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Sweet Salvage ~ Over The Rooftops

SWEET SALVAGE and Christmastime... a Perfect Combination that I eagerly look forward to every year!   Fantasyscapes will come to Life under the Expert Stylist's Magical Touch and Unique Christmas Vision.  This is indeed what everyone would Envision their own Homes at Christmastime to Transform into if a Host of Santa's Elves or Christmas Fairies could only drop by and wave a Magic Wand or something! 

But no, it's not Magic Created by waving Wands... it's a lot of diligent Hard Work, Scouring the Countryside for Found Treasures and Amazing Talent at Impeccible Styling that Creates these Visual Fantasies you'll Experience at the "Over The Rooftops" Event this Month at SWEET SALVAGE.   

You'll have over a dozen Unique Visionaries Creating their Magic over the four day Event for the Holidays in a variety of Styles and Visual Stories... so you're sure to find a Favorite Theme... or several Favorite Themes in fact!

And an absolute Overload of Wonderfully Creative Ideas and Inspiration for Christmas Decor.  As well as a slew of Antique, Vintage, Collectible and Re-Purposed Found Treasures... Jewelry, Wardrobe, Accessories, Decorative Items and Home Furnishings Created by Talented Artisans.

My particular Favorite Creative Idea for Christmas Tree Decorations were these Vintage Show Ribbons coupled with Vintage Bohemian Bling that my Friend Myko Created.  Some of these were mos def coming Home with me for our Tree!  *Smiles*

I have a 'Thing' for Vintage and Antique Show Ribbons anyway... AND Vintage or Antique Bohemian Bling... so when you put the two together... it's a Bohemian Valhalla Moment for Yours Truly!  My only dilemma will be which to choose since each is Uniquely Beautiful?!??!???

Can I limit myself to a Trio?  Because Three constitutes a Collection, right?  *Winks*  I'm gonna at least try to exercise some Restraint and not feel that I Need to buy them ALL!!!   *LOL*

There were even some with Old Watch Faces... too Cute and the Hue of those Vintage Show Ribbons is Sublime!!!

I am such a Fan of Sparkle and Glitter... and since Christmas can be one of the most Sparkly and Glittery Seasons of Decorating, it Transports me to a really Happy Place being surrounded by the sights, the sounds and the smells.

You can allow your Imagination to run Wild with Christmas Fantasyscapes... the possibilities are unlimited and I don't think I've ever seen a Christmas Scene that I didn't Enjoy thoroughly whether it be Whimsical or Elegant... Rustic or Refined... Childish or Mature... Spiritual or Pure Fantasy.

Over the years I've probably Decorated for Christmas in so many different ways that I can't say I have a particular Style of Christmas or Theme that has Embodied my Aesthetic.  It is the one time of year that I Experiment with just about any Aesthetic when Decorating for the Season.

I've gone Multicolor... Pastels... Monochromatic... Colorless... Bold... Subdued... Earthy and Organic... and just about every Color Theme under the Rainbow at one time or another!   When I was growing up my Parents would always try to pick a Color Theme for each Christmas so that it would look totally different than any other year before and just about every Color got it's Christmas turn to debut at our house.

And I would have to say that my very first Collection began when I was very young and decided to Collect Christmas Ornaments.   By the time I was Grown it meant that I already had enough Ornamentation for my own first Christmas Tree without buying or borrowing any.

I spent a good many years Collecting various types of Ornaments... and I remember when the Hallmark Stores used to put out their Selection of Specialty Ornaments and I'd Save up enough to get at least one Special one each year.   That's before most stores mass produced those types and brought the cost down to be much more affordable.

I'd eagerly look forward to visiting the Hallmark Stores and soaking in the Eye Candy of the vast new Specialty Selection for that year and then Agonize about which ONE I would choose!?   Yes, it meant that it literally took years to accumulate enough of them to actually decorate an entire Christmas Tree with them specifically, but anything worth having it worth waiting for.

I think because it took Time to accumulate a Collection to produce a Theme to each Christmas it meant something Special when you finally Showcased it in it's entirety.   It had a definite Wow factor because everybody knew that to have a Tree like THAT you'd spent years in the making of it and tell that particular Christmas Story.

