Sunday, January 4, 2015

Being More Intentional

I've been thinking upon a 'Word' for 2015... I've decided upon Intentional as my 'Word' for this New Year.    Being MORE Intentional actually... to deliberately and on purpose PLAN Special things and make Time for them... things that in recent years have been shoved to the back burner in the busyness of Life!

There is a difference between Intending to do things and Being Intentional about doing them.   I've been doing too much Intending and not quite enough Intentional Living and I want to break that cycle and pattern for 2015.   I am Intentional about some things, but not the most Important things to me that would take more Resources, Effort and Preparation to see through about being Intentional about.

Travel has been a big one... we always Intend to Travel because we LOVE doing it and there are many places we want to go and Family and Friends we want to see.  But with Life getting in the way and the Issues of Life in particular, it has shoved being Intentional about Travel Preparations to the back burner so that we seldom actually Acted upon doing it!   We've been Fortunate that more of our Family and Friends have been much more Intentional about coming to Arizona to visit us!

Sure, in 2014 we actually did FINALLY make it over to Cali to visit my Mom and Brother during Mother's Day, but it took a Medical Crisis with Mom to prompt the Intentionality of it.   We all had such a great time that we vowed to make a return visit sooner than later for example, it would have been Perfect during the Holidays, but again, Life intervened.  So, we didn't get back there and had to communicate via Social Media to substitute for a Real Life Visit... and that's a mighty poor substitute... it's just not the same as Being there and Sharing Life.

I'm extremely fortunate that The Son's Beloved wants us all to make Plans and get Together as often as possible for Family Convoy Travels like we did on that Trip to Cali.   She's much more Intentional than I so that it comes together and actually happens in this Lifetime!   Which also makes it a lot easier on Moi not to have to Travel alone with Caregiving Duties of a Special Needs Spouse and two High Maintenance Grandchildren in tow and no Help. 

I have more of a Peace about long distance Traveling with reliable backup and the added Help that having The Son and his Family provides.  Both physically and financially, making it more possible and less burdensome to go where we want to go and do what we want to do and see who we want to see and spend Quality Time with.   It also makes it a lot more Fun having Group Travel Plans and making Memories Together.

One of the Trips we've all talked about being Intentional about for 2015 is a Vacay to Hawaii Together.   The Man and I went to Kauai for our Wedding Anniversary and always Intended to return.   We had expected to go on a particular Anniversary Celebration and then he had his Catastrophic Accident so of coarse that was not possible at the Intended Time and had to be pushed back.   Then Time just goes by... quickly in fact... too quickly... and before you know it the Best of Intentions never cuts it so it languishes on the 'Bucket List' like so many other things.

Another long overdue Trip is back East to visit the Oldest Daughter and Family.  The Grandchildren are growing up SO fast and now the Youngest of her Tribe is already attending Formal Dances at School and looking like this, practically a Grown Woman!!!   Yowsa... if we don't act fast, at this rate that trio of Grand-Daughters will soon all be scattered and going their own ways, making it more complex to visit and see them all in person!!!

And then there are the Nieces and their Families, now living in Texas, that have extended regular Invitations to come out and spend time with them all too.    Yes, recently the one Niece, the taller one on the Right posing with a Friend, did make it back out to Arizona with her Family during the Holidays to see us and spend Time Together and that was absolutely Wonderful.  But a Trip to Texas to visit them all has been on the 'Bucket List' for a very long time already.  Since we have so many Friends and Family living there now to visit and places we'd like to go and see in that State while we're there it has to become more of a Priority!

So... as a start to being MORE Intentional I have decided to write down what I want to be particularly Intentional about doing and keep each Written Intention in my Velvet Treasure Chest Box.  As each gets Done I'll remove it... and at the end of the Year see how many remain... and consider how many were Accomplished on the Path to Living more Intentionally?
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Happy New a Year Dawn!! I think your chosen word is perfect for the new year. Intentional is a word we can all use in our lives. By all means start making your travel dreams come true--- time passes so quickly and then those opportunities are gone. I hope this new year will bring you the chance to realize some of your desires:)

  2. Sounds exciting Dawn! Can't wait to see it start to happen and where
    you go first!

  3. Happy New Year my friend!!! 2015 will be a GREAT year! :)

    I have never seen a velvet treasure chest box! That box is so YOU! LOL!


  4. It's a GREAT word!
    And you actually DID it -- limited the # of photos in your post!!!!!
    Yay for YOU!


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