Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Something Old... Something New

Okay... so I know Today's Post was supposed to be Part V of the Sweet Series... and I Promise we'll get back to that in the next Post... but I can hardly contain my Excitement to Show Off a Present I just received this Morning from a Sweet and exceedingly Generous Friend... who even Delivered it right to my door and even helped me schlepp it in and set it up for Heaven's Sakes!!!

Yes, my Adorable Friend Minnie {she's the one on the Left with the long locks} had told me she had something she knew I'd absolutely Love and that she knew I'd been searching for... that she wanted to give to me.   Now... I'm thinking it's gotta be Special because Minnie and I have the same Aesthetic and Tastes... but I had NO IDEA just how Fabulously Special this Gift was gonna be!!!

Then she shows me this To Die For Loveseat on her Smart Phone Pixs and says she'll bring it by after the Event wraps there at The Sweet!   Holy Mother of God... I thought I was gonna drop dead from the intense palpatations this Surprise brought to my Heart!!!   This Carol Hicks-Bolton Style Lofeseat couldn't be more Perfect for my Home if I'd had it Custom Made myself, Honest to God, it's SO like the one I've Lusted after from that Magazine Spread eons ago and kept in my Inspiration Book!!!   *Swooning*

No Seriously... here's THAT one that I've had a Lustfest with for well over a Decade...

And here's the one Minnie Gifted me with...  I Adored that Magazine Spread Sofa... and I never thought I'd own one I like even better... but now I do!   Thanks Minnie... Mwahhhh GF!    I was so Excited in fact that I completely forgot to Photograph Minnie while she was here Presenting it... and she looked so stinkin' Adorable with an Ensemble that was as Lovely as this Gift... yeah, that's pretty Excited when a Pathological Picture Taker forgets to even break out the Camera when something Significant happens, huh?   *LOL*

And an even MORE Amazing thing about this Gift... those two Gorgeous Pillows on it were ones Created from Vintage Fabrics that I only recently acquired this Autumn... before even knowing anything about a Loveseat Gift that was going to be a big Surprise and match them SO PERFECTLY you would think they were made FOR IT!!!   Serendipity and the Laws of Attraction are quite often Surreal like that... it's like those pillows knew what they would go on would be coming and thus why I had such a STRONG Attraction to buy them... a Month apart even!?!  

I remember how Jazzed I was to 'Score' ruffled Pillow on the Right at a Friend's Event since I J'Adored the Print of the Vintage Velvet, the Color Palette and fact it is Down Filled and so squishy comfy.   Then about a Month later I'm Goodwill Hunting and 'Score' the Brushed Courderoy Down Filled Pillow in the exact same Print and Color Palette... so I was even more Jazzed, specially since it was less than three bucks!   What a Divine Coincidence I thought!   And of coarse the Trifecta of Divine Coincidences would then be to be Gifted by my Friend with the Matching Loveseat unexpectedly just a couple of weeks after that!   It was like Winning the Lottery I tell ya! 

And of coarse a certain Princess couldn't wait to stretch out on it and knosh on some Hot Wings in front of the TV... this IS PERFECT she says!   Yes... yes it is, we're Unanimous about that!!!!!!!!!!   I can't wait for The Man to see it when he gets back from his Holiday Utah Trip.

Yep, he decided to go after all... and I'm Glad, because he'll have so much Fun Traveling with his Big Brother and Wife... and seeing the entire Extended Family to spend Thanksgiving with them all.

He'd finally worked up Enthusiasm to replace the initial Anxiety that had plagued him about whether or not he should go.   And we were all Encouraging him... even tho' the G-Kid Force will miss him not being able to spend Thanksgiving with us here... they too thought it would be Good for Grandpa.

And I know they'll have a lot of Fun Guy Time and he's in Good Hands with his Family... so I can have a Peace about not being able to join him this time... and also a Week's Respite from the Caregiving of one of the Trio here at Home.

