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*It's the Story of a family that tries to bring Normalcy to their lives while dealing every day with almost unspeakable discombobulation.*
When I was looking up the spelling of the word Discombobulation to make sure I got it right... the above came up for a Movie by that Title... that could be our Story... well, at least now I don't feel like the Lone Ranger, even if it is a fictitious family the Movie was based upon. *Smiles*

I have been Feeling very Discombobulated lately... the demands of Caring for everyone and everything weigh really heavy some days.  mostly because they tend to be a very Drama prone trio and running damage control behind them constantly is a Full Time Job in and of itself... even IF I didn't have anything else and everything else to do... which I DO!  Then I Feel like I'm Morphing into the Crazy Clown above just to attempt to restore Peace and Order before it spirals way out of control here at the Asylum Boheme'!  *LOL*

I've attempted to make one room of the house, the Livingroom, the ONE room that stays Tidy, Styled and not so Chaotic so that there is at least one room of the house that I want to be in and am surrounded by Tranquility and a semblance of Order and Positive Energies.

I've been more than a bit of a Shrew Policing said room so that it looks like and stays the way I Imagine where Sane People would live... and gives the Illusion that the entire Home could end up looking like that too... one day hopefully not far off in the distant Future?!? 

I don't do well in Chaotic surroundings you see... even if the three Muskateers here don't seem to mind their Chaos and chronic Disorganization getting the best of them, it bothers me.  It bothers me a LOT actually... and so I really Work hard to eradicate the things that bother me so much... so that I don't remain in a State of  Being Bothered half to Death!

I'm beginning to Despise such things as High School Band and Guard... and Trifling Teachers... because Lord Have Mercy those Kids are expected to be there so much and so long that it's absolutely Insane and makes Scheduling anything else around it almost impossible and has these Kids... and their Families... on near Burn Out already.  Not to mention it's costing me a small Fortune for the Young Prince to be twirling that damn Flag!  *LOL*   Sorry, I just can't see Flag Twirling as being all that Important on one's Resume' or Life in general... but he's totally diggin' it and it's his only High Point in the High School Experience so far, so I'm Rolling with it as best I can!

But his Band Teacher seems to be very particular, fussy and demanding... and well... I'm so past Dealing with particular, fussy and demanding People at this Season of Life.   So I'm not so sure this young Guy, who isn't much older than some of my older Grandkids, really wants to Go There with me and face my Crazy Clown Dark Side if he makes one more unreasonable request and sends it my way!?  *LOL*   Such as... I JUST Saved up and paid for the Young Prince to have his hair cut, Styled and Colored the way he wanted it... since, well... it's his hair, Right... and it's not as if he's joining the Military.   He's Delighted with the results and my Stylist and Friend, John, spent a lot of time getting it just right and giving me a break on the cost coz he's been doing three Generations of hair in our Fam.

 I thought it looked just Fine and I'm not having a Breakdown over it... but apparently the Band Teacher is not diggin' his Purple Hair accents and DEMANDED it be re-done in a 'Natural' Color!   WTF?!?  How is Purple Hair affecting this Kid's Flag Twirling Performance or ability pray tell?   I can't afford a Re-Do so soon after Shelling Out for a Do... so unless Band Teacher Guy wants to Pony Up for it, he'll have to Get Over his Aversion to Purple Hair I guess.   He's also not the only Kid in his High School with non-conforming Un-Natural Color hair or an On-Trend Style preference... so Lighten Up Teach.  If it's not Permanent don't sweat it, by the end of the Month the Kid will want a different Color or Style already, they always do... it's only hair!!!  *Winks*  Prince R is dreading any potential Showdown between Gramma and any Teacher... he knows how I get when someone gets Confrontational or Condescending with me... yeah, Pity the Fool!  *LOL*

So... The Man knows that when I get all Keyed Up with Dealing with The Establishment and their insistance on Conforming or Else... and Sacrificing for everyone else while Neglecting being met at my own Point of Need... I could be close to the Edge... again.  I had been Raving over that Printer Cabinet at my Friend Shelly's Shop and how Useful it would be for Storage in the Art Studio Cottage... so, since Dear Shelly was willing to work with me on making payments... perhaps I should just Claim it and consider it my Christmas and Anniversary Gift?!?

Yeah, it didn't take much Convincing that it would be a Splendid Idea to Focus on setting aside funds for payments on this... Retail Therapy is still way cheaper than Actual Therapy... with more to show for it too!  *LOL*   With all the Therapy this Fam has had it hasn't done a damn bit of good that I can see, they're all still the way they are and always will be... sometimes they Feel like a Nut, sometimes they don't... but a piece like this doesn't seem like such a waste of limited Resources.  *Ha ha ha*  Hopefully I can bail it out by Winter and get it set up in the Make-Over in Progress at the Studio... I'm REALLY Excited to own it!

I had also bought an incidental piece from my Friend Myko's Space... a gutted out Antique Clock Corpse that I can Create a Creepy Still Life inside of...

Loved the Case of this Old Clock and it will be Lovely Re-Purposed as a Display for some tiny Creepy Vignette... better than a Cloche actually!  *Gasp... yep, I said that!  LOL*

Though I've been able to keep the Livingroom in Order, with Death Threats and all upon those who don't comply with my Obsession to keep it so... the rest of the house is pretty much a Hot Mess right now.  Yes... even the newly Made-Over Playroom for Princess T was a wreck.  She was Complaining it was too cluttered to Play in because she'd dragged everything under the Sun in there and played with it and then not been so inclined to pick it up or Organize it so that you could actually walk in there or see the floor!   So she erroneously thought her Chaos could spill into my Tidy and Holiday Styled Zen Livingroom!!!  *Gasp!*  Yeah, that went over like a lead balloon lemme tell ya! 

