Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Dreaded Drambuzi Of The Holidays Strikes Again!

It happens every year at about this time when the Weather flips and suddenly becomes Cold and Wet after having been in the Eighties and Sunny... everyone starts dropping like Flies as the Dreaded Drambuzi of the Holidays strikes again!   So, with the exception of moi, the rest of the household has succumbed to it.   I've said it before, keeping Sick Kids down is like herding Cats... and Sick Guys is just a lotta magnified Man Drama!  *LOL*

So... this is my Mantra for Today as I play Nurse Nightingale... or Nurse Ratched, depending upon who you ask.  *Winks*   I ain't gonna lie, Clearly, Nursing Sick people back to Health is not one of my Divine Callings.   I've been told by others Nursing those who have come down with it, that it has a Short Life... I sure Hope so... or there could be a Short Life to some people?!?  *Smiles*

This is how I Feel right now... with a slew of Doctor appointments stacking up like cordwood and with it raining Monsoon stormy outside I really don't wanna be out in it!

I'd much rather be all Cozy and Warm inside sipping Hot Tea or Starbucks from a steaming mug...

On the Bright Side... at least if I hafta stay up all Night Nursing Sick People the Livingroom is a Twinkling Fairieland Fantasyscape now... and Mob Wives had a hilarious new Season episode, that almost makes Mi Vida Loca seem Drama Free by comparison.  *Ha ha ha!*

I sometimes think this Family was made for Reality TV... but about five minutes of someone following me around with a Camera adding to the mix would be about all I could handle even if the Contract came with a wad of Cash.  *Smiles*   A wad of Cash about now would be Tempting tho' since I FINALLY got all the Christmas Gifts and Cash taken care of for our abundance of Grandkids.

The Son is the only one left to cover and I'm making him come with me to pick out his Gift.   The Man actually had the audacity to ask me what I'd gotten him for Christmas!?  Uh, Hello... I just sent you on a week's totally paid Vacay to Utah for the Thanksgiving Holidays... one that I was totally unprepared for funding Mister, dontcha remember?   Yeah, he'd already Forgotten, he does that a lot now, I'm sure he's gonna ask me about a dozen more times before Christmas what he's getting!?!  *Smiles*  

So... I went out and bought him some more Christmas Candies to pacify him and when he wakes up from his Sugar Coma it will be a brand new Month.  *Winks*   He's not feeling Well with this Dreaded Drambuzi he probably caught from the G-Kid Force, so there is a fair amount of Man Drama coming from him and The Young Prince right now... Men don't make good Patients and test my Patience!  BTW Patience is also NOT one of my Virtues so the Lord has apparently been giving me loads of Practice to get better at it?!  *Le Sigh*

Good thing I've got a bunch of Holiday Festivity surrounding me to remind me why I should be Jolly, Celebratory and have Goodwill towards all Men!  *Ha ha ha*   And I'm Hoping they all get Well again or don't pass it along to me by the time our Christmas Party is scheduled next week at the Antique Mall... I'm looking forward to getting out for Holiday Socializing.

I Predict that there will be more Wine than usual consumed this Holiday Season...  I've got a bottle of Moscato chillin' on standby with some Cheeses and Fresh Fruit... but that shall have to wait... since it's only Nine A.M. and I've got back to back Medical Appointments for the Young Prince, with one Therapist coming to the house... and a slew of Inventory I've got to get into both Showrooms this Afternoon as well some kinda way... but at least I'm Prepared for Later, right?!?  *Winks*

Merry Christmas from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Good morning know, I have lived here for over 60 years and I remember many, many holidays seasons where it was cold and fact it was the norm....not the 80 or 90 degree weather that we have had in recent years. Try and stay dry.




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