Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Thieve's Market Getaway

After the Week I'd just Endured I needed to be Abducted and swept away to a Thieve's Market Getaway this Weekend for a Girl's Day Out with The Princess and Friends... my Friend Pamela obliged.  A Good Friend will Abduct you at just the right time and provide you with an Escape Plan and Road Trip away from Reality!   She was my Getaway Driver and we hit the road early on our Merry Adventure, which included way more than this Market, but we'll begin here.  *Winks*

Thieve's Market has moved and set up at their new location on the East Side at 'Big Surf'... don't think I'd been to 'Big Surf' since the Seventies or perhaps the early Eighties, so it was a good thing Pamela was the Getaway Driver for this Road Trip to ensure we'd actually Arrive!  *LOL* 

Yeah, you could tell by the Lead Image the first 'Score' of the day would be another Vintage Naked, Armless, Legless, Bald Chick Manne who would be riding around in the back seat with Princess T gazing out the window at other startled drivers!  Coz that's how we Roll... Weird and Wonderfully!!!   *LOL*

Because so many of our Friends were Vendors there... my Friend 'Fedora' Mike's Booth was the first I hit to 'Score' Mannequin Gal... Thanks for the Great Deal on her too my Friend!!!   More of Mike's Found Treasures can be found at Zinnia's At Melrose.

And other 'Picker' Friends were there this day too... so I'd be spending as much time Socializing as I would be Scouting for Found Treasures!  *Smiles*   In fact, Princess T always complains that I'm NOT the Power Picker her and Miss Pamela are... since they'll already be on Row No. 5 while I'm still stalled out in the minutia of Row No. 1 and chinwagging with everyone along the way!  *LOL*

I mean, how could I NOT... when just about everyone I know seems to be there either Selling or Buying... and several I didn't yet know but strike up a conversation with... including the Special Delight of having Blog Supporters come up and Introduce themselves so that we can finally meet in Real Life and get to know each other better!!!   The Land of Blog has afforded me the privilege of meeting and cultivating many New Friendships along this Journey!   This is my Friend Mary and her Husband in front of their Space and some Awesome 'Elvis' Retro Kitchen Chairs.  That is not the technical term for them of coarse... that's my Label since they are adorned with White Leather and Studded heavily, just like Elvis Wardrobe!  *LOL*  Loved 'em, if I didn't already have a Retro Set of Chairs for my Kitchen Table I would have sprung on these!

Mary and I joke that we could never be 'Pickin Buddies' coz we would hone in on exactly the same Treasures since our Aesthetics are as if we're of one Mind... you know, Curious Taxidermy, Skullies, Viking Style Fur Obsessions...  *Smiles*

I Confess that I'm not quite there yet on Letting Go of my similar Beloved Obsession Collections as Mary is... but I'm Working on it.   One day Showroom One Thirty-Three will be filled with the Oddities and Curiosities of the Far West Desert.  *Winks*

Mary is also a Jewelry Artist and her Animal Horn Jewelry Collection is Wonderful and very Organic.   I was so Focused on the Taxidermy Displays that I completely forgot to photograph the Amazing Jewelry... Ooops... Sorry, it happens!  *Smiles*   For more of Mary's Creations and Treasures be sure to visit her at Emtenest Creations.

Old Friends and New... along with Quality Family Time with the wee Princess doing something we all Love and Connect to is always such a Blast... that it makes you completely forget all about your troubles and the Issues of Life you might have to be Dealing with daily.  It Nourishes and Replenishes the Soul and bouys the Spirit... I NEEDED that right about now!

Our Sweet Friend Shirley, The Artsy Fartsy Fairy had such Whimsical Creations for Christmas made from Vintage Christmas Ornamentation that it just made me Smile.  I absolutely Love Wreaths Created from Shiny Brights and Vintage Christmas Kitsch... this one was my Fav of the Collection.

And there were so many to choose from that you'd be sure to find your Fav as well!

And the other Imaginative Creations are just my Style as well...

From the Quirky Junque Calendars...

Kitschy Christmas Whimsy...

And Princess T was Adoring this Chandie!!!

In fact she was trying to Convince Gramma that her room NEEDED this Chandie!  *Winks*

But it was a Display Piece... Sorry Princess... check out that disappointed phissog... but I Agree, it would have looked Splendid in your room!

