Thursday, November 6, 2014

Tackling Long Delayed Projects

Since long delayed Projects have been bothering me tremendously lately I decided to formulate a Plan of Action for tackling them... a realistic Plan, not some pipedream of the Idyllic Moment that will never come.

I thought about how many things have Inspired me during the Stallout of the Projects... and in many ways it made putting off the initiation of them rather worthwhile actually.  Since the Vision in my Head for many Major Projects has Morphed into something quite different numerous times now it's a good thing it had Time to Develop and be Refined on the Canvas of my Imagination.

There were of coarse Commonalities to the Vision that remained somewhat constant, since I have been aware of my preferred Aesthetic, Color Palettes and Style for a long time.  My Major Inspiration Visuals have been Carefully Preserved for what seems like Forever sometimes.  But you know how it is with a Major Project... because it's Major, there is a lot that can be Visualized before and during the Process.

And there is of coarse that Inner Conflict that always rages... the Desire to go with a Divine Sage and Sepia Palette in at least one room exclusively... and yet my inclination to sneak Jewel Tones and Black in there no matter how hard I try NOT to!  *Le Sigh*
Sometimes I Wonder if I'm not a Hopeless Case when it comes to actually being able to go with a more Monochromatic Palette that I Adore like I do Sepia?   Every time I look at a predominantly Sepia and Sage Divinely Styled Space I SO want to replicate that Atmosphere with my own Spin on it... but it just never comes together like that... NEVER!

And I don't quite understand why that is?   Because if for Decades I've been drawn to the Sepia Tones and a Decrepid Style of Derelict Decorating and have now amassed sufficient trappings of those Hues to Create that Fantasy Space, then why is it SO difficult for me still?!?
 Source: Carol Hicks-Bolton
Seriously, Images like this Iconic Fabulous Room Styled by the Amazing Carol Hicks-Bolton Decades ago have danced across the Canvas of my Imagination for what seems like an Eternity.  I WANTED a Room Styled like this one so bad I could taste it!  I could Dream and Fantasize about it Forever without Changing my Mind about how much I Eternally LOVE it in fact!!!  It Haunts me that I haven't just DONE IT ALREADY!!!
 Source: Carol Hicks-Bolton

Because it's not as if I haven't had sufficient Time already to Source or Hand Make everything I could possibly need to Create a similar Space at Home... I mean, how many Decades does one need to get it Done for Heaven's Sakes if  you want it so badly!??!???!   *LOL*   And it's not as if I'd need a Professional Stylist to come in and do it for me, I know I COULD do it myself, so why the Hell haven't I?  I dunno... it's one of those ridiculous Mysteries of why you never get around to doing something you REALLY WANT to and is extremely high on a 'Bucket List' of things to do.

And the even Crazier thing is... I am trying to FINALLY Replicate something similar right now as I tackle a long delayed Project in the Art Studio Cottage Bedroom this Month.  My Plan of Action is to Devote at least one measly Hour a day to the Project so that it's making some Progress instead of being indefinitely Stalled and thus bothering me tremendously!

Today I even Painted an entire Wall in there... deciding to stay Sepia Toned and Resist slapping some Black or Indigo on there... or Red... because at least one Wall that will remain unpainted has some Amazing Antique Wallpaper on it that has those Colors anyway and will Compliment the Sepia Painted Walls.  

 And there is Antique Wood Wainscot halfway up the Walls anyway... so it's not as if I have a massive amount of Painting to get done... I could have probably knocked it out in a day but I'm Pacing myself since it's not all I'm doing on any given day with this crazy Schedule we have going on.

My Hanging Lampshades for that Room are Perfect for Illuminating it... and I know I could de-stash other Spaces to Style the Room exactly as I want it to look... so I'm trying very, very hard to stick with the Vision and not stray from it... we'll see if I Succeed or fall back into bad habits that seem almost subconscious forms of Decorating sabotage?  *Winks*
Now don't get me wrong, it's not as if I'm opposed to my Natural inclinations of Styling that I seem to revert to Instinctively... it's just that I want one Room that is Sage and Sepia Styled... just one Room... and Succeed at Accomplishing that without having an Editing Problem as usual and just falling short!  *Winks*

I've come pretty close you see... over the years... and even in fairly recent Projects that got Accomplished and turned out well enough that I was completely Satisfied with the Results even tho' they weren't as Sage and Sepia as 'The Room' I had in Mind as Idyllic and The Fantasy One.