So I woke up this Morning to a bit of a Rant... Okay, so that's an understatement... I went rather Postal and totally Discombobulated when I walked into said Livingroom this Morning, after being able to Sleep In for the first time in Weeks since she didn't have Intercession Class at School on Fridays and the Young Prince doesn't have a Game Today 'til 5pm... and saw it had been taken over by Littlest Pet Shops and all their paraphernalia!!!  *Arghhhhhhh!!!*
There sits The Man in his Recliner, watching his Reruns of NCIS, in the middle of her Chaos, totally oblivious to the mess she's making and will ultimately walk away from if not prompted to clean it up and take it away to where it's supposed to be.   She's got Littlest Pet Shops strewn Helter Skelter, because Lord knows she owns every single one ever made and all their possessions...  and I could Feel my Blood Pressure... or maybe it was my Blood Sugars... I'm not sure... starting to elevate exponentially!!!

And Dark Dawn emerges and Goes Off... not that it Motivated anything other than an equally impressive Dramatic Episode of Epic Proportions to ensue from The Princess, because she can Cry on Cue and have tears flying off her cheeks if she thinks it will absolve her from all Guilt and Responsibility.  She is her Mother's Child and it must be in their DNA to be Drama Queens and Innocent of whatever they've done to set other people Off and loaded onto the Crazy Train along with them?!?   *LOL*

Yep, better don my Mad Hatter Hat if the day is going to begin like this I thought... or else crawl back into Bed and attempt a Do-Over after I can Calm down a bit and face whatever is looming out there awaiting me.   Scary Stuff indeed... Hell, I don't even hafta Decorate for Halloween, nothing is Scarier than Living with this Crew and not knowing what they're inclined to do next that puts one into the Twilight Zone or off our rocker?!???!?!

I walked out of the room and said a little Prayer... Dear Baby Jesus, Joseph and Mary... don't let me want to Kill anybody Today... repress all Homicidal Tendancies... or the Urge to run away and join the Circus... Amen.

And so instead Princess T Complied and Cleaned up her Playroom and the Livingroom disaster she'd made... and suggested we run away to her Fav Park in the "Old Neighborhood" her Mommy grew up in... and so we did.

And though very Emotional and Sad for me, since it was recently Foreclosed upon, Vacant and now terribly Vandalized, laid to waste and neglect and will probably be Condemned and Razed, we visited the Home we'd spent many years raising our Kids in.   I wanted to show her something Special before it was gone for good... because we'd spent years developing this property from Vacant reclaimed Farmland into what it was when we Sold it to buy the property we now live in.   Each Stone on the winding sidewalks had been Collected from a Special Trip somewhere and held a Memory... and we'd put our handprints in the wet cement of a few pieces as well.   In February of 1991 when The Man came back from yet another Military Deployment in the Middle East during that Conflict, which took him away from his Family every Thanksgiving and Christmas for five difficult years during the Holidays. 

And my Handprint in October of 1990 when I was pouring concrete walkways while he was away at War to busy myself so that I didn't have to think about the Dangers... and doing the Single Parent thing so many Military Spouses do when their Loved Ones are away Serving our Country.

And The Son... who was barely four when he laid his little Handprint there on his portion of the walkway...

And the G-Kid Force's Mommy, who was exactly the same Age that Princess T is right now... which made it quite profound... as she fit her little hand into the spot that her Mommy had so long ago, to compare their Handprints.  Yes, it made me choke up to be sure... and want to dig up the slabs and put them into the Jeep so that they will be Forever Preserved and not Destroyed when the Property is Razed.   Perhaps I'll be able to intercept a Workman whenever that time comes and make that request... I dunno...

But it did put things back into Perspective for me at least... how much I'd Overcome, Survived and gotten thru in the Past... and actually over much of my Lifetime Truth be told.  Yes, I built this Outdoor Bar-B-Que out of Re-Claimed Old Bricks that I cleaned off every single piece of old cement before constructing something out of while The Man was Deployed to Turkey during another Conflict.   I also Flagstoned an Indoor Fireplace at the same property and laid over 300 Saltillo Tiles on the floors... hung Drywall... and many other Projects at the Old Property.  Being taught by an Old Retired Mason whose payment was merely Beer and Steaks... Traded Gypsy Style for his Mentoring and expansive Knowledge on how to do these things well.  Loads of Special Memories... and Glad I captured it one last time thru the Eye of my lens before it is no more.

Because though we certainly have a Love of Old and a Commitment to Preservation, we cannot Save it all and are Forward Looking people.   And Past Victories and things Survived only Serve to Encourage and gird us for whatever we must go through right now or in the Future.   And though Discombobulation seems to be our Story too as we try to bring Normalcy to our lives while dealing every day with almost unspeakable discombobulation, we've found a way to make it work and still be somewhat of a Happy Story with what we Hope will be a Happy Ending.

And I try to keep the Crazy Clown in check each day when things go totally Left or become quite Overwhelming...

Most days I even Succeed!!!   *Winks*

Luckily this Fam don't seem the least bit Scared of Crazy Clowns... just mildly Entertained.  *Winks*

They don't Scare easily this Crew... which sometimes is a Good Thing.

Because this Vida Loca can be Scary enough to Frighten Off more Timid Souls!!!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh! I hope - really, REALLY hope - that you can salvage those sidewalk pieces. I think you should begin right now so as not to lose a chance at 'em!

  2. God Love You! You have been and are going thru so very much discomfort! Yes make arrangements to get that sidewalk piece now!


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