Any one of the Altered Bottle Creations with Vintage Doll Heads would have also looked Splendid in Gramma's Collection of Altered Art Bottles!  *winks*

So many to choose from too...

I decided that this one was my Fav... but it wasn't on the Mission Statement so mebbe next time?

Pamela came away with an armload of Fab Silverplate tho' and we sure had Fun playing amongst the Christmas Kitsch!  *Smiles*

There's nothing quite like Vintage Kitsch to bring out Childlike Wonder IMO... it's just so Fun, Bright and Cheerful!   Which is probably why I'm drawn to it.

Of coarse there was so much to be drawn to at this Market that I was on Lustfest Overload!!!

My Friend Lilia Corona was there with her Wonderful Corona Couture Creations... in fact I was Sporting some this day from my Collection of her Work, a matching Necklace and Bracelet... her Pieces are some of my Fav 'Go-To' Pieces to wear on a daily basis.

And I was TOTALLY diggin' her new Fork Heart Necklace Creations... must get me one of those another time when I can spring for some Bling!  *Smiles*

Even though my Focus was quite intent on only 'Scoring' what was on my Mission Statement I sure had a great time beholding all of the other Found Treasures that were equally Tempting to want to drag Home or to the Showrooms as Inventory! 

If the darned dreaded Budget were not always in the way I certainly would have come Home with more.

I mean... Cool Band Hats for a mere five bucks... just before Halloween no less... no brainer, right?  I could definitely see all my Mannequin Heads in the Showrooms Sporting one of these and a Sparkly Masquerade Mask, can't you?

In fact my Friends Mike and Leslie from Jack And Cat Curio always have a wealth of Inventory I'd Love to drag Home or to the Showrooms!!!   Alas... so much I had no choice but to leave behind... *Le Sigh*...

And who doesn't need to indulge in a bit of Retail Therapy every now and again when you're a Die Hard Junquer?  *Winks*  The Found Treasures absolutely abounded at Thieve's Market and since so many of my Friends were Vendors I knew there would be Choice Pickins they had Scoured the Countryside to Source!   I did not come away disappointed... the Venue and Vendors absolutely Delivered!!!

And though Princess T is always in Diva-Mode... this day she was Rolling Well and pretty much Drama Free and less Intense than usual... well... pretty much.  *Bwahahahahahahahaha!!*

She was particularly diggin' my Retro Friend Jenny's Booth of Redhead Sadie Vintage which is loaded up with Vintage Bohemian Bling... I thought I'd never get that kid outta there!?!  *Smiles*

Okay, so I Confess that I lingered quite a bit too... how could I NOT?!?!??!  *Winks*

With Gypsy Shawls billowing in the Breeze and Sunshine and Bling stacked in mounds everywhere it is a little bit like Heaven on Earth for us Gypsy Sparkly Souls after all!!!

This is Contentment at it's best actually... even if you keep intently Focused upon your Mission Statement and avoid other Alluring Temptations! 

Yes, even if the Princess and I are not Indulging in any Bling Purchases we still have to take a gander at it all...

And a real close-up gander at those pieces that really catch our Eye... for me it was this Phoenix Badge that I initially thought was a Compact... Loved the Graphic Details of it.

Jenny always has an Amazing Selection of Vintage and Antique Bling and she's her own best Walking Advertisement for Retro Loveliness!!!   Didn't get a pix of her this day tho' becoz her Booth was swamped with Customers.

So I'm certain that a host of Retro Bling Enthusiasts now have more to add to their Collections after beholding Jenny's array of Sparkle!!!

Always so Beautifully Presented en mass so that it literally takes your breath away as it's glinting and dazzling in the Sunshine!

There were plenty of Vintage Wardrobe as well... but the Princess and I were completely Captivated by da Bling!  *LOL*

And Retro Accessories... Loved this Vintage Cut Velvet Purse.

Now... one thing I didn't expect to 'Score' but couldn't Resist were a few items from a brand new Vendor I met, he had a similar Aesthetic for Upcydling and Repurposing Found Treasures so we talked at some length about the 'Possibilities' of just about everything we find!  *Smiles*  And I liked that he Enjoyed a Good Haggle as much as Moi... so we Negotiated my best Deals for some of his Inventory... which included some of the Vintage Enamel Military Buttons...
And this great Upcycled Gothic Ornate Swag Key Holder that had once been the back of an Antique Chair he Re-Purposed.  Still in it's original Color with a Fab Patina of Age, it was a mere Five Bucks!  SCORE!   I'll be lookin' for this Guy again at Events, his Prices were Great and his Inventory was Awesome.