Many of the Ornaments also had Sentimental Value... you could remember where, when and why you purchased that particular one.  Or Created it... since many back in those days had been Created by yourself or Crafty and Artistic Relatives, Children at School or Day Care, Grandchildren or perhaps even Friends and given as Gifts.

I remember that one of the Families we became very close to on our last Active Duty Assignment in Europe when I was growing up, also decided to Retire at Luke AFB here in Arizona, so they bought a Home just down the block from the Home my Parents bought.   Their Maternal Grandmother moved in with them and she made the most Exquisite Cross-Stitched Ornaments for the Tree and Christmas Stockings... and one year she Gifted us with several and I Adored them!

Since she was advanced in years she had been hand sewing for quite some time and made it look quite effortless due to her skill level... she could knock out an entire Series of Ornaments just before Christmas.   So I Imagined that I could too... and one year decided I'd make my own Cross-Stitched Ornaments.   Fast forward about three years later when I FINALLY completed the Ornament Set!  *LOL*

And fast forward another Decade while I worked on a mere Cross-Stitched Christmas Stocking for one of my Kids.  *LOL*  I worked on that thing tirelessly and over many years, dragging it along to every Pop Warner Game and Cheerleader Practice the Kiddos attended... but it NEVER got finished.  I finally gave up and Donated it, the Kid it was meant for was now Grown already and I'd now become a Grandma by then!  I still had two other Grown Kids that I never even began their Cross-Stitched Stockings... and too many G-Kids to ever live long enuf to Imagine finishing Stockings for them ALL!  *Smiles*

So I Cheated when it came to my Impressive Cross-Stitched massive Christmas Stocking Collection I did manage to finally amass.   I went Junquing every year and bought any I found... now knowing what a Labor of Love each was to Create!   I'd wait 'til the Craft Stores were Selling Off their Cross-Stitch Kit Sample Stockings and snap all those up too!  *Winks*  I never bought another Kit... no point... I was too slow to ever finish one and I no longer had any Delusions about that fact!

Sometimes I'm still that way about Hand-Crafted Items... even if I COULD make them myself... will I?  And how long will it really take me?   Do I possess the necessary level of skill to get it done in a reasonable amount of time... or EVER?!?    Or how long will the Project set in Limbo awaiting Creation?   All very Important Questions if you REALLY want whatever it is... sometime in THIS LIFETIME!?!???!   *Winks*

And so even though I am a Creative Spirit and LOVE to Create... and do Create numerous things I've Enjoyed making, keeping, Gifting or Selling... I am now much more discerning about which Projects I'll just BUY from someone who Created something I might not get around to anytime soon!

And most especially if I want to use it for the Current year and not some year off in the distant Future... which might have to be the case if I hafta make it all myself and squeeze the time out of my hectic Schedule to Create every Project I've fallen in Love with!   Projects like dying my own Bottlebrush Trees... FORGET ABOUT IT... I never got around to it and ended up buying Vintage ones at a Bargain anyway so why bother now?!?  *LOL*

Yeah, sure, every Holiday Season I do what everybody else does and Envision this mass of Projects I wanna do... Intend to do... get Excited as Hell about doing.   And then sometimes they get done... and sometimes they languish in various stages of being Unfinished... or I never get around to them before the Holiday actually passes!  And then I think, well... maybe next year???  Which might as well be me saying, well... maybe in another Lifetime... and only IF I'm reincarnated several times because it will probably take THAT long in all actuality?!??!  *Smiles*

Now... maybe you're one of those Prolific Creative Types that can whip up an Astonishing array of Fabulousness in no time flat... and I applaud you... and will probably Buy your Stuff!  *Winks*   But I'm NOT that Prolific Creative Type myself... I Create at the speed of Death in fact.

And is precisely why I eagerly look forward to Events such as this one... so that whatever I don't already possess... or haven't Created for myself... I can just Buy and be done with it!   Or perhaps be Inspired enough that I might just get around to Creating something Fabulous for this Season... you never know!

And I Hope you'll come along for a few more Posts to Enjoy all that I have Enjoyed at the Event... because it was certainly Over the Rooftop in Enchantment and Visuals that will blow you away!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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