And I dunno... maybe I'll have to be Content with that being the case in every Room I Style for it to be Authentically "Me" to the Core and perhaps that's why it's never happened... but I'd like to at least TRY to go for it, you know... just once... in one entire Room!  *Smiles*   To Replicate that Room I have kept within the pages of my Inspiration Book for so long that it has to be meaningful enough for me not to have Gotten Over It, right?  *Winks*

Have you ever had a Fantasyscape Image that you just have NEVER Gotten Over my Friends?  Something that you always said to yourself, "I'm going to do that One Day..."?  And how long did it take YOU before One Day came?  Or is it still long delayed as a Project?

I know it seemed to take me Forever And A Day to get Princess T's Playroom Transformed from being the unused Guest Room... to a Functional Room we all Love and is now used all the time.  It turned out Perfectly and I even moved closer to the Sage and Sepia Vision... so that was almost like a Prototype really of that Fantasy Room done up Sepia Style.

And I Loved how the Walls turned out in that Room so that is the same Paint I'm now using in the Art Studio Cottage Bedroom Makeover.   It was that 'Oops' Five Dollar Paint from Lowe's Discount Paint 'Accident Rack' that goes on in a very Unpaintly Fashion that Distressed itself in a Weird and Wonderful way that I find to be a Fantastic Accident.   I wish I could figure out how to 'Mess Up' on Purpose with ALL my Paints now that I've used it, but Lowe's Staff didn't remember what went 'Wrong' for that batch, which is a Pity, I'd Patent it.   *LOL*

And I must say... that even if it has been frustrating to have to delay a Project for far too long... when I FINALLY get to Devote some Time to it... even if it's miniscule chunks squeezed in whenever we can Manage it... it's Exhilerating and Exciting!   It gains Momentum FAST and gets the Creative Juices flowing like a Flood!

Today we were even ahead of Schedule on what we got Accomplished in the small blocks of Time I set aside for Devotion to that long Neglected Project!   We hauled every piece of Furniture we decided not to keep in there to the Curb... and it quickly got snapped up by Passers By.  Which was Great since I didn't want it to have to be Landfill bound on Bulk Garbage Day really, but didn't have room in my Showrooms for any of it nor a Truck to Transport it to our Antique Mall even if I did.

I still like to peek in at Princess T's Playroom now to see what new Playhouse Vignettes she's Created... she will spend Hours in there now with the Bonus that she doesn't have to Clean everything up and put it away after she's begun Creating a Scene or Styling a Dollhouse Room.  I know the Feeling now that the Great Room of the Art Studio is Complete... any Creative Space is best when you can do that... and Invite Friends in to Create and Imagine with you!

And when I'm finished with the Art Studio Bedroom Makeover I want for that Space to be Inviting to Family and Guests that will reside in the Cottage during brief Visits with us.  Where it will be a Restful Private Sanctuary to Retreat to during the Visit whenever they want or need it.

Designing a Space that will be used by many others has particular Challenges because you have to Consider what will Work best for the use in that Space by someone other than just yourself and be optimally Functional for what it is Intended for and who it is Intended for.

So I can't go all Dark and Weird or it just won't suit the Needs and be a Comfortable Space for others... so I'm Attempting to reel myself in with the Decor and I'll probably want some Feedback when it's done and Revealed just to get a General Concensus of the Vibe it presents.

Now... a little Disclaimer to that is that the Art Studio Cottage is Allegedly Haunted and Active with Spirit... so no matter what I put in there in the way of Decor and Ambiance, I won't be able to Control that kind of Activity.  *LOL*   All of our Family and Friends already know that tho' and it hasn't prevented most of them from spending Time in there in the Past and I'm Hopeful that me doing a Major Transformation doesn't stir up Activity more than usual... which can happen when things get Changed Up where Spirit Resides.


And if you're a True Skeptic, well... perhaps you can come spend the Night sometime and see if you don't get an Experience you'll never Forget?  *Tee Hee*... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. The photos of your inspiration room are fabulous, love all that velvet and fringe against the rustic walls. Doing up a room in sepia and sage sounds lovely, and seems like it could be a good backdrop for any of your amazing collections. I've been thinking of using shades of sage in my kitchen and back stairs but the addition of sepia would really be a game changer.
    So sorry about your Rumpelstiltskin Moment! I know what you're going through with the endless hours in waiting rooms and all the forms and redoing the same forms and it just goes on and on, especially with the VA. I really hope you found a little time to work on your project.
    Thanks for the inspiration! Sarah

  2. So glad your getting to work on some projects! I love that sepia look to a
    nd don't have it!

  3. Oh my I love all your juicy treasures. I would love to shop your studio, ha ha. I had to laugh while reading your post. I totally understand the design dilemma I too have an image in mind when decorating but the finished project is never the same as my ideal. I blogged about lack of time and unfinished projects today. It's nice to know I'm not alone!


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