Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Veteran's Day Parade Phoenix 2014

The Phoenix Veteran's Day Parade is one of the largest in the Nation and it was so Emotional to be in Attendance and Honor all those who Served and are presently Serving in every Branch of the Service.

It is a day when The Man truly Feels Recognized for his Service and shown the Respect he so richly deserves for the thirty-nine years he Devoted to Serving his Country.   Even here in the Land of Blog I notice that something as Important as a Veteran's Day Post doesn't draw as much Interest or Response as the Posts of pure Fluff... and that's Sad and Truly Unfortunate to me.

Several of the Veteran's Advocacy Groups were present at the Parade and handing out meaningful Gifts to the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Having been exposed to Agent Orange during his Tours in Vietnam during the War, The Man was particularly fond of this T-Shirt Gift from the Advocacy Group that Represents the Victims and their Families.   Our Dark sense of Humor has seen us thru many of the considerable Life Challenges Disabled Veterans face daily once they returned Home from War not as whole as when they had been deployed.

The Man practically got a new Gifted Wardrobe during this Parade and it really Touched him to be so Recognized and Appreciated, if only for a day... as well as to mingle with other Veterans and their Families.

There were Veterans who Served from World War II to the Present, including Specialty Forces and the Navajo Code Talkers and Hopi Wind Talkers present in the Parade.

And lots of Amazing Floats and Vehicles showing their Patriotism!

Our Family's Unanimous Vote for Favorite Float was this one...

Because along with the Artfully Created Bald Eagle on the back of the Float...

There was a Live Bald Eagle at the front of the Float and it was a Huge hit with the Kiddos!   It seemed to know it was the Star of that Float since it was Showing Off it's Magnificence as the Float passed by. 

But of coarse the True Stars of the Day were each and every Veteran Present, whether participating in the Parade or as Spectators on the sidelines Enjoying it.
There were many Tears being shed... but Good Tears for a change...

And lots of Memories as many of the Floats carried what had been used during each War.

The Man jumped out of many of these during his Special Forces days...

And of coarse there were also the Parade Vintage Car Entries that we all were Lusting over... this being our Family Favorite... a Fabulous Vintage Packard.

But let us not Forget that it is not only Human Veterans who Served Country Honorably... there were also the four-legged Warriors, now Retired from Service, who were Present to be Honored for their Service and Bravery as well!

We spent two and a half Glorious Hours at the Parade and the Weather was Amazing for a Parade.

Model of the U.S.S. Arizona was another big hit with the Kiddos.

And you couldn't Help but Feel Enormous Pride and Patriotism during the Event... and an Emotional lump in your Throat.  Because of coarse there are many that never made it Home as well and we always Remember that with great Sorrow and a Heavy Heart.

To all who Served and Continue to Serve... we Salute you...  and not just for a day... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. This was beautiful...difficult to write through my tears...




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