I think as we continue to get Older we Cherish those times when we can get together with Extended Family all the more.   The Man has four Siblings and his Mom is still going strong, but we all aren't getting any younger so it's Wonderful when you can Accept an Invitation to join Family for the Holidays, especially if they live afar.

And by the time he returns Home I'll have the house Transformed from Autumn to Christmas Decor... but for now I'm still adding to the Autumn Vibe for Thanksgiving... giving one of the Mannequin Gals a Vintage Thanksgiving Indian Head-Dress...  I remember those from when I was a Kiddo... Delighted to have Sourced this one from my Friend Shelly just in time for Thanksgiving.   Our Family has more Indian Heritage than Pilgrim, so I went with the Native American Vintage Thanksgiving Vibe of coarse!  *LOL*

In fact, I'm Savoring the last days of Autumn Decor because quite frankly, I'm always Sad to take it all down.  Since Autumn is my Favorite Season and the Decorating for the Autumn Holidays Appeal to me so strongly that I could Live with them year round actually.   I still have Autumn Scented Candles burning throughout the Home and still drinking Spiced Hot Ciders and Cinnamon Teas each Evening... even tho' the Christmas Music is now playing constantly to Inspire me to Switch over for the next Holiday this weekend... after Thanksgiving Celebrations have passed and we've Enjoyed the Traditional Holiday Meal.

And it's just the G-Kid Force and I this Thanksgiving... so we're going to 'Cracker Barrel' for Thanksgiving Dinner... no cooking or mess for this Ole' Gal!  *Winks*   I'm just in Celebratory Mode... not Top Chef Mode for the Holidays!  *Smiles*

I don't know what The Son and Family are doing for Thanksgiving, because he hasn't been Well lately... air quality has Sucked due to a huge Mulch Fire that they've allowed to keep burning and won't put out because they claim what is burning is Organic and not unhealthy to breathe!  Bullshit I say, breathing ANY heavy Smoke is NOT HEALTHY period and can make a lot of people deathly ill!  And right AT the Holidays, Shame on them for such irresponsibility just becoz it's a difficult Fire to put out and they don't wanna bother!!!


 So the air has been thick with acrid stinky Smoke  hanging like a Fog and Smog, that burns the lungs and lays heavy across the entire Valley from West {where the Fire began} to the far East where The Son lives.   Those with Respiratory Illnesses have really suffered... and even those of us who are healthy are having a difficult time breathing!  We don't get a lot of windy days so it just hangs in the air, inside and out, there's no getting away from it!   I'm so Angry they won't just put the Fire out because it could burn and smolder for weeks more and has already burned over forty acres in the midst of the City, this is not some remote Fire out in the middle of nowhere!

I really thought The Son might have to be Hospitalized becoz he could barely breathe at all!   So it has really Worried me about he and Princess T, who has severe Chronic Respiratory Issues this time of year anyway... Thankfully, though The Man has severe COPD and has to use Oxygen a lot, he has Escaped it by leaving the Valley on his Trip and Hopefully it will burn itself out by the time he returns? 

I want to Thank my In-Laws for taking him on the Trip and Volunteering to take Care of him and have him join them.  He hasn't been able to go on too many Great Adventures since his Tragic Accident and I know he misses that... he gets Wanderlust as badly as I do and was always so Fiercely Independant that it's been Tough for him to now be so Dependant and need a Full Time Caregiver everywhere he goes.

Now, while he's gone on his Trip I'm also taking the time to do some major Re-Foofing around this Ole' House... because I had the Freedom while the Kiddos were in School {they're out as of this Afternoon on Thanksgiving Break so I hadda Rush}... to dive into an Autumn House Arranging and Cleaning.

