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A Blessed Dia de los Muertos

Today began the Dia de los Muertos Celebration at The Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix, so bright and early after the Dealer's Breakfast at our Antique Mall the G-Kid Force and I head East!

I don't know that we'll make The Procession Tomorrow at Dusk since The Young Prince has his Crisis Team Follow-Up Appointment for Out Patient Services here at the house, so we just made a day of it Today.

We Love all the Art Celebrating Dia de los Muertos, so Vibrant and Colorful with just enough Morbid Whimsey thrown in... just like us!  *Winks*

And with the Live Music and other Festivities it was a Great Start to the day.

The Kiddos and I always Debate on who is our Favorite Artist on Display... every year it's so difficult to choose one... so we always choose a few.   The Young Prince and I were leaning towards this Talented Artist's Work on Display.

And clearly you can see why... just Our Style... if only I had enough Wall Space left to Display one of his Canvas Beauties!   *Le Sigh*   Honestly, in this one don't the Sunbeams Shining from her head like a Halo seem to Illuminate outside of the Canvas?

But then I had to admit that the Work of this Talented Artist that Princess T was leaning towards was equally Impressive... how would you choose just one Canvas from this Amazing Selection?   Upper row Far Left Madonna was my Fav by a very narrow margin... and bottom row Fourth from the Left of Frida was Princess T's Fav.

But Eye Popping Artistic Creations had you on Eye Candy Overload at the Show!

Mingled throughout the Garden as well...

With Beautiful Murals to Vogue in front of, though the Glare of the Sun was already quite Fierce by Ten A.M. again this Morning...

Or just capture thru the Eye of your Lens before anyone stepped up to it as a Glorious Backdrop.

And some were still in Progress in the Process of being Created, like this one...

Which I got a shot of whilst the Artist was taking a break from filling in the Black Contrast of the Mural... which should be Magnificent upon Completion!   So, Live Art being Created by the Guest Artists and Show-Goers alike.  Though this year the Kiddos chose not to Create a Sugar Skull for our Ofrenda, I think I rolled them out of bed too early this Morning to get their Mojo Fired Up!?  *LOL*

I don't understand... I had MINE Fired Up... and I walked just as far with them Trick-Or-Treating last Night!  *Winks*   And we'll get to that part of our Celebration later in this Post...

It was also a Lovely Day to have Brunch at the Gardens... and so we did... but since it was quite crowded the Kiddos made me Promise I wouldn't take pixs of our Food for Blog Fodder!  *LOL*

And though that was a tough Promise for a Pathological Picture Taker like Moi to make, especially since my French Toast drizzled in Prickly Pear Syrup and Creme Fraiche was a Vision... I did refrain!   But I'm sure even that Description gave you a mouth watering Visual, No?  *Smiles*

Now, to be sure, Culinary Genius is almost completely Wasted on a Nine and Fourteen Year Old... even tho' The Young Prince wants to dabble in the Culinary Arts... becoz they were miffed that we weren't having Brunch at the Golden Arches instead... Surely they Jest?!???!   *Gasp and a Wink*

And that said, I Wish I'd taken the Close-Up of the Sponsor Logos on the backs of these Mariachi Art Musicians... because one of them was the Golden Arches!   *Bwahahahaha*   And the Kiddos were quick to call my Attention to that and we had a good Laugh at the Irony, given our prior discussion and Debate, on where to Enjoy Brunch.

So... suffice to say that Gramma ENJOYED while they Tolerated their much more edible Cuisine than they would have had if we'd been Democratic about the Vote of two to one on where to Dine!  *Smiles*   I ain't gonna lie, sometimes it is NOT a Democracy in our Home, it's a Monarchy and I'm The Queen... which trumps Princes and Princesses until they Grow Up and Rule their own Kingdoms!

