Thursday, January 29, 2015

Annoyingly Virtuous

I was reading one of my fav Fashion Blogs by the hilarious and totally Delightful Helga Von Trollop and she was mentioning how when she tries to stick to anything drastic or generally annoyingly Virtuous she is compelled to do exactly what she is trying NOT to do and therefore fails and feels miserable...  I can certainly relate to that statement!   And every New Year I tend to get really delusional about becoming this annoyingly Virtuous version of myself by making all these attempts at lofty improvements that are a drastic change from my Normal way of Being!  *LOL*

Oh yes, all the bad habits I think or know I have, well... I'm going to break them in one fell swoop and instill new ones that are my perception of doing and being better at whatever it is I'm trying to Improve like some Cinderella Story!  At the stroke of Midnight on New Year's Day every year like Clockwork these lofty delusions go into full force and effect and I'm really Jazzed about it all.  Well... until the Application of it all and sticking to it turns out to be harder than I Imagined and I begin to slip and falter.   Here in the Land of Blog it would be keeping to the annoyingly Virtuous Resolution of shortening my Posts!


Oh yes, Editing Imagery Sharing to a dozen or less might seem like not such a big deal to any of you who don't have the proclivity to go long and Over Share Habitually... but for me it's certainly a stretch and a self-discipline I'm NOT adept at!  For most Bloggers a dozen isn't even a short Post, it's an Apology due their Readers for a long one that they are gonna slam you with.  *LOL*  I've read such Posts where the Apology comes that they're going long and about nine Images or less later and a short read it's a wrap!   For me that's short and sweet, my feeble and often failed attempt at my version of brevity!  *Smiles*

And a Short Story... forget about it!   The only time my Stories have been short is when I forget what I was saying halfway thru during a Senior Moment or get interrupted mid-stream and can't get back to it!  *Bwahahaha!*   And when I cover a Story, like visiting some of my Fav Shops like we are in Today's Post at my Friend Shelly's Sister Shops of RUST AND ROSES and SIRENS AND SAINTS... to keep the Sharing of the Experience to a minimum is almost excruciating to me I tell ya!   Because it will mean I have to Edit Images to my Quota of about a dozen... and then Hope that I remember which online Archived file folder I kept the rest of them in for a Future Post Sharing!?!  Of which you can only Imagine holds an Abyss of Imagery when you're a Hopeless Pathological Picture Taker too! *Ha ha ha*

And then Life Fast Forwards and I totally forget about all the Images I took more than forty-eight hours ago... and at this Season of Life that is about my retention span for the Past of whatever it is I did and can recall with any degree of accuracy!  *Smiles*   And since each Archived folder has Thumbnail sized Images stored for posterity, when I'm going thru Archived files and trying to discern what is in those minuscule shrunken down versions of the Picture, without stopping and enlarging each one to appropriate Senior eyeball scrutiny, its rather a pain in the arse really so I rarely bother!  Today I bothered though... completely by Accident I discovered these Archived Images of a relatively recent visit to Shelly's Shop and realized that because of my pesky Resolution I'd backlogged myself with Intended Posts that got shoved aside too long to remember them!  *Ooops!*

The Fun for me is in the Act of Photography and the Sharing while it's still Fresh in my Mind... before things get Cobwebs all over it about what I did, when I did it, what I Photographed for it... and, well, you get the gist of it.   But I'm bound and determined to TRY Heroically to keep most of my annoyingly Virtuous Resolutions that I am still fully Convinced are Improvements I'd like to make into new habits that come more easily to me and become my New Normal!?!  Shorter Blog Posts, well, that's one of them I'm reluctant to be a complete failure at... even if I fail miserably some of the time along the Journey to Self-Improvementville!  *Ha ha ha*


