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Storage Cottage Purge In Progress...

Since our Antique Mall the BRASS ARMADILLO WEST is going to be having it's Fall Parking Lot Flea Market and Vintage Car Show very soon, I Believe it's this very Weekend...  I've been doing a major Purge of my Storage Cottage to dig out as many of the Found Treasures I've stashed in there that hadn't yet been processed to be Showroom bound as I can manage.

With the weather FINALLY Cooling off I can actually be inside the Storage Cottage, which has no functional air conditioning anymore, or sitting outside of it pricing and sorting thru the stash without spontaneous combustion... which is rather nice... I LOVE having an Outdoor Office and setting my own Working Hours.

I Love hearing the birds singing their songs in the Morning as I Work... we have one Blackbird that has quite the repertoire and mimics about forty-plus other bird calls and even a human Wolf Whistle!  *LOL*   Clever Bird, I Love it when he comes to Entertain me in the Mornings singing his little Heart out... he really belts it out and seems to Love an Appreciative Audience, the little Show-Off.

I only Wish I'd Sourced more of these Campy 1960's Pocket Novels with the Outrageously Cheesy Titles for Halloween... 'The Savage Salome'... gotta Love it, right?  And check out the Classic 'B' Actress stance and expression!!!  *LMAO*

But not everything I'd stashed away and practically forgotten about happened to be Holiday or Seasonal Inspired.  I forgot I had some Militaria... which always Sells well, as do all Mantiques.   Though I was more relieved to actually FIND the Holiday and Seasonal Decor early enough to get it into the Showrooms THIS YEAR so that I didn't have to Store them for yet another year!  *LOL*

I actually felt Guilty and like such a Packrat about stashing away excess Found Treasures that would eventually be Showroom bound and having the Storage Cottage looking like a scene from 'Hoarders' while everything languished until I could get around to it.  UNTIL I recently saw an Episode of 'Junk Gypsies' and saw their massive Warehouse stash of Inventory waiting to be readied for Sale!  OMG, I feel like such an Underachiever now with my paltry stash! *Winks*

And it is nice to have Inventory to fall back on to refill your Retail Spaces and not have them sparse when Sales are strong.   I like to turn Inventory rapidly, more out of my own ADHD proclivities and boredom than anything else really, since I want the Spaces to look Fresh and different or I'd lose Interest myself!!!  *Winks*   If it's a Yawnfest to me I figure it would be to Customers too if it began to look Stale and Same-O-Same-O every visit!  *Smiles* 

Now... to be sure... some Inventory is very "Fresh From the Farm" becoz frankly I don't have the Time nor the Energy to spruce up every single bit of the minutia of stuff dug out of Lord knows where.  Maybe some Vendors do, I ain't one of 'em Okay, which is why you'll often get a Bargain passed along since you gotta clean it at Home.  *Winks*   Especially something as small as a Miniature Vintage Creche that has about 50+ years of dusting needing to be done inside the Barn and around all the Critters and Holy Family!  If I had to sit there with a tiny paintbrush losing my Mind cleaning that sucka I'd have to charge more than five bucks!   Hell, I haven't had Time nor Inclination to clean my own House that well!  *Bwahahaha*  And I figure... well, it's supposed to be a dirty Barn with Critters and all... so it doesn't have to be spotless, right?  *Smiles*

I also didn't realize I had so much Vintage Wedding stuff stashed away... so I keep adding to that Vignette as I keep uncovering more of it in Storage.  I could have probably Styled an entire Wedding with all the appropriate Junque that is Vintage Wedding Inspired!

I Confess I have a 'Thing' for Vintage Wedding Cake Toppers... and Wedding Tiaras... if I find them at a good price I almost never pass them up though I don't personally own a Collection and don't know that I even kept mine?!?   So I cannot explain the strange Obsession????!??!???!  *Smiles*

Another Good Seller is Cast Iron 'anything'... and that is something that I've always used myself in our daily cooking and for Camping... it's indestructable and only gets better with Age as it continues to Cure from use.   If I Baked Fresh Cornbread more often I'd keep at least one of these molds... but I don't... Bake Fresh Anything very much anymore.  *LOL*  I've been Spoiled by the multitude of small Excellent Family Bakeries abounding in Old Town and they do it Fresh every Morning... and way better and with far more Variety than Moi, so why bother I say?!

I also have this 'Thing' for Signage... though, again, I don't personally Collect it... I just LIKE it a lot and Enjoy what it adds to the Showroom Displays.  I especially like the ones that have a Crazy Maximum Occupancy Number to Display in my small Showrooms which Clearly couldn't hold that many Occupants... the Customers always get a kick out of it!  *Winks*   Maximum Occupancy Eighty-Seven and there's four of them in there bumping into each other and Laughing about the Signage Claim!  *Bwahahahahahahaha!!*

I was super Jazzed that just before Halloween I Sourced a Box Lot of Medical Hemostats and Surgical Scissors.  Last Year I had 'Scored' a bunch of Laboratorie Supplies... but Medical Supplies are equally Cool for Halloween Decorating and have a Creep Factor!

