Tuesday, October 14, 2014

'Handling' A Costume Diva

I think we would unanimously agree that Dressing Up is and should be loads of Fun?

And it would be... IF you are NOT a Costume Diva 'Handler'!!!   *LOL*

'Handling' a Costume Diva takes a certain amount of Finesse... a hefty pair of Kid Gloves... and Great Fortitude!!!   It is NOT for the Faint of Heart... because there will be Drama... and loads of it!

Divas in general take a lot of 'Handling' with Care, because almost anything can set them off into a Diva Tantrum... and that Performance rivals any that has won an Award of any kind!  Dramatic is an understatement, the Diva takes Drama to a whole new level!

If you've never 'Handled' a High Maintenance Personality you might not be prepared for how a Good Thing can quickly turn into a Nightmare and nobody's having Fun anymore!  *LOL*

Every Halloween we expect to have a Costume and Wardrobe Malfunction of Epic Proportions concerning a certain Costume Diva.   Not because there is anything at all wrong with said Costume mind you... but because everything can be perfectly Perfect and yet a True Diva will still find Fault somehow and NOT be Satisfied nor easily Pacified!!!

Every minute detail can become a Trigger... Hair, Make-Up, Accessorizing, Fit, Color, Style, the Photo Session, Angles, Face Time, Location, Poses, etc... etc... etc...   Yes, if you have a case of Nerves, 'Handling' a Diva would definitely NOT be something you should ever consider engaging in, unless you don't mind being pushed to and over The Edge!  *Smiles*  I had a Friend once tell me that Dressing Up a Grand-Daughter is like Dressing Up a Life Like Barbie Doll... well, yeah, if Barbie were Possessed in our case, I guess you could be right, it would be kinda like that!  *Bwahahaha!*

This year was no exception to the Rule that there would be a full blown Meltdown somewhere in the Process of the Dressing Up with the New Halloween Costume and having a Traditional Photo Shoot of it.

It always starts out being Fun... and then clearly nobody is having Fun anymore as things go totally Left... and often for no apparent reason that I can fathom anyway.  Only a Diva can Justify what is wrong with this picture... I certainly couldn't see anything wrong with the Costume, the Look, the Imagery... looks just Fine to anyone without Diva tendancies!  *Smiles*

But she's apparently not having it... and though she eventually came around and got back into Costume... after throwing it off during Meltdown Mode, rivers of tears smearing Mascara down her little cheeks... because clearly none of us mere mortals were 'Getting It' that this Costume would definitely NOT be The One for Trick-Or-Treat Night!  Huh?  But... I thought you Liked it?  Luckily she Recovers quickly from Tearfests and it looks as tho' she's never had one!  How does she do it, I dunno... it's Magic!  *LOL*

Well, it's not really that she DOESN'T LIKE IT you see... it's just that being Decisive about something so Important as Wardrobe for this Diva is a Big Deal... it is ALWAYS a Big Deal and I can't for the life of me understand why?  And not just for Halloween... though Costumes Magnify the inclination to be picky and malcontent no matter what is presented!  *Le Sigh*

The Good Thing being that she has a Halloween Past Wardrobe Archive of Epic Proportions... Costumes that she has Loved and worn for years, since she never gets any bigger around, just taller, and so she has Options... and Costume Changes constantly until she decides which will be The One this year? 

And this one will be just as Beloved as all of those once she Gets Over any perceived imperfections it has and Calms the OCD Beast within.  By realizing everything does not have to be Perfect even if you're inclined to be a Hard Wired Perfectionist... it's Okay to just Relax already and have Fun with it!   See... we're now having Fun with it!  *Whew... Gramma wipes Sweat from brow!*

And once we're having Fun... it's a Blast... it always is... because we've gotten over the hurdle of Drama, Vanity, Insecurities, Perfectionism, or whatever else caused the Episode and Ordeal we've all just Endured... and which happens often so we've almost gotten used to it... almost... because we'd already raised ONE other Diva... and this Apple didn't fall far from that Tree!  *Smiles*

And in fact Today happens to be this little Diva's Mommy's Birthday... and recounting Past Diva Episodes makes me Smile now... because she's so like her Mommy in so many ways that it's rather Nostalgic in a Twisted kinda way!  *ha ha ha*

And we Love and Adore our Divas... ALL of them!  And I have now Fulfilled my Promise to devote an entire Blog Post to your Costume Reveal!  *LOL*
And a Big Happy Birthday to our Grown Up Diva... the Big Princess T... we all Love and Miss you terribly... Mwahhh!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Your granddaughter is absolutely stunning! She is a keeper! What a pretty girl she is. You must be proud.


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