My Strategy is to just load Ten to a Dozen Images first and then insert my Storyline and call it a wrap when the last Image is reached... easy peasy right?   Wrong... but so far the results haven't been too horrible and most of you still show up for a visit and have even Encouraged me with compliments on how the changes have been a Good Thing.   I guess when you're Sharing anything at all that is the major Issue isn't it?   Especially if you know you're an Over Sharer and get completely carried away and excessive in whatever you do!  *Ha ha ha*  A little bit can go a very long way... but the Beauty of the Land of Blog is that during your Visit I never really know how long you stay or if you manage to get through it without nodding off, yawning or getting all eye glazed and exhausted.  *Smiles*

The Real Beauty about Blogasphere is that we can look at or read only what we want to or holds our Interest, but without having to be Socially Polite about it so as not to offend the Blogger and hurt anyone's Feelings like can happen in Real Life face to face interactions.   If someone is Sharing something we Zone Out on in Person or say the wrong thing in response to, well, it can be awkward and embarrassing for either or both parties.  Here that rarely has to happen, well, unless someone is wanting to be intentionally rude or prone to feel the Need to comment negatively... which I've never understood that Need.  But it can happen and I suppose the Sharing of Negativity or other Socially unacceptable Behavior could be someone else's habitual Challenge in Life so I try not to judge, we each have our Virtues and Issues.


I do like that here in the Land of Blog I can work on things and work out things in ways that are therapeutic to me in The Process of the Doing of it and it tracks my Progress since it is an Online Journal that I can look back on and see the Changes and Transformation of quite easily.  I can see a Metamorphosis in Progress and decide if I like it or not and then make alterations as needed or wanted.   I've even thought about whether or not to Create more than one Blog, with the other being entirely different and another facet of my Interests and Personality... but decided that for now anyway one is what I'm Comfortable Managing.   I also realize that spreading out Interests means that some or all could get Neglected and a Neglected Blog is rather Sad and Forlorn isn't it?  Especially if it was once Vibrant and well Cared for... just like anything else that suffers from Neglect, for whatever reason, it just seems pointless to extend something no longer holding one's Interest or being Invested in.

I've thought about how long a Run my Blog will have?   Since initially I was so 'Into' it and like anything else after a while you can lose the Passion or Desire to continue.  Especially since I got that way a bit with other Social Media sites and the luster can wear off for me.   But I've found that Blogging is something that I could stick with and continue to Enjoy and even Improve upon regularly, even more so than when I first began actually.  It's a Community that I've Bonded with over the years I've been doing it now and a part of my day that I do look forward to paying a Visit to, no matter how brief and whether I'm being an Active Participant or just a less interactive Lurker some days.  *Smiles*

I still seek out New Blogs and New Bloggers I haven't yet met... and lament when some of the Beloved Old Ones go away because their Run has apparently ended and the Time and Season for it was over for those Individuals Sharing them.   It's such a vast and Eclectic Community that I'm always Intrigued and Inspired when I come... sometimes I just need to behold the Imagery... sometimes I just want a Good Read... a Good Laugh... or to Connect on a level of Humanity that the Topic and Writer engages us in.    I don't think there is any area of Life actually that I haven't found some kind of Blog that Connects me to and that is Fantastic!   And the Relationships that can be Cultivated here are some of the best that Social Media sites can Connect us with in my opinion... Bloggers simply Rock!

And in Closing I will say that I suppose I shall continue on my Quest of annoyingly Virtuous and sometimes drastic Changes because I do like a Good Challenge actually.   So I'm not ever going to be one that doesn't make ridiculously lofty and often delusional Resolutions just because I shall probably fail miserably and do what I was trying so hard NOT to do most of the time.   Because who knows, I may actually Succeed at a few in spite of myself... and that would make it all worthwhile and be a pretty remarkable Testimony of being able to Teach even an Old Dog new tricks wouldn't it?  *Winks*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Blessings! Just be faithful to your own style and way of doing things! That will please you and others too!

    1. I agree wholeheartedly about remaining True and Faithful to Self, but improving upon a tendency towards excess is and has been an Optimistic Goal of mine for quite some time and I do see I'm making slow but steady progress. *smiles* Thanks again for coming by for a Bloggy visit Marlynne! Dawn... The Bohemian


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