Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Making Bail Money


No, don't worry, it's not what you think... the Post Title is just my Hook to lure you into Today's Post *winks*... nobody in the Familia had to be bailed out of the hoosegow this time.  *LOL*

But what did have to finally make Bail was my Christmas pressy... the Fabulous Antique Printer's Cabinet... when I bailed it out with the final payment yesterday and loaded it up.  Loading it up had been questionable since I had never bothered to measure it BEFORE Purchasing it... I do that sometimes in the heat of Passion!  *Smiles*

Whether the Cabinet itself would actually FIT into our Jeep I hadn't a Clue, so I didn't really know for certain whether I'd be coming home with just Drawers or the whole shebang until we got there to spring my Lovely from the Back Room where it had been captive until I could make bail money.  It was just gonna hafta be one of those 'Make It Work' Moments upon Release!  *Ha ha ha*

Now I'd brought along the other half of my Muscle and he was already making queries about, "Well, how Big and how Heavy is it Honey?"   He had never seen it you see... nor asked much about it... like how much it had Cost and all those other Trifles you gloss over when you excitedly tell your Beloved what an Awesome Christmas Pressy he was getting you and he didn't know anything about!  *LOL*
Hey, I take the 'Get Yourself Something Nice' Mission Statement for picking out my own pressys very Seriously, and most of the time he doesn't wanna know... really... he doesn't... his Heart couldn't take it!  *Winks*   But he knows me well... and how caught up in the Moment and Tenacious I can get when something suddenly becomes my Mission In Life to acquire.

So he hadn't even flinched Months ago when I told him I was making Payments on something Awesome he was getting me for Christmas and Selling like Mad at the Antique Mall to make Bail for it so that it wouldn't even come out of the regular Budget... darned Budget... always cramping my Style!

He also knows that this Gal ALWAYS wears her Crown... quite visibly... though I did think this Adorable T-Shirt in the Shop was something I might have to go back for... I just did make a Promise to him that other than loading up and bailing out The Cabinet I wouldn't be making any other Purchases THAT DAY!

"Well, at least you didn't buy THAT and expect us to lift it or to get it Home in the Jeep...", he says pointing over to this Killer Vintage Harp Case!   "WOW... that's Awesome... I didn't even SEE that!",  I says winking in his direction!   "NO... don't even think about it... there's no ROOM it would even fit in or doorway it would get thru...", he reminds me.  *Shucks and such lack of Vision on his part... Ha ha ha*  

And besides... I never bought The Beloved Goose... when I had the chance, remember?  Yeah, how could he Forget... I always bring up The Goose... I could see his eyes rolling even as I said it AGAIN for about the zillionth time.  *Smiles*  

 You see... The Goose was during a time when I was not letting him fill up the house with Undecorated Taxidermy... and if he wasn't Game for Gypsy Pimped Out Taxidermy, it wasn't looking like a Hunting Lodge Man Cave around here!  *Winks*

Tho' I Loves me my Vintage Taxidermy for sure... Man Cave Hunting Lodge Style should be for some Rustic Cabin up in the Woods that doesn't belong to me and we just Rent for an occassional Weekend... just sayin'!   To LIVE in a Man Cave surrounded by all those Mantiques exclusively would make me look and Feel like this Creepy Doll Head... for Real!  *Smiles*   He does NOT want me looking and Feeling like this... Trust and Believe me!  *Ha ha ha*

And even tho' The Man has learned to live amongst the Weird and the Wonderful at this Ole House, he's not exactly in his Element Shopping at my Fav Haunts with me so he often looks like a Deer caught in the headlights when he comes along because this is not his 'Thing', it's mine, and he'd rather I revel in it with my GF Posse than drag him along.

And especially when he sees that my Friend Shelly has now Sourced something I've been Jonesin' for a very long time... yep, a Peacock Mount!  *Swooning*   Which would have looked Splendid beside my Peacock Inspired Christmas Tree dontcha think Honey?  *Winks*

He reminds me that during his recent Utah Trip back Home for Thanksgiving he noticed his Lil Brother the Taxidermist had a Magnificent one with Gold Feathers right in the entryway of THEIR Home.  So now I'm Scheming to figure out how and what it would take to relocate it to OUR Home... coz the Younger Bro' could stuff another one, right?  I mean, they must die of Natural Causes all the time these birds... and I'm sure my Brother-In-Law The Taxidermist must know where they go to Die and the Funeral Arrangements are made?  *LOL*

But for now at least I'll just have to Lust after Shelly's Peacock... and Goose... FOR NOW.  And I must say her Peacock Inspired Christmas Tree was Lovely too surrounded by all that Killer Architectural Salvage it was a Christmas Vision!

