Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Sweet Salvage ~ Part V The Finale'

Today is the Delayed Finale' Post of the Wonderful four day Event of 'Over The Rooftops' at SWEET SALVAGE.   The Event wrapped on Sunday and I was fortunate to make a few trips out there and get a bounty of Treasures.   Top Treasure I left behind but would've liked to have owned, this Vintage Chalkware Woman's Bust Planter.   The top of the head was hollowed out for either a glass Vase to fit inside or perhaps a Votive.   Loved the expression and Patina of Age on the piece, but I left her behind since I'd already gone over Budget... damned Budget... damned me for having such weak Restraint... actually, practically no Restraint!  *Winks*

It didn't help that on one of my visits I brought along The Instigator and Enabler for Budget Blowing... Princess T!   *Smiles*   That Kid can spend money even tho' she has none, after all, spending other people's money is even more Fun and easier, right?  *LOL*  

 All I gotta say is that she better Marry into money coz that Child is High Maintenance and makes no appologies for it!  *Winks*   "We NEED German Glass Glitter Gramma...", and as well as being a tongue twister of a comment, she Convinced me that we did.   Especially since Miss Myko had Packaged it so Beautifully with Vintage Millinery Trim and dyed Seam Binding... and I'm an Easy Mark Sucka for Sparkle and of Packaging dammit!  *Le Sigh*
I picked out a Jar of Silver... she picked out a Jar of Gold... and then because it wouldn't be a 'Collection' of Glitter unless we had three, right, she says we NEED the Pink as well!   "And just look at those Old Flowers on the Pink Glitter Gramma...", she slyly adds to the request... Sigh... yeah, she knows how to Work me that Kid!  *Bwahahaha!*   We'd already gone down in flames with my total lack of Restraint with the Vintage Blinged Out Show Ribbons for our Tree... so why not?
Yes, I did get some more... and tried to talk some other Ladies into buying some too that had been Admiring mine, just so that I wouldn't be Tempted to buy even more!  *Smiles*   I hadn't had the Heart to dismantle my Vintage Show Ribbons at Home and add some Bohemian Bling to them, so it was the only solution to have enough to make a visual impact on the Tree.

And except for the German Glass Glitter Fiasco that The Princess lured me into, I stuck to my Mission Statement.   Didn't buy any new Wardrobe for the Holidays tho' Lord knows there were some Bloomers that were Tempting... the ones I had my peepers on were Tea Stained Cotton with layers of Lace and Crochet Trim Accents on the bottom ruffles... luckily none in Big Gal Size.  *Whew* 

But much to the chagrin of her Dear Hubby, I did talk one attractive Slender Lady into purchasing hers.   No... he's probably not gonna Thank me later, but we did have some Comedic Banter about it, her Dear Hubby and I.   I'm pretty sure he now thinks I'm the Devil in disguise helping his Beloved spend his money!?!   See... I can spend any Man's money!  *LOL* 

After all, if a Dear Guy is gonna take his Special Lady to an Event that looks like this... and hangs around with her here, he KNOWS she's gonna be spending his money... that's just a Given and a Set Up for Indulging her, right?   Mine just sends me off with a wad of Cash, and is Grateful that I'm not asking him to pretend he'd like to come along and try to swim upstream like a Salmon in the eager throngs of Shoppers and gush over all that I'm Tantalized with.  *Smiles*

The Son lives by the same Mantra, so long as he doesn't have to Shop for it, he's Golden as well.   And what do us Gals like to do best but go Shopping, so it works out quite mutually beneficial!  Besides, when a Guy goes out to buy what Tantalizes them, it's bound to be really expensive Big Boy Toys, usually with monthly payments that can last for years!

So... by comparison my Guilty Indulgences are rather inexpensive because it's not nearly as expensive as say one Recreational Vehicle Monthly Payment on a Big Boy Toy that will depreciate by 40% or more immediately when you drive it off the Lot!    I've always managed to flip my Treasures for far more than I ever paid for them and turn a Profit after having Enjoyed them for as long as I liked... so I consider it all a form of Investment and Liquidity.

