Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Salvage Yard ~ Better Late Than Never!


Well, I was late Arriving and even later Posting about it... but yes, amid Personal Medical Crisis unfolding at Home I was able to make it to this Month's Event at THE SALVAGE YARD, but just barely!  Literally, I made it across town on Day No. 3 of the four day Event and got thru the doors AT Closing Time!  *Whew says I skidding in sideways!*
But my Friend Mike and Staff, Gracious as they are, allowed me to Photograph the Event for you and make my Purchases.  You see, I had come on a Mission... a Late Mission to be sure but a Mission nonetheless!  And even with distractions like this Amazing Belgian Cut Velvet Sofa I didn't have the Luxury of Time to stray from my Mission Statement this day, which could be a Good Thing!  *LOL*

Didn't have Time for Impulse Purchases this day... just stick to the Mission Ma'am, Cover the Event like Greased Lightening so everyone could go Home and be Done!

First I want to profusely Thank Mike and Staff for being so Gracious, so Patient and Cheerful even with a Late Shopper such as myself lingering past Closing Time.  I had traversed the Valley Attempting to get there before it was too late, but City Traffic being what it is, I was completely Delusional about how long that would take right about Going Home Time for many businesses!

I knew the Shop would be chock full of Christmas Wonderment this Month and it didn't disappoint, even though it was Day No. 3 of a four day Event and I can only Imagine what Day No. 1 on Opening Morning must have been a Delightful Vision of!?!

I always try to Arrive Early on Opening Day of an Event and especially around the Holidays when I know the Atmosphere will be Super Charged with Inspiration and Holiday Visual Delights.  I always look forward to it all with Great Anticipation!  So I hate it when Personal Crisis suspends all Plans and by the time I get back to Non-Crisis Mode everything is over or practically over.  *Sob*

For us anyway, the Holiday Seasons seem to amp up the Medical and Personal Crisis occurrances. Strange phenomenon I haven't quite figured out, just know that it always seems to happen before or during every Holiday Season!  *Le Sigh*  I never quite get used to that, I always Hope every Holiday in the Present or Future will manage to avoid Personal Drama playing out and the Holiday Crisis Curse will be a thing of the Past.  But this wasn't THAT year apparently...

And so it takes a lot of extra Effort to make Plans and actually not have to Cancel or Adapt and Improvise them in order to Attend anything Special during the Holidays.   But even in 'Sliding In Sideways by the Skin of my Teeth Mode' I managed to Enjoy the brief time I spent at this Event though in a Perfect World I could have lingered longer.  *Winks*  I did 'Score' what I came for tho' so Mission Accomplished.   This Ornate Door Plate is now mine to utilize on this Year's Christmas Tree.

And the Main Mission Statement Piece was this Santos Crown for my newly acquired Bear Head... he couldn't be without his Crown and this was a Perfect fit!   Yes, tho' I only came away with the two Treasures I was Content becoz I had Accomplished my Intended Mission and still managed to Cover some of the Event for you at the same time.

And if you were seeking out Vintage Christmas, this was your One Stop Shop I gotta tell ya!

This was the other Santos Crown I was Considering for the Bear, but it came down to deciding if I wanted to make it a He Bear or a She Bear since this Queenly Crown looked more Feminine and the one I chose more Masculine... I decided on making it a He Bear with the Kingly Crown. 

I remember when I had some of these Vintage Dolls Of The World for Sale in my Showrooms and most of them were snatched up by Young Pre-Teen.  She clutched them close to her chest saying she'd been looking everywhere for the ones she was missing in her Collection and I just happened to have the Coveted Ones!   Doesn't that always give you the Warm Fuzzies when you are a Keeper Of The Past and pass Special Items along that someone else was Desperately Seeking?

Because if we didn't have that inexplicable Deeply Ingrained Urge to Salvage and Rescue Pieces of the Past they might not still Exist you know.  It makes me Feel Good to know I've been doing my part to Preserve Pieces of the Past and Found Treasures that might have been Lost otherwise.   I Appreciate all of the rest who do the same, because I can't Find, Salvage, Rescue and Preserve it all... tho' Lord knows I've TRIED!  *Ha ha ha*

Just ask my Family... my Storage Outbuildings, Studio and certain sections of the Home often look something like this actually!  *Winks*   It's a blurry line from Home to Showroom sometimes and I've often had Friends view my Blog Images and ask me, "Was that taken in your Showroom or your Home Dawn?"  *LOL*  Hard to tell the difference you see... so if I didn't have that Great Fear that you all would want my 'Don't Wanna Let Go Of That Yet' Stuff, I'd just open up the Property for 'Picks' to Edit and Purge all the more efficiently! *Smiles*

