Monday, September 29, 2014

Where Has The Time Gone?

It's hard to Believe that September is already almost over!!!  Where has the Time gone?  I'm glad now that I got an early jumpstart on Pre-Holiday Decorating... Cleaning and Organizing the House and Art Studio Cottage... and at least one Showroom Overhaul before the actual Holidays were upon us!

Because once the Holidays are in full swing, I don't wanna do anything but Enjoy them properly and not have to worry about mundane tasks that take time away from the Full Experience of my Favorite times of the year.

I'm not even one that likes to Shop very much during the Holiday Season... I prefer to get all of that out of the way early too so that I can just fully Enjoy and Concentrate and Reflect upon the Reason for the Season and the Atmosphere of the Holiday Seasons and how everything is Decorated in the Shops and Homes during Halloween and then Christmas.

Finishing Touches have been done around the House... The Man and I had decided that the Entomology Display Case should remain closed for now until I could get a plexiglass covering to protect the Collection properly, lest I have a coronary if something happened to it.  

It was a good excuse to pick up a trio of Altered Art from one of my Favorite newly discovered Artists so that I didn't just have a closed box of unknown origin advertising Cabinet Of Curiosities in that little corner Vignette unduly Tempting the Curious. *Smiles*  So now Frida and a Sugar Skull Girl are Gracing that corner and my bugs are adequately protected until they can be properly Displayed without potential mishap.

I also got a Fabulous new Altered Art Lamp for the Art Studio Cottage from one of the new Vendors at our Antique Mall.  Absolutely LOVE her Style, because as you can clearly see... she must be a Woman after my own Heart and has an equally Quirky Aesthetic!  *LOL* 

This one was called Coffee Baby and has the Creepy Doll Heads I Collect and the Edison Light Bulb I like to illuminate a room with... along with a dish portion to hold  bits and bobs in plain sight that I might be in the process of Creating with... so it has Form and Function.

In a Future Post I shall be Profiling this new Vendor because her Creations are Awesome and I want to Share some more of her Work.   Actually I Hope to procure at least one more piece of her Work that is begging to come Home with me and join this piece!  *Winks*

Not like I need another damn thing crammed into the Studio mind you.  It is said that Creative Minds are Messy... well, that is certainly an Understatement when it comes to Yours Truly!!!  The more time I spend in the Studio, the messier it seems to become... a Beautiful Mess to be sure, but a Mess nonetheless!   Organized Chaos I like to call it... just to make myself Feel better about it.  *Smiles*

I've been starting some long awaited Projects now that the weather is beginning to Cool off some. Though the fierce Monsoon Storms have made it difficult to spend too much time in the Studio Creating... so most of the Projects are in various stages of being incomplete and on Hold.  *Le Sigh*

But even if I'm not in the middle of something in there... I just like to be in there again.  It had been too long a displacement of not having a Creative Space that I could just leave 'As Is' and keep coming back to without having to clean up or try to do daily living around my Projects.

In the Studio I have the Luxury of leaving things half done... undone... spread out all over the place and yet undisturbed until the next time I Need to be in there Working on it to Feed my Soul.  Or can squeeze in some Creative Time or just a Time of Solitude and Quiet Reflection surrounded by what Inspires me to be Creative and has nothing but Positive Energies.

It is also the one Space that is 100% ME to the Core... no Compromises whatsoever since I don't have to consider anyone else in there... which is the Direction I Hope to soon take both Showrooms as they Evolve and Morph into what I Envision for them to be as well.

I'd like both Showrooms to also be an Extension of myself and an Extension of my Art Studio Vibe that I can Share with more people than my Private Space in here.   Though in due time I also Hope to Invite Friends to join us in the Creative Process in here too, which will be Fun.

I also need to complete the Make-Over in the Bedroom and Bathroom sections of the Art Studio Cottage since they are still on 'Hold' until the Weather is Cooler and I can drag everything outside and start with a blank canvas to build the Vision for each Space upon.

I did do some Work in those rooms... but there is still a massive amount to do and once I'm on a Roll with it I don't want to be interrupted until it's complete.   I've got Furniture to Paint and completely Make-Over... different Persian Rugs to put down... Gypsy Curtains to Create for the Windows... Walls to Paint... etc... etc... etc...

That's why I'm really, really Glad that I already got the Main House Decorating completed for Halloween and Dia de los Muertos Celebrations way in advance... so that October can be slated for the initiation of the big Project in the Cottage.

I'm actually really looking forward to it... because I have too much stuffed in the Main Room of the Art Studio that NEEDS to Migrate to the Bedroom and Bathroom because they were meant as Furnishings and Embellishments for those rooms and really have no place or Purpose in here where they now sit awaiting re-assignment.