If you have a Good Eye for the Good Stuff and are discerning about what you Purchase and the price you pay for it, you can have it appreciate in Value the longer you hold onto it.   I buy only what I Love though so that I will not be burdened with something I'm not that into if someone else doesn't dig it when it's time to flip it.  I wouldn't suggest buying something you don't Love just because you think you can make money off of  it, because then if you're stuck with it, there's no benefit whatsoever in my humble opinion.  Things go on and off Trend too quickly to second guess what the Market will bear in the Future when it comes to Stuff.

Another thing that I personally like to Invest in is the Work of Artists that I Admire.  If you manage to find an Artist you Love the body of Work of that is not yet Nationally recognized, Published extensively, or World Renown, you can usually get a Collection amassed of their Work before the prices go into the Stratosphere or becomes a recognizable Brand and becomes mass produced by someone other than the Artist themselves.  I started several of my Collections that way, when the pieces were still affordable and I've never regret that decision, ever! 

And lets face it, if you're only buying what YOU Love, then you're also probably not always seeking what everyone else wants at the Moment that just happens to be Trendy.  When everyone else is seeking it too and the Supply and Demand Thing kicks into gear, well, that can get dicey to get yours while there's still some left... or the price just went up because it's suddenly so Desirable to so many!

I got almost all of my Killer Architectural Salvage pieces years ago when few Valued it and most thought it Mad to even Scavenge for such things... so it was usually Free back in those days or cost only a pittance.   And I still recall when Contemporary and Mid Century Modern first became popular so everyone was junking their Crystal and Italian Tole Chandies and Exquisitely Detailed Furnishings in Favor of the Sleek, Minimalistic and Modern... so I snatched my preferred Style up for a Song!   And even the Simple or Organic things, if amassed before everyone wants it, can be more Budget friendly than before it Blows Up as the next Best Thing. 

Or find an Old Piece with Great Bones and paint it... this Lovely Old Piece was a Perfect Example of something Old made Fresh and New again with a Transformation.   A fresh coat of paint can hide a multitude of Sins of the past Life of something that has seen better days but is still quite Functional and well made.   After all, don't we all look better with a Great Make-Over?  *Winks*

And we're winding down now on our Adventures at the Event... getting ready now for Thanksgiving and visiting Friends and Family for the Holidays.   This Afternoon I was able to visit Dear Friends of the Family that I hadn't seen in a very long time and who will be making a Holiday Trip to Cali and will be stopping in to visit my Mom, bring her Presents, spend Thanksgiving with her at the Nursing Home... and bring her whatever else I wanted to load them up with for her from us!  I only Wish I was able to come along with them as a Stowaway on the Trip, what Fun we would have!  *Smiles*

But knowing Mom will be able to spend Thanksgiving with such Dear long time Friends warmed my Heart... and I know my Brother will be there to spend it with her as well, so even tho' we here in Arizona cannot make it for this particular Holiday she'll be surrounded by Love and Attention... Center Stage and being Spoiled Rotten... which is as it should be as the Matriarch of a Family!  *Smiles*

And though I won't be Creating a Thanksgiving Post since I'll be Celebrating Thanksgiving with Family and Friends all day, I do Hope that you all have a Blessed Holiday as well, with many Memories to Cherish, Good Food and Good Times with those who are Special in your Lives... and remembering to be Thankful... always!!!

Because you cannot keep a Thankful and Grateful Heart down, no matter the Circumstances, those who remain Grateful and filled with Thanksgiving will always rise up!

Their proverbial Glass will always be viewed by them as Full, or at least Half Full and not Half Empty or completely Empty.

They will see Silver Linings even on a Cloudy Day...

And their Perpetual Optimism will never cease to be Contagious and bouy the Spirits of all around them and in their Presence.   May you each be and have THAT Type of Spirit and Essence my Friends!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. WOW.....So much fabulous eye candy! I love the chalk bust lady...unique! I saw many things I would love to have! Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving~~~Roxie

  2. Beautiful things you show, I understand it is difficult to make choices!But it is always nice to look at.

    Regards Janny

  3. Oh Dawn.....I love your comment about only buying things you love......"I think you love everything dear lady." LOL LOL LOL

    Looks like you and Miss T had a grand time.




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