seemed like the most logical way of disposing of my overage of Found Treasures once I had reached Saturation Point, due to being an Incurable Collector who enjoys The Thrill Of The Hunt too much to just quit Cold Turkey, it was also somewhat of a necessity.  *Smiles*   I also suspected that many other Vendors began their Journey at this in much the same way as I did and I was correct about that Assumption.  It's always so nice to meet Kindred Spirits who thoroughly enjoy and have a Passion about what we do and what we Love... or are facing similar Life Experience dilemmas and how best to Solve them.  I also enjoy beholding the Spaces of all of the other Vendors whose Vibe I am drawn to and appreciate, getting to know them and having those Conversations you can't always have with just anyone else.  As the Seasons and Holidays change I Love to see what Adorable Vignettes they will Create and what New Inventory and New Vendors will hit the Mall!?!

This is one such Booth of a New Vendor at our Location and the Gals call themselves 'The November Store' and they have such a Cute Vibe and the type of Inventory I can relate to and sometimes want to purchase for myself.    I became one of their first Customers since their Creativity was just My Style and lately I haven't had the time to Create some of the things I want or need and being able to find it already Created and reasonably priced, well, that's just a Bonus isn't it?   We've had a lot going on at a Personal Level and so my own Creativity has had to be put on the back burner for now yet again.  *Le Sigh*  I don't feel quite so frustrated when I can find and just buy what I wanted or needed and didn't have time to make.  If you've got a crazy schedule and other more pressing Priorities you know exactly what I mean!!!


I always Envision that prior to every Holiday or Major Event coming up I'll have sufficient time to squeeze in some Creative Projects for these things I want or need to do.  But then before I know it, time seems to have hit Fast Forward to just prior to the Holiday or Major Event and now I don't have the luxury of catching up on too short a deadline.  My window of opportunity has expired to do what I had Planned and didn't get around to... curses, foiled again!!!   It's at times like these I Thank Goodness for other Creative Souls who did manage to Create what I can now just buy!  *Whew!*   Yes, yes, if you're the Creative Type like me it would have been far more Fun to have sequestered yourself away and gotten deep into the Creative Process of your own and Manifested your Vision... but I've come to realize that it isn't always possible or realistic for me to do so.   Reconciling yourself to your particular Reality can be a struggle when you want to be able to do many things that you just can't right now, but I'm getting better at it and having Acceptance.

Since I like Unique Creative Products that aren't mass produced I intentionally seek out those Vendors who offer what I want or need, just in case I don't get around to it.  Supporting Local Small Business Owners who either are prolific Artisans and do this for a Living, or buy their Inventory from Local Artists and keep enough Product in stock that I can always find exactly what I was looking for, makes going Shopping for it almost as Fun as making it... ALMOST!   I do also Love Shopping and so it comes in a close second to Creating.  I particularly Love making Cards and Tags now when I can find the time to do it and I have always had a weakness for Vintage Ephemera and Beautifully Created Cards and Tags that other Artisans have Hand Crafted.  One can never have enough Ephemera if you Love that kinda thing and I have Saved a lot of it over the years that I found particularly Lovely and wanted to Keep.  I like that it doesn't take up a lot of space so an Impressive Collection needn't overwhelm you or your Space.

I only bought one Ephemera Banner from the Gals of 'The November Store', but I sure did Enjoy the Lovely selection of Tags they had Created too.   They were so Inspiring... and though most of the Tags that I have recently Created ended up in my Inventory or on Gifts for other people, I do fully Intend to make some for myself to Identify what the contents are on my Vintage Suitcase Storage Towers in the Art Studio Cottage as soon as time eventually permits.   I'd also like to offer some more for Sale in my Showrooms since I Sold Out quickly the last time I did offer some that I'd Created, so I know that the demand is constant for that type of Inventory.    And I don't know about you, but I really do Enjoy offering my Customers a Selection of some of my own Creations as well as those Found Treasures I've Sourced.  It Personalizes my Spaces and interjects more of my Essence if I've sprinkled in some Creativity of my own that gives it a distinction from everything around it.

And speaking of Sourcing Product for Inventory... I'm behind the Eight Ball on that too lately and I'm really Missing not being able to go Junquing more frequently with my Junquing Partners.   Sure, I've stockpiled so much Fabulousness over the years that The Man jokes that I wouldn't really NEED to go Pickin' for Months and I'd still have plenty to fill the Showrooms just Editing and Purging my own Stashes and Cache's... but the Rush is in the Hunt isn't it?  *Winks*   Wading through what I already have and deciding what is going into Inventory isn't quite the Thrill for me, sometimes it's even more of a Chore... though it must be done and I have devoted quite a lot of time and energy into that Massive Project to cull the Hoard.  *Smiles*   The Letting Go has been very Liberating and Empowering... I'm almost getting a bit carried away at times when I'm on a roll with it so I've pumped the brakes a bit.


Not that I have much regret if I do happen to Let Go of something and later decided that maybe I shouldda hung onto it... because I can always go on the Hunt for another one and see what turns up?  *Ha ha ha*   But when I decide to clear out a room in Earnest... well, it can look practically like we've been robbed when I'm done if I'm not careful!  *Smiles*    I kid you not, most of my back Kitchen Cupboards right now are completely empty after the recent Epic Purge and I'm finding that I'm Okay with empty Storage that I might decide I don't want to fill again.   I have some Outbuildings now that are completely empty and look looted as well after previous Epic Purges of the contents.  I was seriously Amazed at how much I decided I didn't need or didn't want to hold onto anymore!   I can be prone to excess in either direction actually... because when I'm done with something... I'm completely done with it and am prone to want a blank slate.

That includes the contents of my Showrooms actually, I want Inventory to Turn fast and frequently because I get fed up with moving things around just to make it look Fresh, different and Interesting... I'd RATHER have completely Fresh Inventory and start with a brand new look as often as possible.  If it's not making Money then it could be losing Money by hanging around and taking up Space too long... I don't want my Retail Space to resemble a Museum or extended Storage for what I have in them.  So expect to see Mark Downs if something has been sitting around for more time than I am tolerable of.    And I'm finding that I'm not tolerant of anything languishing very long at all lately, no matter how much I liked it when I brought it into Inventory.   Does anyone else Vending do that too I Wonder? 

   I know that for some Vendors it doesn't seem to bother them if something doesn't Sell right away or even for a long time... but I know that I'm not that type of Personality and I don't possess that kind of Retail Patience!  *Ha ha ha*   So... I'm taking you along with me Today in this Post to visit our Antique Mall so you can see a small Sampling of what Fabulousness the other Vendors are offering too and happened to catch my Eye.  And perhaps you'll even relieve me of some of that pesky Inventory I've run out of Patience for and want to be Gone already?!   Come on, lets Play Monty Hall and make a Deal shall we???!??!!! *LOL* 

Impatiently Yours in the Arizona Desert and aching for a Blank Slate to build a New Vision upon  *Winks*... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I carry small handwork projects in my purse all the time It's amazing how much I can accomplish in short spurts!. How about putting a few tags, ephemera, ribbon, markers and glue in a baggie in your purse and just see if it works for you!

    1. I used to do that all the time Marlynne when I was Creating Custom Bags because my Sewing Kit was so small and I could take it anywhere. I don't know about Tag Creating though, messy work when I'm doing it anyway *LOL*... and I usually have supplies spread out from hell to breakfast with those kinds of Projects! *Smiles* Dawn... The Bohemian


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