I am Contemplating that Possibility tho' with those I know well and who therefore might not Push me too hard to Let Go of that which I'm still having an Emotional Affair with?!?  *LOL*  I can detach from Stuff, I don't have a Full Blown Detachment Disorder *winks*, but there are still some things that I find myself more Attached to than others and I suppose that's Okay really and might even be 'Normal'?  *Smiles*

I mean there ARE those things that each of us consider Keepers, right?  It will vary from person to person and depending upon what types of Stuff we get Attached to or form Sentiment about.   I used to hold onto Old Letters and other Ephemera for years and years, but lately I've just Let It Go.  I suppose I could have Sold off some of it being it was now Officially Considered Vintage *Ha ha ha*, but because most of it was deeply Personal, I just Destroyed it for my own Privacy and that of those who sent it to me.  I did keep many of the Old Stamps on the Envelopes tho'.  Given the current Crisis of the Post Office I Sincerely Hope regular Mail doesn't go away completely and become a distant Memory?

I'm Sorry but I just couldn't Imagine anyone never having Received or Sent Mail... Real Mail... I'm not talking about E-Mails, Texts, Instagrams and the like... it's just NOT the same and cannot really be looked upon with the same Sentiments as an Old Letter, Postcard or other Ephemera that can Age and therefore become a part of History.

I don't know how long all of this suspended in Cyberspace will actually be and remain out there... but even if indefinitely, I don't know that it will Impart or Evoke the same Sentiments as re-reading an Old Love Letter or Card sent to someone eons ago?  Hell, I've forgotten about the majority of my Old Blog Posts that are Archived and rarely go back to them, so I've often mused with whether to just Delete them or not and save Storage Space?   I suspect most folks just Delete away most of their Cyberstuff quite regularly and dump it in the Trash Can of the Cyberworld?

By the same token I suppose many have Destroyed their Old Letters and Cards eventually too?  So I do Commend those Dear Souls that didn't and therefore we have that Antique and Vintage Ephemera to Cherish and have become a part of History being Preserved by those who Love it and Appreciate it.

I don't know about you but I can get pretty Excited when I come across Vintage Items that usually don't Survive being a Preservation Item.   Usually Everyday Stuff peeps just didn't place much, if any, Value upon when it was Current and New to them or they used every day or were considered Trash once used.   Such things as Ephemera and Packaging and other Everyday Items that were Abundant when they were Popular and being Created en mass, but then weren't one day and few therefore Survived to the Present.

There are times when I Fantasize about Discovering an Old Landfill Cave of sorts... a Pocket undisturbed and once buried away like Pirate's Treasure... like a Time Capsule waiting for Re-Discovery and to be unearthed and Rescued... and brought to the Light of Day again and not Forever Lost!

Now I come from an Era when I Remember the Old Above Ground Landfills and City Dumps that you COULD Visit and Scavenge from with Reckless Abandon!   No Political Correctness about it, everything was Fair Game and those who Scavenged there often got all they wanted and much of what they Needed during a time when Resources might be scarce.

When I was growing up we didn't realize we were rather Poor you see... because my Folks could make something Spectacular and Special out of practically Nothing and with extremely Limited Resources, so you'd never really recognize that we were economically Poor and HAD to be Resourceful by Necessity.

The Interiors of our Homes, regardless of the Humble Exteriors, always looked Amazing and I Credit my Parent's Vision and Creativity with that Surreal Transformation.  Mom could make everything Sparkle and look Opulent with her Exquisite Taste, Style and Touch.   Dad could just MAKE everything or anything with his Creative hands, Imagination and unlimited Natural Artistic Giftings and Talents.   Give either of them anything and they could Transform it and in a way that often took one's breath away!

Looking back I see how much that Influenced my Brother and I... Bestowing Inherited Talents along with Passed Along Appreciation for the Good Stuff that others might not Recognize the Possibilities or Value in and therefore Discard.   So I sure Wish there were still the Above Ground Dumps and Landfills to Scavenge in... I Assure you I'd find True Treasures Buried amongst the Trash!

In fact, any kind of Salvage Yard is a Pure Delight for me... which is why I so Enjoy Leslie and Mike's Event each Month... Designed as a place where Great Salvaged Items will end up and be offered up!

And if you didn't manage to make it down there this Month... well... there is always next Month... and IF I can manage to avert any other Personal or Medical Crisis I'll be there Early and Linger!  *Fingers and everything else crossed!* 

Because I just HATED to have to Rush the Experience and barely make it by the Skin of my Teeth for a Holiday Event that I knew would Inspire me and get the Creative Juices flowing like a raging River!   And not give it the proper Coverage it so Richly Deserved!   You Guys at THE SALVAGE YARD did a Great Job once again!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. how happy you must have been to at least have made it! lol

    i tried 4 times and just can't get all the photos to load. :( sorry, i think they might be super large in file size)

    1. Oh yeah, I go LARGE with my Images... Winks... Big is better when it comes to Eye Candy Inspiration! *smiles* Dawn... The Bohemian


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