Monday, November 17, 2014

The Paper Collage ~ A Paper Craft Flea Market

Another Favorite Stop we hit on our Whirlwind Weekend was my Friend Pamela's Shop THE PAPER COLLAGE to stock up on Artistic Supplies from the Paper Craft Flea Market being Hosted there this past weekend.

Not only did the Shop have some great Sales on all of your Creative Supply needs... but various Vendors were present at the Paper Craft Flea Market and the prices were the stuff that gets your pulse racing and has us Artsy Folks three deep at the tables snatching up Bargains on Art Supplies!  *Smiles*

It's always a Fun Time at the Shop to spend equal amounts of time shopping and to mingle with Kindred Spirits who Love to Create as much as we do.  Positive Creative Energy fills the air and you can't wait to get back Home and Create something after a visit!
Or to just Create something there at the Shop since Workshops are Hosted regularly as well and it's a great place to sign up for a Class with Family and Friends for an Intimate Gathering to learn new Techniques and bring Home a bounty of Creations you all brought to Life there together!

The G-Kid Force always look forward to coming with me to Miss Pamela's Shop because it gets their uninhibited Young Creative Juices flowing.  This Trip Princess T was all about Beading and Negotiating her best Deal at the Flea Market on a bucket full of Beads!  *LOL*

To be sure the both of us were so busy Shopping for Creative Supply Bargains that my Photography was almost an afterthought!  *Gasp!*   But I came Home with a bag full of Creative Goodness in the way of Stamping Supplies, Glitter, Papers, Ephemera and Books... all at an unbelievable discount!

And for a mere two bucks Princess T came Home with her bucket of Beads to Create Bracelets and Necklaces from so she was totally Jazzed.   And a Sweet Generous Vendor Gifted her with some Beautiful Botanical Stamping Supplies as we were leaving!

It was a Glorious Day for a Flea Market... the weather couldn't have been better actually... Sunny and Warm with a slight Breeze.    I LOVE Arizona in the Fall!

 These are the kinds of balmy days when you want to hit many Outdoor Venues and this particular Weekend there were several of them for us to Attend!

I always get Uber Creative around the Holidays... there's just something about a Festive Holiday Atmosphere that makes me want to make something!  Even if I've languished Artistically most of the year, around the Holiday Season the Artist in me suddenly comes to Life again and the canvas of my Imagination is swimming with Ideas.

Even Culinary Art Ideas... though you will rarely get me into a Kitchen doing the Suzy Homemaker Thing most of the year since it's just not my Thing being a domestic goddess... during the Holidays I suddenly want to Bake and Create Magical Edible Delights!  *LOL*  All of a sudden I'm perusing the Baking Sections of the Shops and dragging Home the Supplies!  *Smiles*

Now... like everything else... some things get Created and some things don't, due to the Time Element crunches we're always juggling in our busy Lives, which just seem to Magnify during the Holidays because there's so much to do... but that's Okay... sometimes the Planning and Collecting of the items to Create something Magical is enough for me and I know that I can get around to it whenever I can make the time for it.

We've been known to Dye Eggs and make edible various Holiday Style Confections and Treats when there actually is no Holiday now, because it passed before we had the time to Devote to it!  But in many ways that just extends the Joy and we don't care if we're Enjoying the Process and the End Product long past the actual Holiday it was supposed to encompass and represent!   I liken it to Enjoying Breakfast Food at Dinnertime... if you Enjoy Breakfast Food who cares WHEN and for which Meal you prepare it really!?!   There's no Rules that say it can ONLY be eaten at Breakfast after all!

Look what Princess T was busy doing with the Chipboard Letters in the Shop... Awwwwwww... she likes to Surprise me lately with her Spelling and Writing Skills which she's perfecting.   Though she isn't that good at it yet, and is in Intercession Classes to get better at it, I'm so Glad she Enjoys Reading, Writing and Spelling.  Her Desire will get her there... Desire ALWAYS gets you there!

What has been YOUR Desires of the Heart lately my Friends?   And have you Driven yourselves towards your Desires, if only a little bit each day?   I Hope you have... because it will get you there if you Truly Desire it!
And always remember that your Gifts WILL make room for you!   Whatever you are Gifted to do with Great Joy and Passion in the doing of it... well, you're Purposed for that my Friends!

I do Hope you will Create something Special this Holiday Season... be it an Atmosphere or a Tangible Object... a new Friendship or breathing New Life into an old Relationship.  Creating something Special is always Rewarding and pays Dividends in the Doing of it.  Not necessarily always Monetary Dividends, but those are just a small fraction of the Rewards of Creating something Special, it goes far beyond mere dollars and cents!

The Creative Soul knows that... and why we simply MUST Create, because it's as vital a function of Life to us as Breathing is! 

And I do Hope you've Enjoyed joining us today at my Friend Pamela's Shop?  Be sure to come back now... there's many more Adventures to join us on!

Because we rarely just do one thing on a given day... being the Queens, Princes and Princesses of Excess that we all are!  *Winks*

We'll be Inclined to want to DO IT ALL... SEE IT ALL...

And try to Resist the Urge to wanna BUY IT ALL!  *Winks*  Sometimes we even Succeed!  *LOL*   Wow, my Friend Shelly at The Brass had to drink a lot of Coffee to get them Bags!   So now I don't hafta... I just bought this one for a mere Five Bucks at the Outdoor Flea Market our Antique Mall Hosted this past Weekend!  *Ha ha ha!*

And one day I Hope to have a Sweet Ride like this to load up and tote Home all my Found Treasures... 

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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  1. Oh what fun!!!! And your Granddaughter is so pretty:) I need a road trip.
    ~Debra xxx
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