Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sweet Salvage ~ Over The Rooftops Part IV

Yes, Saturday was the day to go back and re-visit the Magic at SWEET SALVAGE!

And this time bring part of the Family!  Of coarse the Teenage G-Kids didn't wanna join us... they had Other Plans as Teenagers often do, so we had the younger ones joining us for a Girl's Day Out.

And though one of the younger ones jumps in front of the lens with Glee, often Demanding a Photo Op... and you all KNOW which one that one is!  *LOL* 

The other one is Shy and much more Elusive, so I had to get very Creative and Covert about capturing her Special Moments at the Event when she wasn't looking!   So don't think we Lost her there... she was usually just outside of Frame being Coy!  *Smiles*

It was also my Perfect Opportunity to have The Son's Special Lady pick out her Christmas Gift from us... she chose a Magnificent Scottish Houndstooth Cashmere Winter Scarf from my Friend Heidi's Fabulous Winter PARIS MONTANA LINE.

And while the Kiddos oohed and aahed over the likes of this with Childlike Wonder...

Gramma Dawn was oohing and aahing over the likes of this from the PARIS MONTANA Winter Line with equal Childlike Wonder!  *Smiles*

Yeah, I totally got stuck in da Bling section Mezmerized by all the Glitz and Sparkle...

Because after all... Christmastime for me always contains an abundance of Glitz and Sparkle!  Well, then and most other days of the year come to think of it!  *Winks*

And my Beautiful and Uber Talented and Imaginative Friend Heidi Creates the absolute BEST Glitz and Sparkle for us Maximalist Gals where too much is never enough... and little did I know she had a HUGE Surprise for me that brought tears to my eyes!!!    Wait for it...

Ta Da... yep, GF Gifted me with this beyond Fabulous Necklace Creation from her Winter Line as an unexpected Christmas Present!   Mwahhhhhh... Thank You Profusely my Generous Friend, I was all choked up and shaking from Excitement!

I practically Levitated out of the Event after she took it off her neck and put it on mine!   The Heavens parted, Heavenly Hosts and a Chorus of Angels were Singing... as I Glitzed and Sparkled my way out the door!!!!!

And yes... I HAD to get a few more Blinged Out Show Ribbons... HAD TO... because there were still some left, that's why!  *LOL*   And the only reason they were left is they were way up high on Myko's Tree so we had her doing Circus Acrobatics like a Cirque du Soleil Performer to get them down for me and then pass them over to Cyndie to whisk up to the Cashier, along with a lil somethin-somethin Sweet Cyndie had Created and held back for me as well!  *Smiles*

The Fabulous Fur Bling Cuff Bracelet that I hadn't had time to stand in line to buy on Opening Day coz I didn't spy it in time... and was Conflicted about, "Should I leave the Kiddos on the curb at School if I risk it that day... or leave without it!?"   Luckily Dear Cyndie solved my dilemma by Holding it for the Weekend when I'd be back... and the Kiddos didn't have to think I'd Abandoned them!  *Whew and Winks*
"I almost left you at School if I'd gotten this on Thursday..." I says to Princess T... and to my Surprise the Kiddo says whilst stroking new Bracelet's Mink, "Well, it IS really Cool Gramma, so I'd TOTALLY understand if you had."   Oh yeah, she's clearly a chip off the ole' blocks isn't she?  She 'Gets It' without missing a beat!   But now I better keep my peepers on that Bracelet lest it get 'Borrowed' and she throws me a Guilt Trip to Justify it??!!!!   *Bwahahaha!*

Now, even tho' the Kiddos were thoroughly Enjoying themselves whilst Gramma Marathon Socialized... because I can Marathon Socialize while I Marathon Shop, I'm Great at Multi-Tasking like that *Winks*... they did have to eventually drag me outta there eventually... because you know how I am!!!  *Smiles*

I'm Shopping... I'm Socializing... I'm Pathological Picture Taking... it can be a bit ADHD much I admit to Roll with me on an Adventure so I think I was wearing the Wee Ones out?!?  *LOL*

And besides, their little tummies were rumbling and Jonesin' for yummy cuisine at our Fav Vietnamese Restaurant... and then Princess T would be joining Prince R at The Son and Family's Home for a Sleepover... so Gramma would have all the time in the World later for Self-Indulgences!  *Yay and a Happy Dance!*

And not a creature would be stirring at Bohemian Valhalla for all of Saturday Night and Sunday Morning... Listen, can you hear the Silence?!???!??   Divine!!!

