Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!

As the Old Year draws to a close Today it was some time for quiet reflection upon what 2014 brought in the way of Blessings and Challenges.   It was quite the mixture of each for our Family, but it is my Belief that we can each be Improved and Transformed not only by the Good that happens in our Lives, but also what we Endure and Survive as well.

As I prepared what Princess T refers to as 'The Feast' for our New Year's Eve Celebration Today, I am reminded of how Truly Blessed we are in spite of Life's Issues and Challenges we've faced and moved through this past year.   It is my Hope that 2015 will be a Special Year filled with New Beginnings and Opportunities to seize!

And I don't just hold out that Hope for ourselves, but for everyone else as well.   I've known so many Wonderful People who struggled this year and had to Endure hardships.  So it is my Hope that 2015 will bring to them Fresh Opportunities and New Beginnings to build upon so that this coming year will be better and Memorable in a Good way.

I must say that for our Family, even though 2014 held it's particular Challenges, it was a far better year for us than 2013 had been.  In 2013 Tragedy had struck severely and it was a Memorable year for all of the wrong reasons that we'd just as soon forget and not have to think about or dwell upon.   So this year was a year for us of Healing and Improvements, which we Hope will continue throughout the New Year that is just upon the Horizon now.

We'll Celebrate and Usher in this New Year of 2015 quietly and safely at Home with Family and whatever extended Family and Friends drop by for a visit.   We'll have plenty to eat and I've got some Pina Coladas chillin' for whoever wants to join me in a Celebratory New Year's Eve drink?!?  *Winks*

I can't help but feel Happy and Content when we are surrounded by Family and Friends Sharing a Meal Together.   It doesn't have to be anything Fancy or need a lot of Work to prep for, it can be Simple, Informal and Fun... the Fellowship is the icing on the cake for us... richer than even the most decadent desserts.

I have always felt that loneliness is the greatest Poverty.   With so many people in this World of ours it is a pity that any Human Being should ever have to endure feeling or being lonely or alone... there are surely enough of Humankind to provide ample Companionship if we each reach out to one another and extend Fellowship and Hospitality!

I am especially Grateful to have grown up in a household that had the Gift of Hospitality and taught it to us at a very eary age as a Priceless Gift to extend towards others.  It is one of those Gifts that has reciprocity attached to it... those who Give always Gain... always.   Those who think first of others before themselves will always be rewarded richly.

I'm Glad that The G-Kid Force always extend an Invitation to their Playmates and Friends to join us in our little Celebrations, it shows me that they 'Get It' and find the Joy in Sharing.   I remember a Favorite saying of Princess T is, "Sharing is Caring."   She is absolutely right about that... what we Share with others or withhold from others reveals much about our own Character and Condition of the Heart... or how Safe we Truly Feel in those particular relationships.

You don't have to be Rich to Share what you have... some of the most generous Souls I've ever met and had Share what they have with us have often been considered Poor by Society's standards.  I've often Believed that those who are experiencing hardship often feel even more compelled towards Generosity because they truly Understand how important it is and what a difference it makes to Share with one another in order to enrich us all and make sure none has to go without!

We've spent this last week of the Old Year as an extended Family Sharing Time with one another. Sometimes all you might even have to Share is Time, but Believe me it is Truly the most Priceless Gift because each of us is only given a certain amount of it this side of Time and Eternity!   This is The Young Prince at the After Christmas Gift Exchange at his Dad's Home so I took the opportunity to Photograph him with his Little Brother and Dad.  Princess T was busy opening her new Gifts from her Brother's Dad and Family, so for once The Diva wasn't the least bit interested in being Photographed!  *LOL*
The Brothers are not growing up Together in the same household, but they are building Relationship Together... it can be done, even in untraditional Family dynamics like ours.  It just takes a lot of Unconditional Love, Mutual Desire, Mutual Effort and Mutual Respect to make it Work.   No Child can ever have too many people that Love them so Family has always been a Priority for us, regardless of how far flung we all happen to be or how many households we might be spread across.   I am also Thankful that each Paternal Side of the Family of The G-Kid Force embraces the 'Other Child' that is not biologically connected... and is Loving and Inclusive of them so that nobody Feels left out or not part of the extended Family Unit. 

I Feel particularly Fortunate that even though The G-Kid Force are being raised by us, their Maternal Grandparents, they know they have a Loving Extended Family and are Spoiled by and Loved by everyone they know!    The Gifts kept coming, long after Christmas had passed... and being on a fixed retirement income and still raising children, we always Appreciate that because their 'Wish Lists' are as long as any Child's and we have a slew of other Grandkids we're not raising to buy for as well!  *Smiles*

Even our Local Church and Charity Groups came though and Surprised us and the Children with Gifts that we didn't Expect and were just Perfect since they were things they'd had on their 'Wish Lists'!!!   Anonymous Gifts from perfect Strangers is the epitome of Giving and Sharing at it's very best isn't it and embodies the True Christmas Spirit!  Thank You to whoever provided such a Generous Blessing and brought Smiles to every Child that received one!

Happy New Year from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Happy New Year my friend!!! 2015!!!

    Pamela :)

  2. Spending New Year's at home with family sounds like the best kind of celebrating. Happy New Year to you all, Dawn! :)

  3. Happy New Year ;o) What a beautiful post ;o) Hugs ;o)

  4. You have my vote for #1 Grandparent and Caregiver of the year!


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