So even tho' we were having a Good Time, there was a sufficient amount of Pouting and Drama also going on... that's almost a 'Given' when Princes and Princesses don't get their way and it's not all about them all of the time.   And even tho' there WAS a Violin Player, I wasn't being 'Moved' to acquiesce at the occassional Thundercloud Face or smattering of Tears on a Sunny Day. *Smiles*

And I even managed to Escape without having to BUY them anything in particular, though I must say that even I was up under tremendous Temptation given the array of Goodies!   We were TOTALLY Diggin' the Sugar Skully Porcelain Trinket Boxes!

It Helped that their Focus quickly lighted upon the Monarch Butterflies and Exhibit... where they learned about the Tagging Program and Fascinating Geneology of the Migration.  Which takes FOUR GENERATIONS of Monarchs to Complete... and did you know that the first Generation lives almost a Year whilst her second Generation lives only a couple of weeks and each Generation is responsible for a different leg of the Journey?!!??!?

Now I didn't know that... and I thought I knew almost everything there was to know... *Winks*... how about you?  *Smiles*

I'm Impressed that each of the Four Generations seems to know Inherently it's Migration Responsibility in The Process of the Cycle of Migration and I find that to be simply Amazing!  If only us Humans were just as Certain about such things in our Purpose so Effortlessly, huh?

And remember the 'Vintage' Costume Ensemble from 2009 that I was so Concerned about fitting appropriately this Halloween for Trick-Or-Treat?   Well, I stand Corrected, she DID totally Rock it and Amazingly Five Years later and several feet higher it still managed to somehow FIT her!!!!!!!

The last time she wore this for Halloween she was only Four Years Old, so I had been quite Skeptical and really Dreading waiting 'til the Eleventh Hour to Prove I was RIGHT and she was Wrong.  *Smiles*

"See Gramma it DOES still fit me!", she Proudly Proclaims... the Victory being all hers!  *Winks*  And the only Addition being that little Accessory to cover up the Good China just in case it was too Revealing at this Age!   Luckily she liked the little Gem Encrusted Accessory Gramma had picked up to make it less Revealing and so we didn't go to War over that being added!  *Ha ha ha*

So... there were no Meltdowns or Malfunctions in Wardrobe Halloween Night... *Whew!*

Though I did think I might lose my Mind during Hair and Make-Up... just a little... *Winks*

And since the Temps stayed in the Nineties and High Eighties for Halloween Night she didn't have any hypothermia going on whilst Prancing around like "I Dream Of Jeannie" out of her Magic Bottle.
And she and 'Death' even got along that Night and he didn't have to want to kill her! 

Well... maybe just a little bit!  *Smiles*

But mostly she and 'Death' got along all Night, which was a Relief since Mediation was not something I wanted to juggle whilst driving clear to the East Valley in Rush Hour Traffic on a Holiday Evening... which was Brutal enough lemme tell ya, but so worth the commute!!!

Not just so we could have more of the Kiddos together for Halloween by getting together with The Son and his Family... and seeing how stinkin' Cute they all were in their Costumes... but also because on their side of Town it's more like a Good Old Fashioned Halloween out in the Streets... a Halloween Street Scene I recall from back in da day, bustling with entire Families in Costume and much Festivity going on!!!

I completely Reveled in the throngs of Trick-Or-Treaters and their Families, all in Great Costumes, even the Adults, filling the Streets.   And of the folks handing out Candy outside in a Party-Like Atmosphere, some even having Mini Haunted Houses in their Garages or a Buffet spread set up for the Adults to Enjoy while the Kiddos loaded up with their Treats!

And so we went Trick-Or-Treating most of the Night with The Son and Family... and then had a Pizza Party afterwards at the house.   And the only lamentation Gramma had was that the Youngest and Shyest One was quite Overwhelmed by the whole Trick-Or-Treat Experience.  So she didn't want to be Photographed in Costume and really had a difficult time with The Process of going house to house to Receive Treats from total Strangers.

And she looked so Adorable too with her Punk Rocker Ensemble... but I only captured the Moments of the Older Ones this Year and Respected that this Year it was a bit much for her and maybe next Year she will be more Comfortable and Familiar with the Experience?

