Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sweet Salvage Flea Market ~ Part III

So... the return visit to the SWEET SALVAGE Flea Market Event Yesterday went splendidly!  The Weather was Good, the Kiddos were Good, so Color me Happy!

The Girls were Primed to go on a Treasure Hunt to Discover hidden Give-Away Treasures... yes, I know, I just said the Weather was Good so you're probably Wondering why the duo look like shivering Chihuahuas huh?  *LOL*  Well, they're Arizona Babies, so if the temps drop below say Seventy-Five degrees, they claim to be Cold!  Princess E even has TWO Winter Jackets layered and still claims to be Freezing!  *Ha ha ha*  Meanwhile, Gramma is in a Tank Top sweating bullets!  *Smiles*  

Of coarse having Fun seeking out what might be a Give-Away Treasure works up quite a sweat so Princess E began delayering Winter Jackets and Smiling from ear to ear as she Enjoyed the Thrill of the Hunt!   Yep, she's yet another Fashion Diva, so even if she couldn't get it, she wanted to Model it!  *Smiles*

But it didn't take the Kiddos long to come up Aces in the Hunt... good thing it happened Early for each of them or I swear they would have turned over every single piece of Inventory in the Shop... because they were diligent and tenacious about not coming away empty-handed!  *Smiles*

Mommy will certainly Love this Gorgeous Lifelike Rose Hair Ornament that felt like a Real Rose!  She was so Excited to bring it Home and present it as a Surprise to her Mom for Christmas!!!

And not to be outdone... Princess T got her Give-Away hidden Treasure shortly afterwards *Whew*... these two are quite competitive in spite of being BFF's so Gramma Dawn was quite relieved there would now be no Trouble in Paradise!  *Smiles*   It was a Lovely Small Vintage Bronze Pekingese Dog Sculpture with a Great Patina of Age.

So Imagine my Horror when she Grins and says, "Let's Paint it when we get Home..."  *Gasp! Insert me clutching my Chest thinking she's Serious?!?*   And then, "Psyche... just Kidding!"   That Kid, she has such a warped sense of Humor knowing what will almost give Gramma a Stroke!  *Smiles*   I know, I know, it's hers and she could Paint it if she wanted to... *Shudder*... but she was just trying to get an Amusing Reaction out of me!  She succeeded!!!  *Smiles*

The Girls were also Jazzed to seek out Mister Ron... who is Adored.

And of coarse the Kiddos are Adored by all of my Sweet Friends so they get really Spoiled.

In fact, my Lovely Friend Giesel Surprised both of the Girls with a Lovely Necklace for Christmas... Princess E's is a strand of Fresh Water Pearls and Princess T's is an Abalone Shell Butterfly Pendant Necklace.   Color them both beyond Happy and totally Spoiled!!!   Thanks Miss Giesel!!!

And I was Jonesin' for some Christmas Bling myself after I saw these Amazing Antique Brooch Necklace Creations by my Friend Minnie!  {Notice the Hot Cheetos stained and Monkey Bar calloused little hand Showcasing it! Ha ha ha!}

There were so many that caught my eye that I knew I needed some Help narrowing it down to The One!

So I Solicited the Assistance of the Princesses... and it turned out to be a Unanimous Decision between the three of us in fact...  that though all of them were Gorgeous...

It would be this one with the Bold Jewel Tone Hue Brooch Necklace Creation!
And since I was kinda going on and on about that Antique Blue Vestment Sash I'd had to leave behind... The Man had said if it was still there just get it... and so I did!  *Winks*

But I also meant to snag this Black Emu Egg for my Cabinet of Curiosities as well after I Photographed it... and Forgot to when the Girls Distracted me with squeals of  "Gramma come look at THIS!"  And alas, someone else 'Scored' it instead.  *Sob*

I also 'Scored' some Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine back Issues for 50% off.  And got to Enjoy Photographing some Treasures that caught my Eye but which I didn't need to bring Home.  Like this Pipe Organ Salvage Piece which had Wonderful Font and Patina.

I could Imagine Upcycling a Piece like this to hold Necklaces and Bracelets since each Labeled handle pulled out.

And it was a really long Piece so it would hold a lot of Bling Beautifully if mounted on the Wall of a Studio.

And check out that sliding Barn Door Created from Reclaimed Lumber!!!

Here's a Close-Up of the Reclaimed Lumber Paneling... LOVE IT!!!  So many Textures, Colors and Patina to the Old Woods!

In fact there were an abundance of Great Architectural Salvage Pieces at the Event this Month... I have a 'Thing' for Old Corbels... and Vintage Loving Cups... AND Old Flower Frogs... AND Old Photos... AND AND AND... *Bwahahahaha!*

You could give away your Age if you can Recall when the Blue Plate Special used to be a mere Thirty-Five Cents as this Great Old Signage indicates!

Well... I'm getting constant Distractions from the Family here as I try to bang out this Blog Post... so I guess I'll have to squeeze another one out Tomorrow to show you the rest, but you don't mind coming back to even MORE Eye Candy do you?  *Winks*

And luckily I don't have to bang out whatever I'm Typing on one of these anymore... and YES I DID USED TO USE ONE LIKE THIS before Electric Typewriters were Invented!  *Ha ha ha!*

Would have liked to of 'Scored' these Butterfly Display Cards but they came with the Screens and I didn't want Screens so I Passed... but I did come Home with Great Treasures both days so I'm utterly Content.

I don't think I'd Shown Off my Three and Four Dollar Wooden Barbola Floral Swags that I 'Scored' the first day... I got one straight one done Scroll Style...

And four like these Floral Swags.  Don't know what I'll use them on yet, but I'll think of something... Ornate Details like this really can Transform an Ordinary Make-Over of a piece of Furniture.

Well, 'til next time... Blesssings and a Merry Christmas from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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