Sunday, November 2, 2014

Autumn Lingers

Even though in Retail Spaces Christmas is rushing in and all but forgetting about Enjoying Autumn and all that it has to offer, with the Holiday Music for that Season  already playing in the Shops... Autumn Lingers for us... and will for the entire Month of November actually.

You see Autumn is my all time Favorite Season here in the Arizona Desert... everything about it is Glorious and I'm in no hurry to push it aside and move into Winter so quickly, even though the Winter Holidays are so Festive, Holy and Joyful.

We will malinger in Autumn wholeheartedly here at Bohemian Valhalla... in fact, the G-Kid Force suggested that we leave much of it up and alone longer than usual because they're Enjoying the Ambiance of our Autumn Vibe so much around the Home and Garden.

And even though we're spending much more time Outdoors now that the Coolness of Autumn has FINALLY settled in and Arrived in recent days, with Cold Winds making it FEEL more like the Season and Overcast Skies keeping the Fierce Heat in check, spending time Indoors when you've got the Atmosphere you Enjoy the most is indeed a Treat as well.

I actually get a bit Sad right after Halloween when the Shops banish all things Autumn Inspired... and the Creepy Decor of Halloween or the Harvest Style of Thanksgiving is replaced prematurely with Christmas Decor and Styling.  I don't FEEL like Christmas just yet... I want to Enjoy Thanksgiving with a full Autumn Ambiance intact.  There will be plenty of time to Enjoy Christmas and it's Special Atmosphere during the Month of December and lingering a bit into the New Year.

My Friend Katie's Space reminded me of the Perfect Autumn Permanent Palette of Sage and Sepia Styling that I am drawn to so strongly.   I am Wondering if I can Manage to Create a PREDOMINANTLY Sage and Sepia Bedroom in the Art Studio Cottage?  You know.. without adding too much Goth or Jewel Tones to Spoil it?  *LOL*

Since the Weather has finally cooperated by Cooling off considerably I should be able to throw the doors of the Cottage Art Studio Bedroom open and begin the Process of Transforming that portion of my Vision so that it will be ready when my Brother and Family visits in February!

I ALMOST thought about painting the Walls either a Deep Indigo or Black... but I have Resisted and will instead go for that Organic Sepia Palette and Vision that I have been drawn to for that Make-Over to look as I want it to... without going too Dark or too Bohemian for a change.  *Winks*

Since I also J'Adore Sage and Sepia one would think it would be Effortless for me to stick to it for one Room's Decor and banish all Jewel Tones and Black... but it's not... I have to Consciously make those decisions with each thing I choose to bring into the Room and Resist doing it without giving it a lot of Thought, because my Natural Instincts would be to Gypsify it too much and go too Bold rather than Muted and Nature Inspired. *Winks*

Even tho' I certainly own a lot of things that are quite Eclectic, I am striving for that particular Room's Make-Over to Concentrate on what would 'Go' with the Sage and Sepia Vision Exclusively and what would NOT!?  *LOL*

Though there might certainly be a Cabinet Of Curiosities on one of the Built-Ins, I will keep much of it less Creepy and more Nature Inspired in the way of Oddities and Interesting things to stock it with.

And anything too White... too Romantic... too Pristine will have to be banished entirely... in fact, most of those things are making their way completely out of Bohemian Valhalla and into the Showrooms because I'm just Over It.

And though that Room probably doesn't need another damn thing to be bought for it *Winks* I like to still Scout for those Special Touches that will bring the Vision to Life when the Transformation takes place.

Or to get Ideas for Creations I want to work on myself in the Studio to Decorate with and make it the most Comfortable and Visually Pleasing to me and to Guests and Family who will stay there during their brief Visits.

Brief being the key Word there since no longer can or will we be Hosting Guests for Weeks or Months at a time like we have for Decades, it's just too much now to Entertain... so the 'Hotel Bohemian Valhalla' is Officially Closed for those Vacationers that need longer term lodging.  *LOL*

I've been Eyeballing this Fabulous Vintage Corsage for the Room... but right now the Vendor does not have it for Sale... but I'm Working on it... my Mantra being Everything could be for Sale at the Right Price Negotiated.  *Winks*

But I did come away with this Amazing Antique Velvet, Embroidered and Ruched Satin Pillow for a mere Twelve Bucks!!!   It's quite large and just My Style and Color Palette... of Faded Elegance with a touch of Whimsey.

And I'm Thinking I might need me a life sized Dos Equis Guy Advertisement for my Retail Antique Mall Showrooms too since this Display made me Laugh out loud... LOVED IT... Hilarious and absolutely Brilliant!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I SO agree with you about how Autumn just gets pushed aside right after Halloween. There is still so much fall to be enjoyed---especially since around here, the leaves didn't even start really turning until a week or so ago. So, Happy Fall, and Happy November!

  2. Oh wow, those glass pumpkins are so beautiful! And I like the painted ceramic ones too.

  3. Dear Dawn, thank you so much for dropping my blog and your lovely comments! Ah yes, the Welsh and Irish share a mystical infinity for sure, and Halloween is great fun isn't it? The Day of the Dead, or All Soul's Day as we know it here, is actually more important I feel. Honouring our loved ones who have gone before is is very special. Arizona is a place I would *love* to visit some day, so different from Ireland! Take care, Siobhan


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