Friday, December 12, 2014

Winter Immunizations Are The Devil!

So... after already Ministering to a steady rotation of Sick G-Kids and The Man dropping like flies since the Weather has turned so unpredictable... and Tourists flooding into the Valley and ramping up the prospective numbers of Sick People you could be exposed to exponentially... I decided it was time for everyone to get their Winter Immunizations to avoid succumbing to serious Flu and Pneumonia.

As a Full Time Caregiver I cannot afford a Hospitalization since I don't have backup coverage for the Crew here to fill in for me... so it seemed like a Good Idea at the time.   Until the after effects reminded me that Winter Immunizations are the devil!   Now I've been feeling dreadful and can't hold my left arm up more than just a few inches... I've been spending more time sleeping and trying to recover than doing many of the Fun things I had planned this week... or ANY Housekeeping at all!

Of coarse there HAD to be Events I didn't wanna miss like my Monthly Pilgrimage to The Salvage Yard and our Dealer Christmas Party this week, so I put in a brief appearance at both and left prematurely since the shots certainly have taken the wind clear out of my sails and I'm left completely exhausted and not eager to do much but climb back into bed and try to sleep it off!

Even the Fur Babies seem to sense Human Mama looks and feels like Death warmed over... usually Miss Priss will scatter like I'm pointing a gun at her anytime I break out the camera and point it her way.  Instead, she seemed to give me the look that this could be my final request and she'd oblige a dying Woman?  *LOL*

See... I'll even Vogue and lie down for another shot and I think you should too coz you look simply dreadful she seems to be communicating thru her intent gaze at me!?   The Animals are much more Compassionate than the other Humans in the house.  I don't even have the strength to be aggravated by any of them tho'.   The Man feels equally miserable after his Immunizations and he's much frailer than I... and the Kiddos know they have to get their Immunizations next week and how the Old People are looking, so they're strenuously resisting the Plan!

Yes, initially for their sake we pretended it was no big deal... but clearly we weren't fooling anyone and they're not blind.   Plus, they're not used to seeing Gramma Sick, I'm usually the picture of Good Health, and now I appear like I could be circling the drain... so these Winter Immuniations are NOT looking like a Wise Idea to either of them.

Princess T has already been really, really sick and suffers from chronic Respiratory Issues, so it's not a matter of Choice for her, we are strongly advised by her Specialists to have it done for her and Grandpa since he has COPD.   The Young Prince isn't usually prone to Sickness, but this year he has been and was out of School again today, so I'm not taking any chances with him either.   Seems we're caught between the devil and the deep blue Sea on this one!

Remember my Plan to just Relax and Enjoy the Season now that I'd gotten everything necessary done?  Well, that's not happening clearly... tho' I am Thankful I got everything necessary done before I started to feel like this!  Otherwise it wouldn't have gotten done at all!

And when I'm Sick strange anomalies begin to happen around here... The Young Prince who in Teen Angst Fashion is typically resistant to eating Healthy or being cooked for suddenly NEEDS nutritious cooked foods and will practically stalk me as I'm lying there feeling like death in order to have a full coarse meal prepared!   Really, NOW you want and need what I'm always suggesting you ingest?  When you finally have the Golden Opportunity that Gramma doesn't care what you eat... or even if you eat... so long as you leave me alone!!!   *LOL*  So... at least while I'm feeling like this the Kid is eating like a Jack LaLane prodigy!  *Smiles*

And of coarse this is also the busiest time of the year for my Showroom Sales where I could make Bank if only I felt well enuf to drag some Inventory in there to replace what's being Sold... which I don't.   So stacks of Inventory are languishing everywhere and Name Your Own Price Sales are coming up that I probably won't participate in, in the flesh, if I can't feel better than this?!
 Dammit, this is precisely why I thought I NEEDED these damn Immunizations folks... so that during the Holidays I'd remain a picture of Health, so I could keep on track and not succumb to illness or catch whatever the trio drags Home from School and their endless Hospital and Doctor Appointments.   Coz we all know Hospitals and Doctor's Offices are where all the Sickest people congregate!   And Kiddos bounce back way quicker than us Seniors... so it seemed like a Bright Idea!?!  *LOL*

And next week we have a slew of Appointments I can't put off since it involves the G-Kid Force's Health and Well Being so I'm trying to psyche myself into a speedier recovery from whatever these shots were supposed to give me resistance to.   I'm thinking if this is a mild dose of whatever is going around I certainly wouldn't have wanted a strong dose of it that's for sure... I couldn't Imagine feeling any worse than I do right now!

And I'm taking short bursts of getting things done around this Old House for when the Kiddos Caseworkers come by next week... but its taking SO long to get even the smallest housekeeping chores done... Thankfully I have Princess T and she's gone into Merry Maid Mode to try to help Gramma out... the Guys are Hopeless at it and their version of an Orderly and Tidy Home is a far cry from mine!

Of coarse Prince R looked around at the disaster it all is and says that perhaps now I might be able to get some respite and resources I've been asking for forever and a day when they see our Home wrecked when I'm not feeling Well enough to have it be as they usually see it?   I'm not so sure or confident about that so I don't wanna take that risk frankly... I've GOT to run damage control before Monday so I've got three days to pull it together and hold it down, regardless of how I Feel.

And another anomaly that happens when I can't get to the Showrooms and keep them stocked up and looking nice... more stuff Sells that's already there and looking like a Hot Mess!  Go Figure... sometimes I think that if everything looks Curated and Styled the Customers either think everything is too expensive or they don't wanna mess things up, I dunno?   Maybe they just like to dig and think they'll find Hidden Treasures?

During the Dealer Christmas Party I saw that one Showroom had all the Mannequin Heads laying everywhere like they'd had a Wild Off-The-Hook Mannequin Party or something in my absence... and I didn't bother to pick them up... I just couldn't really Care... that's how awful I was Feeling and wanted to just get Home after the Family had eaten their fill of the delicious Meal prepared for us all.   And wouldn't you know that in the carnage some of the Gals Sold!   Crazy... maybe they just looked like a whole lot more Fun and Attractive in a 'Day After Intense Party Mode'?  *Winks*

And there's very little Vintage Christmas left now and I'm not even gonna bother to re-stock it this late in the game...  I figure that unless anyone Feels worse than I do right now they probably already have all their Christmas Decorating done already?

But I still tell The Man that how we Feel right now is probably better than the Risk Factor of succumbing to the full blown Flu going around or Pneumonia and ending up Hospitalized or worse.  Especially keeping ME out of the Hospital since that would probably put the entire Trio in Social Services Care until I could get out... or have to ask extended Family to make a hasty Road Trip during the Holidays to cover for me... which I'd feel terrible wrecking their Holiday Plans and creating such an Imposition.

So... even tho' I strongly feel that Winter Immunizations are the devil and a necessary evil sometimes... it's still probably a good thing that we chose to endure the after-effects of having them rather than risking the potential alternative.   Now... I'm gonna go lay back down in my Sickbed my Friends... until I have to pick The Princess up from School wearing my Pajamas!  *LOL*  The Young Prince was Home Sick again Today so at least it halved my trips out to drop off and pick up Kiddos on a School Day... should I feel Wrong for being Grateful for that I Wonder?   Or for telling Potential Holiday House Guests to stay away for now til we're all sufficiently Resurrected...  I dunno... *Smiles*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I hope you stay flu and pneumonia free... It is very hard to be sick when you have so many who depend on you. Stay healthy

    1. Thank You... I'm slowly recovering from the after-effects and have been told that I've probably had an adverse reaction to at least one of the immunizations, so that explains why things have been this bad. Dawn... The Bohemian


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