Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve

WOW, it's already Christmas Eve!  Maybe because I was down Sick for over two weeks out of the Month with the post Immunization Infection Fiasco, it seems as though Christmas rushed up on me!?  After I began to feel better there was barely sufficient time to do all of the Traditions and Rituals that have made it Special to our Family every year, but we managed to pack it all in on a whirlwind time schedule.

I'm glad we squeezed the most important things we look forward to each Christmas in despite Health Issues this Season.   Sometimes when unexpected Crisis hit during the Holidays it can throw everything off.   Sometimes when unexpected Crisis hit it can be tempting not to feel very Festive or all that "into it" and allow the Crisis unfolding to overshadow the Holidays and dictate your moods.   I refused to allow that to happen.   After all, this isn't the first Holiday where we've had to be going through some things and more than likely it won't be the last either.

So we still made our annual trip to The Santa House in Glendale, now celebrating their Eighteenth Year of Inviting the Public into their Fantastic Private Home Christmas Fantasyscape.  And to drive around to look at Lights... there's not so many Over-The-Top Private Light Displays anymore as there used to be in the Seventies and Eighties when it was wildly popular to decorate to excess and Share it with the Community.   But there are a few holdouts from the Good Ole' Days of Christmas Decorating on Steroids that take your breath away!  *Smiles*

And it isn't just the Kiddos that Love such Displays... I always see just as many of us Adults totally diggin' it as I do the Children who look forward to beholding it all each year.   Sadly, each year one or more of the last bastions of the Over-The-Top Private Home Displays has to quit doing it, mostly because those Hosting it are Aging or have passed from Time into Eternity now.   It will be sad when the very last ones call it a day and Retire from the Gift they have given their Communities every Christmas.   It truly is a selfless Labor of Love that epitomizes the Christmas Spirit.
There are some Shows on every year that go across the Country and profile such Private Displays from Coast to Coast and I also make it a Ritual of watching those with the Family at Home... though I'm sure being there in person is so much more Magical and Enchanting!  I'm certain each Community appreciates their Special Christmas Houses they visit annually and many have made it a Ritual and Tradition to experience it every Christmas for as long as they can.

One of the Owners of a Christmas House Display said something quite profound during his interview, that he Enjoyed becoming a part of the Tradition and Ritual of so many Families in his Community that may have came as Strangers the first time, but left as New Friends and like part of an extended Family.   How True... when we become a part of someone else's Festivities and Celebrations that is quite an Honor and becomes Relational.

Some of these Displays in our Communities I visited before I ever became a Parent... then took my own Children to annually... and now take my Grandchildren to.   Some had been going for over forty years before Retiring from the practice of Sharing their Home with the Public.  When it ends it is very Emotional for everyone... those Hosting the Display who have Given so freely and so much... and those who came regularly, like a Pilgrimage during the Holidays. 

I don't know how I'll really Feel when the very last of them Retires?   I don't know of too many Private Displays locally that are still in existance and those that are have been doing it for many years and are probably getting close to Retiring them.   The Commercial Displays are often Fabulous, but there is just something particularly Intimate about a regular person making such a Public Impact with their Private Home Display that they open up to Share with anyone and everyone who wants to Experience it.

And it truly IS an 'Experience' if you have any of these Private Homes in your own Community... we always have such Fun during our visits and look forward to it each and every year.  It brings out the Kid in all of us and we get Silly and Laugh until our sides hurt, and sing Christmas Carols loudly and out of tune in the car as we head to the next stop.  *Smiles*

Along with the Spiritual Reason we Celebrate which we always take Seriously because it is Holy, we also take the time to have Fun... to Laugh... to Share... to spend Precious Time with those we Love and those we have Shared History with doing Life together.

During most other times of the year Life can get busy and in the way of so many things... but even when Christmas seems to rush up on us, it's always a Priority to take the Time to Celebrate it properly and with those we Cherish and are Grateful for, so that they Feel the Love.

And of coarse by Christmas Eve Day we're preparing our Feasts and Buffets in Expectation of getting together to Share Meals with Family and Friends in our own Homes.

Those Private Rituals and Traditions each Family has are Special and over the years we've often added to them and embraced new ones as our Families have expanded.

I'm not sure what each of you is doing Tonight on Christmas Eve but my Hope is that it is Special to you and is the Stuff Memories are made of.

We've had yet another Great Year of Special Memories and Good Time Together!!!

And Christmas Eve Day has been spent visiting with Old Friends and spending time with Family.

The hustle and the bustle of preparing for the Holidays has wound down to the eleventh hour and Today and Tomorrow will be spent just focusing upon and Enjoying Christmas and those we Love.

We Accomplished everything we set out to do before Christmas Arrived... and I've thoroughly Enjoyed every minute of it all.   I'm definitely not one of those 'hurry up and lets get it over with' types of people, I don't even understand that sentiment actually.

Anything worth Celebrating is worth CELEBRATING and not dreading in my humble opinion.

Make it Holy... make it Magical... make it Enchanting... make it Fun... make it something to look forward to and not something to just get through!!!
The Kiddos have opened the Gifts that Family and Friends allowed them to open early...

And on Christmas Eve we Reserve them the right to chose one Gift from under the Christmas Tree that they can open this Evening.   It is a Tradition held over from when I was a Child and we actually opened all of our Gifts Christmas Eve because my Dad always had to go to Work early Christmas Morning before any of us was even up.  Since he ran the Base Dining Hall most of his Military Career and had to prepare and feed Christmas Dinner to all the Troops that couldn't make it Home for the Holidays.  We always joined him in the Mess Hall early Christmas Morning and ate with all the Soldiers enjoying the Fantastic Meal he'd overseered the preparation of, it was quite Memorable.

And even when Dad finally Retired from his Military Career after Twenty-Seven Years of Serving... and became a Master Chef for Civilian High End Restaurants, Christmas at our Home was always Shared with any of the GI's from the Local Base who couldn't get Leave to go Home for the Holidays and wanted to join us for Christmas Dinner.  So our Home was always filled with the Young Men and Women who Serve our Country... and so we still always opened our own Gifts Christmas Eve so Dad could prepare a huge spread to feed as many as wanted to come. 

So... Tonight the G-Kid Force chose one Gift each from under the Christmas Tree to open... as well as an Envelope holding a Gift Card from their Aunt, our Oldest Daughter and Family.  And so Tonight the house is filled with the Music the Young Prince is playing on his New Keyboard and Singing Karioke Style on the microphone.  *Smiles*

And Princess T... well, she'll now be Creating some colorful Hand Loomed Bracelets for us all on her new Gift...

And we'll be Building a Bear at the Mall after Christmas as well.  *Smiles*

Merry Christmas from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Merry Christmas to you too dear blog friend! I so enjoy all your posts! Glad you got well enough to get all your Christmas activities done!


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