Of coarse once back at the house and surrounded by Familiarity and Family she lit up again and joined in with the Festivities so it was all Good.  Though I am quite certain The Son and Mommy got quite the Workout carrying her around the entire Evening as we walked door to door!  While Gramma kept up with and track of The Others. *LOL* 
And I was Glad that The Son and Family were able to join us this Year for most of the Festivities.  Even The Youngest Shy One did allow some Photo Ops once the Silliness ensued and she got caught up in it with The Diva Extroverted Ones taking the lead!  *Winks*

We all Enjoyed the Ofrenda entitled Phases Of Amor.

Young Love...

So Fresh and so Passionate...

Making the Commitment and Becoming One...

Hopefully for a Lifetime of Togetherness and many Cherished Memories...

Adding to and Raising The Family...

Now though this can be the Challenging part... it is also the most Rewarding as The Family is Blessed with each Precious New Life which expands the Family Unit...

And then alas, the Final Part of Love on this side of the Veil anyway... the Loss eventually as one of the Partners passes from Time into Eternity ahead of the one left behind...

Yet Love itself is Eternal... and that is the best part of True Love!

And the Sharing and Spending of Time with those we Truly Love is indeed Priceless!

And should never, ever be taken for Granted.

Because those are the times that Priceless Memories are made of and will be Cherished long after the Moment or Occassion has passed.

And even if you cannot be there in the Flesh due to distance factors or circumstances... be sure to Cultivate those Relationships from afar if you must, but do not Neglect them or fail to Invest in them.

The Strength of any Relationship is in the Building and Maintaining of it... the Nurturing and the Cultivating of it... so that it will Thrive and Blossom into all that it can and should be.

Otherwise it can wither, shrivel up and even die on the vine if Neglected too long.  Investing of oneself into the Relationships that are the most Meaningful to us and Truly Love based is worth any and all Sacrifices necessary.

It is always so Sad and Deeply Sorrowful to me when a Relationship this side of Time and Eternity doesn't Survive.   It is more Tragic really than losing it to the Natural Progression of actual Physical Death.

The Premature Death of anything just is that much more Sorrowful... because of what would have been and should have been... and will never be because of being cut short too soon!

I Hope you haven't had too many of those types of Relationships in your Life my Friends?

But perhaps if you have and it's not too late you can resuscitate and breathe New Life into the Relationships you Truly Care about and don't want to allow to Expire?   Bring the Passion back into those Relationships, whether they be Friendships, Family Relationships or something more Intimate.

New Life and New Beginnings are always something to Celebrate.

And if the Natural Progression of things leads to eventual Death and it was Good to the End... then that too can be cause for Celebration and to pay Homage to those Loved Ones who have gone on before us.

You can even decide how you want to Honor the Dearly Departed each Year to make it a part of your Celebrations, Traditions and Rituals that you look forward to.

We do it our way, but you can do it your way and have the same Effect and equal Joy in the doing of it.

I Personally find it rather Humorous when someone Misunderstands our Celebrations that they are Unfamiliar with and thus Opposed to for whatever reasons.

The Celebration of Life After Death is indeed not something every Culture has embraced.

And that doesn't make it Wrong to... even if it is not your Choice to.

The G-Kid Force and I have had those Discussions since not everyone Celebrates what we Celebrate... or in the way we Celebrate.   And it can be awkward for them if they're made to Feel they must Defend their Belief Systems to those who don't happen to Share them and don't Agree with them and become Judgmental.

It is my Opinion that you don't have to Defend anything you Believe in or Celebrate to anyone else. It is a Personal Choice and varies... with so many different distinctions that it is a matter of the Heart and Spirit... and often the Culture... that each must decide and choose for themselves.

We're very Content with our Choices and Strong in our Beliefs and Relationships so we have Complete Peace about them.

And it is always my Hope that each can be Relational in that way Spiritually and with each other.
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Far out of my realm but colorful and enjoyable just the same!


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