I Think I have more Fun Sourcing for Halloween than any other Season or Holiday becoz my Imagination runs Wild and I can Envision all kinds of Found Treasures being a Great Halloween Decorating Theme or Prop.   Since I can only do one or two Themes a year at Home this helps to scratch the itch to do more of them and buy things to Re-Sell that I cannot Decorate with at Home becoz 'Wrong Theme' for what we're doing around Bohemian Valhalla this Season.  Not to mention my Personal Halloween Storage Shed is FULL of Props and at Saturation Point.

The Man was Laughing at the Campy Sixties Pocket Novel Titles... and we recalled some particularly Campy 'B' Movie Titles that were Unforgettable... and we actually WATCHED... usually in a Motel Room while on Vacation in some remote area that didn't get many Channels!! {That's BC... Before Cable... LOL}   Our all time Fav... a Campy 1990 flick: "A Nymphoid Barbarian In Dinosaur Hell"... NO, not a Porno... it was a low budget Dinosaur slash Action Horror Movie... allegedly... I'm pretty sure it went straight to Video and then obscure 'B' Movie running TV Channels!  *LOL*
 Source: Google
 But that Title is Genius and totally Unforgettable as one of the most Hilarious Campy Movie Titles EVER!!!   I STILL Smile over Twenty years later when I think about it!
 Source: Google
 Yeah... the Dinos looked like something my Grandson could Model and Sculpt from Clay better, Hilarious actually, this should have been described as a Comedy, we laughed 'til our sides hurt!!!
 Source: Google
And the Acting... well, as bad, if not worse, than the Dinos... sometimes we LIKE to watch Campy Low Budget flicks for the Comedic Factor... though not Intentionally Funny... most are downright Hilarious!!!   I didn't know Cave Girls wore Olivia Newton-John 'Let's Get Physical' Headbands... but apparently, they did?  *Bwahahaha!*

But hey, ya don't hafta watch a Low Budget flick to get a Laugh... just Source some Vintage Yearbooks and recall the Fashions, Fads, etc... from way back when!   I recently 'Scored' a trio of 1960's Era ASU Yearbooks in Pristine Condition and not even written on or Autographed... tho' reading some of THAT can be quite Funny too!  *Winks*

The Hairstyles...

The Covers that look like the Yearbook Staff were on an Acid Trip when they Designed them... {mebbe they were... I dunno... Winks}

Now... some Images are really Sweet and quite Nostalgic, if, like me, you're actually FROM that Era and can Recall it All... the Good, the Bad AND the Ugly!!!??!  *LOL*

And I'm sure there's some Customer out there that didn't get their Sixty-Five thru Sixty-Seven ASU Yearbooks or lost them in Transit and will Die when they get a chance to recapture the Moments frozen in Time within the pages!  *Winks*

I know I still like to look thru my Old Yearbooks for Nostalgia, Memories AND a Good Laugh...

As Time marches on it's so easy to forget such things as what the Vehicles looked like in the parking lot during THAT Era long past...

But... some things never Change... like touting the Campus Assets as such things, in Arizona at least, as Orange Blossoms and Sunshine... I mean, what College bound Kiddos aren't gonna think that isn't Ideal and more like a Vacation than a Higher Education??!??   And wanna have the Eye Candy Bonus of oiled up Stud Muffins and Sunbathing Beauties in skimpy Bathing Suits lounging about!!!  *Winks*

But as well as our little Corner of the World... I also Sourced this World Topics 1968 Yearbook... which is just as Interesting and filled with the Visuals of the Era...

I am quite Certain I once Wore an Ensemble like that and I KNOW I had the Chairs in some Apartment Pad!  *LOL*   In fact, I am pretty sure one of the Vendors at our Antique Mall HAS those Chairs if you're going MCM in your Decor?!?  *Winks*

I Hated that my Artwork required me to scale a Ladder to hang... since I've got serious Vertigo and even if only two rungs up I think I am gonna fall and Die... or break a hip... and Die six months later... as my Friend from the M.E.'s Office once Shared is the Time Line for the average Hip Breaking Demise!  *Smiles*   Couldn't get this one straight to Save my Life... since I was trying to Save my Life actually by hanging onto a wall with one hand as I'm trying to hang it with the other as I defy Death only two rungs up my Ladder!  *LOL*  Luckily one of the Guys took pity on me and straightened it out, he was Young, Fearless and could probably bounce back from a fall, so not as Guarded as a Vertigo Afflicted Gramma about the prospective risks.  *Winks*

Okay, ya want ANOTHER Good Laugh... Sourced this turn of the Century Sheet Music that is Hilarious because it was meant for Third Grade Music Teachers... notice the Title... "Dance of The Demon"... OMG, they weren't worried about being PC back then and the potential flack from the Third Grader's Parents apparently back in da day were they?  *LMAO*  Bet you wouldn't find that on the Modern Third Grade Music Itinerary anymore?!?  *Winks*  But, a Perfect addition to my Halloween Vignette I thought.

In fact, I'd hit the Motherlode of Vintage and Antique Ephemera recently in various stages of deterioration and condition, but all way Cool... always Loving the Graphics and Fonts.  Well... Hope to see you all at the Flea Market Parking Lot Event and Vintage Car Show my Friends!?

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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