Friday, January 9, 2015

A Touch Of Madness

I read an Intriguing Magazine Editorial recently while in the Hospital waiting for The Man to get his Lab Work done.   It had the Profound Quote by Aristotle, "No Great Genius has ever existed without some Touch of Madness."    And stated that because of this Mankind keeps a safe distance, drawn by the Allure of Rare Talent, but wary of what might go along with it.   Wow, I never thought of it quite like that, but I would certainly have to be wholeheartedly in Agreement with that assessment.

Everyone I have ever known who has had a stroke of Pure Genius in whatever they do has certainly qualified as having obvious Eccentricities as well and been considered a bit Mad.    And because of that touch of Madness, often the Mainstream does choose to keep a safe distance Relationally, yet Marveling at the Rare Talent of these Individuals.   The Creativity of such Brilliant Minds stands out and stands apart you see and it is certainly Alluring and Mezmerizng to Witness such Genius in Action and behold what their Minds conjure up.  

 And yet Relationally the Quirks of a Genius can be a double edged sword for them, offputting to many and so others usually are wary of getting too close or being seen with someone so 'Different'. After all what will other people think or perhaps stand in judgment of if these Individuals are considered Friends?  So unless such things that go along with it don't bother or phase you, or you can manage to Relate on some levels as Kindred Spirits and therefore not consider any of it Odd at all... you might find these Complex Personalities to be a bit too Much, too Strange, too Out There, too Intense, too difficult to Understand, too Off The Wall, too Weird, too Unpredictable, too Tortured a Soul, too Free Spirited, too __________ {Fill in the blank with whatever Excuse it happens to be}? 

Ironically the same day I read the Magazine Editorial the Young Prince said something equally Profound  about practically the same Topic when we picked him up from his New Academy.  Where he's Thriving and realizing that all the other Students there are more like him than they were at Regular High School.  So he likes that, even though he said everyone else is much older and there are no other Freshmen in the Program.   He began referring to 'Normal People' in such a way that I knew he was setting himself apart from that description and Label. 
  So I asked, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, if that meant he considered himself 'Not Normal'?   And without missing a beat he states, "Exactly, because that would be so Boring... so I'd rather be the way I am... and you are Gramma... even if everyone else thinks it's Odd and a bit Crazy, because we'll never be Boring."   I was quite Flattered and Amused that he thought of me as on par with himself actually, since he's way more Brilliant a Mind.  But yes I thought... he recognizes some Touch of Madness in his Genius existance as well... which according to Aristotle, is exactly the way it should be!

With Blessings and a Touch of Madness coming to you from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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