I think I might have gotten a little carried away with procuring Ambiant Lighting Fixtures for the rooms... I started doing a count and there's probably way more than I actually need... Imagine that... ME getting carried away with Excess?!?   *Bwahahaha!!!*

And there's Art to hang... and a Custom Piece an Artist Friend of mine is Creating for me next Month to match the other Bohemian Wall Art... I got to choose the Image for the new piece and I can hardly wait to see how she turns out since it's an all time Fav Vintage Bohemian Beauty Image?!?
I've been stocking up on Vintage and Antique Ephemera too because in due time I'd also like to begin Creating some of my own Art Papers utilizing the Graphics of the Real Deal for the reproduced Papers to use in Projects and to put into Inventory.  With just a few exceptions, I just don't like too many of the Art Paper Lines that are presently available, they're just not my Style.

And I've always lived by the Mantra that if you can't find what you're looking for... then Create it yourself... ensuring that then you'll get Exactly what you want!

I've also been rooting thru the Storage Cottage to locate all of my Vintage Trims, Fibers and Fabrics that have been stashed away so long that I have almost forgotten I had most of them so it's been rather like a Re-Discovering and a Treasure Hunt finding my own stuff!  *LOL*

I'm still trying Valiantly not to be quite so Chronically Disorganized and try to have some Organization and Method to the Madness while I'm filling up the Studio with what I want and need for it to be a fully Functional Creative Space again.

Every Bag, Jar, Old Suitcase, Closet, Cigar Box, Shelf, Corner and Drawer is filled with something Useful... and I'm getting better at Creating Tags that actually tell me what I've got where!  *LOL*   So... not so much of a Guessing Game and desperate Hunt in the midst of a Project to try to locate something I need and can't seem to find.

Most of it is hidden out of sight but labeled now so that it's not quite so cluttered looking and all over the place.   But I still have a long ways to go before my Studio Space is as well Organized and such a Well Oiled Machine as so many of the Gorgeous Dream Studios of other Artists who possess the Gift of Organization and Order that I Admire and am Inspired by. 

Right now my Creation Station is filled up with Projects so there's not a square inch of it that isn't being utilized.   I HAD Envisioned a cleared off Space with just one Project at a time going on and only necessary supplies spread out... which wasn't such a visual disaster when you behold it... but clearly that ain't gonna happen!  *Smiles*   The only empty space around the table right now are the other chairs folks ain't sitting in!  *LOL*

And as I keep Discovering Supplies and Materials long forgotten and Stored away... the Drawers, Cabinets, Boxes, Suitcases, etc... are filling up FAST!   Damn, I got a lot of stuff to Create with, I shall probably now have to be an Immortal to use it ALL?!??!!  *Winks*

And yet, when I see that four letter Word... S-A-L-E... I just can't help myself and end up still picking up more... because what Artsy Type can possibly pass up a Bargain when it comes to Supplies?  Exactly... it would be practically a Sin to leave it behind when it could BECOME something Fabulous in our hands and with our Imaginations, right?  *Smiles*

The Man doesn't even say anything anymore when he sees me carrying loads of Art Supplies to the back of the Acreage to stash in the Studio... at least now none of it has to be sitting around the House and in the way of daily living... so he's probably Relieved!  *Winks*

Check out my Taxidermy Corona Frogs... ain't they Hilariously Cute?!?!!??  And yes, they're Real Frogs... probably having more 'Fun' in Death than they ever had in Life I'd say... because I've never seen a Frog Party going on in any Pond... unless they do it when us Humans aren't looking?  *Smiles*

I think I want to Create some little Party Hats for them and some wee Bling.  Yeah, I know... like I need one more Project, right?  *Ha ha ha*  Because I don't have anything else to DO with the million other Projects ahead of that one!  *Smiles*

Especially since they're sitting right next to an Old Suitcase still chock full of Creepy Doll Heads awaiting Transformation into Nightlights!   I had Imagined that I'd get THAT done by Halloween... yeah, I'm so Delusional sometimes that it's downright Hilarious!

And you don't even wanna know how much in the way of Jewelry Making Supplies are languishing in these drawers, among other places, awaiting their Transformation into Gypsy Bling!!!   I wasn't kidding about needing Immortality my Friends in order to fulfill the Vision and Completion of all these Ideas and Projects I've got in my head and To-Do List!   That List could probably wrap around the World at least once it's so long already.  But one thing is for sure... I'll never, ever be bored or claim to have nothing to do!!!  

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. You are a wonder! How fun it would be to tour your world of creations! Marlynne


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