And do things while he's away that normally I don't do so much anymore, like making our Bed and piling on loads of plush Pillows and Fanciness of Fabric Layering.   When you have someone whose often Bedridden you need them to be able to climb into Bed anytime and sometimes all day, so you get to the place where it's a big hassle to make it and unmake it constantly, so you often don't bother.  Plus, Men tend to HATE all those damn Pillows and layers of Fabrics swathed across the Bed you Share with them... they'd rather you kept it Simple like a Monastery or something!  Not a Chance!!!*Bwahaha!*

In fact, with fewer to Caregive for and the house to myself for a few hours for a couple of days... I was having Fun Transforming Spaces and Freshening them up without Constant Interruptions and Distractions.   Sure, I could have RESTED... and still had the house be a total wreck... but when I can Spruce it up and have the Rare Op to Play with my Stuff the way I want and like it to be... and at least get some things in Order, I really do ENJOY it!  So it's not at all like Work to me really... because when I'm not having to run Damage Control behind folks, I CAN get a lot done and bask in it STAYING DONE for more than a nanosecond!   And have it look like a semblance of what I WANT my Home to look like 24-7 in a Perfect World!  *Smiles*

Sure, there are still piles skillfully camoflaugued from view... you don't wanna look under the Diningroom Table right now.. or behind it... *Winks*... but when you peek into the Room it actually looks nice now and Inviting... and perhaps I'll even tackle those hidden piles now that I'm on a Roll and have gained momentum and been Encouraged by Dear Minnie during her Visit, who knows?!?!?  *Ha ha*

You see, I have come to the Realization that I really NEED Staff... but I'll never get any... at least not on this Budget... so the Housekeeper, Nanny, Caregiver Respite Nurse, Gardener, Laundress and Cook will have to wait on being Hired sometime in the Distant Future.   *Winks... don't Laugh, it's actually ON the 'Bucket List'!*   No Personal Shopper will ever be necessary, I LOVE to do my own Shopping, so that's one Staff Member we can forget about.  *LOL*

And tho' my Cluttered Abode could probably benefit from a Trained Stylist with an Editing Eye that I CLEARLY don't possess *Winks* I actually Enjoy my Beautiful Clutter when it's more Orderly and Curated... and I Love to putz around Creating Vignettes and Decorating my Home and Studio Spaces.   I could do it endlessly... if only I had the TIME most days to Devote to it!  *Le Sigh*

The Majority of time tho' it's more than enough and a full time Job just to do what is absolutely necessary and not one iota more or I'll drop dead from exhaustion, fatigue and being completely overwhelmed by it all... without Staff that is!  *Smiles*   And try not to run TOO FAR behind, which is a Tall Order lemme tell ya... but sometimes I even Succeed!  *LOL*

Most days I'm just doing the necessary things over and over and over again without ever having the Time or Energy to Devote to the things I really WANT to do to keep the Home Lovely and in Order.  I'm so busy running Damage Control that I don't have the Luxury of keeping our Home the way I Envision it looking twenty-four-seven if I had my way and could spend the time actually doing that!

And that my Friends leads to deferred maintenance... which I Hate... because I'm NOT that Gal that is a Procrastinator by Nature or likes things out of Order or Chaotic in the Home or Work Space.   I LIKE and prefer things to be a certain kinda way.

And the only time I can get it that certain kinda way is when THEY are NOT HERE!  *LOL*   Now... don't get me wrong, I am mos def not a Suzy Homemaker... I TOTALLY SUCK at Housekeeping actually and a domestic goddess I have never been called and never will be... so by most folks Standards I'm still VERY laid back even after I'm Satisfied with the level of Order and Cleanliness.  *Winks*

So even if I lived alone and had all the time in the world to Devote to my Projects... there would still be Dust Bunnies big enough to Scare the bejesus out of you because they look almost alive!   And the Resident Spiders are left alone sometimes to spin their webs and catch all these damned Mosquitos and Flies that the damp weather brought out this Autumn.   Daddy Longleg Cobwebs are actually very Addams Family-ish anyway, right?  *Winks*   And just a Desert Footnote: I've found that having Daddy Longlegs ensures absence of Black Widows... don't know if they're mortal enemies or not, just an observation I've made... and nobody was ever harmed by a Daddy Longlegs so if I gotta have a Spider taking up Residence... just sayin'!  *Smiles* 