And look how Cute for the Christmas Tree these little Ornaments would be if you're just not that 'Into' Peacocks, you could do a Party Dog Tree!

Yes, The Man was seeing how Distracted I was getting as we got The Cabinet measured and we loaded it up so he was trying to hurry me along with reminders to stick to the Mission Statement of Pickup Only.   And yeah, it fit perfectly and was quite the Workout so now we didn't need to buy Gym Membership... and I didn't have to use the Backup Plan to call my Friend Brett to Deliver it for me.  I always have a Backup Plan and Great Friends willing to lend a hand in case I've bitten off more than I can chew... they know me well too!  *LOL*

Yes, I'm pointing out other Treasures I Love to The Man as he's trying to usher me out the door, like The Lampshade Hanging Lamp...

But he's more Interested in the Dead Heads and giving me a crash course about Taxidermy and Game Animal Trivia.  *Smiles*   While he's Admiring this Elk Mount which would also never fit in any Room of this Ole' House... my Eyes are more drawn to what is hanging beside it...

WOW... look at THAT Honey... but he's still Distracted by the Magnificent Dead Head and oblivious to any Foo-Foo Ornateness hanging beside it.  *Smiles*

Clearly this is why we don't often Shop together for Home Treasures... we'd be dragging Home totally different versions of The Vision!  *Ha ha ha*  And really he could care less about what Decor we have so long as he gets to get out and Hunt such things himself, but in a different kind of Thrill of The Hunt than I partake in.  *Winks*

But we've always both been Supportive of each other's Hunts and so I do my kind and he does his kind and it's all Good.   He's also mighty handy at fixing things and 'Making It Work' when I get carried away with what I drag Home.   This is much heavier than it probably looks and the Art Studio Cottage is on the back half of our Acreage.  And then of coarse I wanted it somewhere it initially wouldn't fit until we moved other furniture around and out of the way.  *Smiles*

Excuse the grungy undercarpet padding but this Bedroom is still under Transformation and the Remodel I'm doing in the Art Studio Cottage... so eventually Antique Persian Rugs will be laid down on top of it.  Yes, that will mean moving all the furniture AGAIN but I needed it Safe and Dry inside and not sitting outside under tarps since I move at the speed of Death when it comes to this Grandoise Project I've got of making over the entire Studio Cottage.

And it got really Hot again outside so my original Plan of Oiling my newly Bailed out Treasure Outside in the fresh air wasn't gonna happen... and we've had unpredictable interspersed Rainy then Hot and Sunny Days so the Oiling Project had to move Indoors for obvious reasons.

Yep, I Oiled the Cabinet and then the Exteriors of each of the Eleven Typset Drawers this Afternoon when The Man and I got back from our Doctor Appointments and getting our Flu and Pneumonia Shots... didn't wanna wait til that arm got sore from the injections and yet another Project languished in Limbo.

And I couldn't wait to Show it Off where it now has it's Home and I see now that I've loaded the Images for this Post that a Spirit Orb showed up to check out the newest acquisition to the Space we Share.

I've zoomed in on the Image for those of you who Enjoy Orb captures on film, it's there in the upper righthand corner.  Sometimes you can see them with the Naked Eye if they're bright enough or against a dark contrast like at Night, didn't notice this one until I downloaded the Image.  Always makes me Smile to know Spirit showed up when something Special is happening... I like to Imagine it's someone we knew?

But I digress... lets get back to the Shops and Treasure Hunting together shall we?  I know you all will get a whole lot more Excited about the Inventory and the Vision it all is than The Man did.  Sure, he Pretends he's really diggin' it as much as I am, nodding his head in agreement, but I see his Eyes glazing over... and that look of, "Oh No, what might she see that she thinks she can't Live without now?"... much like mine do when we walk into a Cabelas... so I totally 'Get It'!  *Ha ha ha*

Hey we all have our Criptonite... and lets face it, most Guys are not gonna be thinking a Christmas Tree festooned with Old Skeleton Keys is all that Inspirational... well, unless they're really 'Into' Skeleton Keys that is?!  *Ha ha ha*

And the, "Oh Honey, just look at these Sweet Sachet Cards!" is met with the obligatory Head Nod I mentioned earlier, he really doesn't care one way or the other about Sweet Sachet Cards.  But now YOU... YOU'DE be Admiring them too if we were on a Shopathon or Windowshopathon now wouldn't ya?  See... knew it!  *Smiles*

And that is precisely why he reminded me that I'd be here next week with my Junquing Gal Posse so I could spend all the time in the World Immersed in My World... but for now, for now could we just go get something to eat 'cause he was getting Tired and Hungry after schlepping that heavy Antique Printer's Cabinet with me.  *Smiles*

Okay then, so we headed over to our Friend Chai's Restaurant nearby since a Home-Made Corned Beef Hash and Biscuits with Gravy Breakfast was apparently calling to The Man like a Siren's Song.  And I Enjoyed the Vegan Omelet, not becoz I've gone Vegan, but I just like it and know it's uber healthy and keeps my blood sugars in check since they've been really unstable lately.