From his Architectural Salvage...

To the Smalls...


Signage... and Old Suitcase Collections... yeah, he pretty much had it all that I would be Interested in.

It also made me realize why I need to continue to Save up for purchasing another Truck in a couple years... too much that can't fit into the back of a Jeep or a Friend's SUV!  *LOL*

Yeah, I sure do miss having a Truck... more Options for Pickin!!!  There was hardly anything that I couldn't load up in my Truck and drag Home... now I have to consider Measurements and all that!  *Pouting*

You see, I HATE having Restrictions and limits on what I can buy when I can 'Score' a good Deal but either... A) Darned Budget doesn't permit... or B) Won't fit in my Vehicle for the Ride Home or to the Showrooms!   *LOL*

But there were enough Fantastic Smalls and Budget Friendly Treasures at this Market that I didn't Feel at all Restricted or limited and thoroughly Enjoyed every Moment and Excited about what Treasures I did 'Score' without any focus upon what I had to leave behind.

My Mission Statement did have a Wish List that included either Taxidermy or Entomology Displays if I could Source some at the Market... so you can only imagine the adrenalin Rush I had when I discovered a new Vendor that specializes in Entomology Displays!!!  *Insert pulse racing and me like a kid in a candy store with all these Bug and Butterfly Displays to choose from!!!*

Bicbugs has the most Beautiful selection of Butterflies, Moths and other Winged Creatures I have ever seen offered in one place... and at extremely reasonable prices starting at a mere Fifteen bucks!  They also offered Live Specimens you could hatch yourself for Educational purposes and to set Free, so the Teachers and Kiddos were buying those up like crazy!

As for me, though completely spoiled for choice I finally settled upon the large African Wood Moth at the top of this Image... and the Butterfly on the bottom Left with a very Interesting pattern I'd never seen before, it's the Peruvian Leopard Spotted Boetus.  Though the Colorful Specimens were Gorgeous, the more muted Palette suited my Botanical abd Cabinet of Curiosities Vignettes at Home better.

It was very hard to choose a couple of favorites though, each Specimen had it's merits... and now I kinda regret not also picking up one of those Mothmen Critters, the Black Death Mantis, with the great Halloween Style Pose and equally Creepy Name!  *LOL*

But I Hope to see this Vendor again... and they do offer Online Purchases for those of you who also totally dig this kind of thing like I do... they can be found at wings4you and have ebay and etsy sites.

There were even some Cool Halloween Props... Loved these Skullies mounted on Bedsprings.

And the Vintage Invisible Man Model with Box would make an Interesting Halloween Display.

The Pink Skeleton wearing Mardi Gras Beads made me Smile.

And this was a really great Wine Rack.

I almost bought the Crochet Spread... but hesitated and before I had time to re-think whether or not to spring for it... another Guy was less indecisive.  *Smiles*   At any Market it is best not to walk away until you're certain you really don't want something.

But since I already possess a Hoard of Vintage Linens I wasn't broken up about it...

Because I didn't hesitate to Spring on anything I thought I couldn't leave behind!  *Winks*

Granted... we didn't leave with an Impressive Haul like this *LOL*... which of coarse is every Picker's Dream Haul but I'm not quite at that Level yet and The Man would surely have another Heart Attack should I coast up with the likes of this trailing behind my vehicle!  *Bwahahahaha!*

But it would be my Dream to have enormous stashes of any one Treasure so that I could offer it up like this!!!

One day... one day...

And in the meantime I'll just continue to Enjoy those of you who can do the Show, Event and Market Circuit and Create Impressive Displays with Killer Inventory in Abundance.

And it was with a Wave of Nostalgia that I finally once again returned to Big Surf after all these years... not to swim in the Wave Pool this time... but to Enjoy a Sea of row upon row of Found Treasures in the Parking Lot Thieves Market.
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. So glad you had a friend to swing you away for a fun day!

  2. I always enjoy seeing your photos to see what I missed, esp. when I'm in my ADD power-shop mode to dash past everything...LOL!

    We'll go again next month! So much FUN!



  3. HI Dawn, I met you at this event. I was helping with a friend's booth and told you that you reminded me of my friend Tracy (and that i loved your long crocheted vest). So cool to find you again on this blog! :) Kristy


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