But I don't mind Working hard if my Efforts show some Results... even if only temporary... becoz as this saying says my Hands and Back are Strong and my Heart is Strong as well... and it's nice to sit and Bask in the completion of long delayed Projects every once in a while... and this is that once in a while time so I've been busy Basking!  *Smiles*

And it Inspires me when I have things switched around, cleaned up and rotated around the Home or brought out of Storage... or some put away 'til they make their next appearance.   It gives off a Great Energy to Change things and make some things Fresh and New... even if what you're using is something Old.

Whether Something Old... or Something New... it matters not really.   I get just as Jazzed about Displaying my Old Stuff as whatever I've just acquired and is New to me.

And I've always liked to have Fun with Styling and Displaying things... I guess when it comes to Decorating I'm just a Big Kid at Heart really.   And Creating new looks is my Playtime.

I'd just like the Opportunity to 'Play' more and 'Work' less I suppose... because even tho' I'm not opposed to Work, I do Enjoy Playing, don't you?

And though I'm going to be Sad to put away all our Autumn and Halloween Decor after Thanksgiving... I am looking forward to Transforming our Home into the Christmas Wonderland and Winterscape for the next Season and Holidays.

I've been quite Inspired by the Shops that have gotten a jump on Christmas Decorating and Styling so it's gotten me in the Mood now to follow suit and enter into Celebrating Winter and the Holy Season.

And so at least for Tonight I'm now Done with my Thanksgiving Projects... lit some Candles, put some Starbucks Coffee on to brew and have curled up to just Relax.  Now that the Kiddos are out of School for Thanksigiving Holiday for the rest of the week we don't even have to get up early and can sleep in and stay up late with no set bedtime!  *Whoo Hoo!*

And I can spend the next five days finishing up my not so little Project of going thru everything to decide what will stay up and what will be taken down for Christmas?

And going thru Seasonal Storage to see what will be brought in for the Season?

Along with getting out some Art Supplies to begin Creating some Holiday Projects for the Season as well.  I don't know about you, but I always forget how much in the way of Artistic Supplies I've amassed until I begin wading thru it all!  *LOL*

We'll start with making some Christmas Art Tags for the Tree...

And I've got to dig out some Christmasy Type Containers for all the leftover Halloween Candy since the G-Kid Force don't eat very much of it so it hangs around throughout the Holidays for Guests to knosh on.

And The Man called me Tonight to say they made it to Utah and are currently visiting some Relatives in various Towns... and will finish up at my Mother-In-Laws house I suspect... or his Younger Brother's to have Thanksgiving Dinner with the extended Family... depending on who is Hosting the Dinner this year?

He sounded like he was already having the time of his Life so I'm Delighted we finally convinced him to just go and have a good time and spend quality time with everyone on his side of the Family.

And I told him he'll be Surprised at all the things I've already done... and will have the house Transformed for Christmas by the time he gets back.  Hopefully it will be a Pleasant Surprise for him... he kinda likes things to remain Routine and the same since his Accident, so we'll see? 

But I've sure had a lot of Fun in the doing of it that's for sure!

And I even dug out all of the Christmas Gifts for the G-Kid Force that I had stashed away... luckily I did a big overhaul of the house because I'd even forgotten some things and hiding places of the stashes actually!  *Whew!  LOL*   I tend to do that a lot actually... and the Kiddos helped with wrapping each other's Gifts so we've already got it all neatly Organized now by Princess T under the Tree even tho' it's still our Halloween Tree right now.  *Smiles*   I liked that this year there were Cute Chalkboard Gift Tags with Chalk included, and Chalkboard Style Christmas Wrap, and Blingy Leopard Print Wrap... and plenty of Jute Twine... we had Fun with all of those!
Happy Thanksgiving from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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