As we were leaving I did point out a Fav piece of little Old Taxidermy I Love the Expression of... sadly, my Taxidermist Brother-In-Law had just finished moving his Shop to another location and GIVEN AWAY all of the Taxidermy he didn't want to move over there just a week before The Man's visit!  *Gasp... yeah, I know, that News almost gave me a Coronary that he didn't think of Crazy Eccentric Sister-In-Law in Arizona first to unload it upon!  Smiles*

Now he knows... Crate that stuff up and ship it to Arizona or send it with The Man on any subsequent visits!   He can unload all of the unwanted Taxidermy he desires on Eccentric Crazy Sister-In-Law in Arizona, I really dig that stuff AND have a Market for it!

That just goes to show ya that one person's Trash certainly is another person's Treasure... you just never know... SO ASK Dammit!  *Winks*   But I know I do the same thing, unload stuff for Free that my Family and Friends in hindsight Freak Out about me giving away or discarding coz they would have found a Good Home for it!

So anyways... after schlepping heavy Antique Cabinet and almost a dozen Typset Drawers in and out of Jeep twice in one day... then schlepping it to the lower forty on the Acreage {actually not quite that far I'm exaggerating that distance, it just seemed like we traversed forty acres with it...} thru Weeds that the Monsoon Storms have nourished to epic proportions back there making it more Jungle like than Desert like... The Man and I looked something like this.  *Whew!!!*

So it's a good thing I had my fill for the day of Beauty and Inspiration becoz I was spent by the time we got finished and I know for sure he was... he hadn't been expecting to be Worked quite that hard when I slyly asked him if he wanted to come along to get out of the house on a Sunny Day and pick something up I needed to get!  *Evil cackle*

And besides, it's not nearly as much Fun dragging along someone who isn't as Thrilled about what you're doing as you are... so I cut him a break.

And hastily took some Images of the Shops to Share with all you other Junquing Treasure Hunters and those with a Love of Old here in the Land of Blog.   I knew YOU wouldn't be able to get enough of it and would be eager to come along, right?  *Winks*

And be Inspired and Captivated by Creations made from Lovely Old Things...

And Killer Architectural Salvage Treasures...
And Ephemera...

And Vintage Fabric Creations and Gypsy Bling...

Because it won't be long before Santa is here and you might not have crossed everything off on your Lists yet?  Or perhaps just make a longer List and Expand your own Wish List!?  *Winks*

With requests for OOAK Wardrobe or Accessories...

Or perhaps Salvaged Treasures Rescued and Sourced by my Friends from across the Country and even the Globe...

Or maybe just to Enjoy beholding it all... either in Person if you think you just have to get down there and check it all out for yourselves if possible... or vicariously and virtually thru the Eye of my Lens here...

Because that's part of the Thrill and the Beauty of Blogging isn't it... the Sharing of all these Treasures and Favorite Haunts with other Kindred Spirits and Inviting them along with us on our Adventures... our Projects... our 'Scores'... into our Homes and into our Lives.
Thanks for coming along with us this day my Friends and Rejoicing with me as I made Bail of another Found Treasure that now Resides with us... Blessings and a Merry Christmas from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. Your printers cabinet is awesome and will be so useful as well, l love all the different handles on the drawers....l had to laugh at you and your man admiring completely different stuff as you's wandered around... sounds like me and hubby, he also never knows what he's buying me for Christmas til l show him (usually Christmas day).. Also interesting your orb in the pic, l'd never really heard about orbs until my daughter and her man went to an old prison where the guide told stories of horrific torture and deaths, when the photos were loaded onto the computer they were literally covered in orbs...weird huh..

    1. So... what is your DH getting you for Christmas that he doesn't know about yet? *LOL* Yes, the Spirit Orbs are so interesting, when you see them with the naked eye they are quite beautiful as the interiors are filled with colorful moving light energy of some kind. Merry Christmas... Dawn... The Bohemian


  2. That is the longest post I have ever read LOL Love seeing ll the pictures also
    Love your printers tray cabinet and there is so many things we could pack way in there. I bet you never paint any furniture do you? with chalk paint? I would have that painted white before sundown the day I got it home LOL
    It is so nice that your husband collects stuff also

  3. Thank you for drawing me in with the title. Those are some great pieces that you have there. My mom is very into antiques. I am not too much. I guess I like to make my own things. I made all of the furniture at my house, right down to the rugs and the art. I just like doing things.

    Eliseo Weinstein @ JR's Bail Bonds


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