Don't get me wrong, we Luvs all our Grandbabies... but The Man and I rarely have the Luxury of having our Home all to ourselves and so we Luxuriate in the Moment when we can!

We'll be Ancient Ones by the time we have the opportunity to Experience Empty Nest Syndrome... so when the G-Kid Force get Invitations, especially during the Holidays, it's a 'Gift'!!!

I don't think I even made it Home until past Curfew *Bwahahahaha* I was just driving around all by myself Enjoying the Peace, the Quiet, the Freedom!!!   With no particular place to go really, but it didn't even matter!   I was footloose and fancy free!

Before The Son and The Young Prince had left our Home for Guy's Day Out they had set The Man up with his Fav cuisine, a good Football Game and the knowledge he wouldn't have to share the Remote Control with anyone until I returned, or be dragged around Town under Protest when he just wanted to Gel at Home, so he was Golden!  *Smiles*

And of coarse I returned Home with the News that the G-Kid Force wouldn't be back until The Son brought them Home sometime Today... so it was Rejoicing and Celebrations Saturday Eve!

I know, that sounds Cold Blooded... but when you've been raising Kiddos already for well over three Decades and you've still got at least one more Decade or so to go before they've all left the Nest, you get pretty Jazzed about having no Kiddos around the house for a day!

And I ain't gonna lie, tho' I Love Kids, I don't possess the Maternal Instincts of a Duggar... one day I Hope to NOT be raising Children before I die!?!  *Ha ha ha*

I had all these Delusions about what my Old Age and Retirement would look like and feel like and be like... and it ain't like this lemme tell ya!

So it becomes rather Dreamy when I have absolute Freedom to do what most Women my Age take for Granted and not be tied down to Raising Kids and Caregiving every waking second.

Everyone was Safe and Sound so I could just have 'Me Time' that I hadn't Expected and that was Wonderful!!!    There I was wearing my Fabulous Surprise Gift Necklace and unloading the G-Kid Force off on The Son and Family who had Surprised me with the Invitation to allow them to spend the Night... The Man at Home Enjoying his Peace and Quiet... all was Right with the World!  It was like having the Keys to the City!

And besides, it had been a very Good Day hanging out with my Girls and having our Fun whilst the Guys and Teens had their Fun... everybody being able to do what they Enjoyed doing most.

There was no Whining... no Protests about what the Itinerary was... no Phone Calls... okay, so that's a lie, there are NEVER no Phone Calls!  *Le Sigh*  The Son, The Young Prince and The Man seem to always NEED to check up on us Gals when we're having a Good Time without them... even tho' we TOLD them that we'd be having a GOOD TIME WITHOUT THEM!  It's like they don't Believe that's Possible or something?  *Ha ha ha*

And it's not As If they want to do the Girly Stuff with us... and they were having their Fun Time doing whatever Guys do that they find to be Fun without the Gals... so I don't Get It... we never think to call them and interrupt our Fun and theirs... in fact, we never think to even always take their Calls!  *Winks*

Yeah, that drives 'em a bit Crazy... when we don't even hear all the Phone Calls we missed!  *Oops!*

"What if we had an Emergency and were calling becoz of THAT?" they often say to lamely try to prove some obscure point as to why we should always stop whatever we're doing to take those incessant annoying calls!?   "Well, Hell, you should be dialing 911 then, not me!" I responds!  *Winks*

Ah... gotta Love 'em tho', they MISS us so much when we're away and Clearly they couldn't Live without us!  *Winks*  And I do Hope you will all come back and join us for Part V of the Grand Adventure at The Sweet coz we're not done yet my Friends!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh, so much eye candy!! I'm jealous-I only get to go to Sweet Salvage once a year (sigh)
    Your necklace is fabulous!!

  2. It's clear that you are loved by your friends! A lovely post!

  3. Wow, your necklace is absolutely gorgeous. What a fantastic place to shop, I'd never want to leave. Thanks for the fantastic tour!


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