Thursday, September 4, 2014

Welcome Distractions

 Source: My Friend Pamela
So, you might be Wondering why I've been MIA from the Land of Blog for a while... it's been a combination of dealing with Family Emergencies and taking Welcome Distractions from all that Drama playing out actually.

Some of the Welcome Distractions being taking another Domino Altered Art Pendant Class at my Friend Pamela's Shop THE PAPER COLLAGE as well as indulging in some Retail Therapy there for more Art Supplies.   Here's some of my Domino Altered Art Pendants I Created during the Class... always such Fun and helps get my Mind off of whatever is going Left in my Life that I cannot Control.

I even decorated the backs of some of the Pendants to see what a two sided Style would turn out like... of coarse now I have to figure out what kind of Finding to attach the necklace part to that won't obscure the Graphics of the backside?   Ooops, didn't think that one thru too well, huh?  *LOL*

I've particularly liked Creating these Pendants from Old Dominos because I always get so many compliments on the end result when I wear them out in public... from Guys as well as Gals... so I guess I better get some into Production to Sell in my Case at the Mall and not just make them for Therapy.  *Smiles*

These are some of Pamela's Sample Creations to Inspire Class Participants... and she Creates some to Sell as well in case you're just not that into taking Classes but want to Purchase these Fun Pendants.

This one was my Fav of those I made because the little Girl resembles one of my Grand-Daughters so much.   When I first saw it I instantly thought of Princess M who lives in Mexico.

And I liked this one because the Attitude of that Child just cracks me up!  *LOL*  Yeah, I got some G-Kids with Attitude like that too so it reminded me of those ones as well!   *Winks*  I'm certain any of you who follow my Blog can Guess at least ONE of my G-Kids that comes to mind who would have such Attitude?!?  *Smiles*

And who doesn't Adore the Vintage Black Cat Halloween Graphics?

Yes... taking the Class and delving into more Halloween Decorating at the House was indeed some Welcome Distractions from heavier issues that have been on my Mind and my Heart lately.

And throwing in some Retail Therapy for Art Supplies to Create more at Home when I cannot get away is also mighty helpful as well.

Pamela's Shop is always Delightfully Styled and so very Inviting... it Stimulates Creativity and she offers a wide range of hard to Source Products for those who Enjoy Mixed Media Arts, Stamping, Scrapbooking and a host of other Creative Crafts.  Items you just cannot obtain in the big box stores.

The Son is now out of the Hospital and recovering at Home after his injury... so that is a relief... no matter how old they get you never stop worrying about your Kiddos.   Thankfully he has Strength and Youth still on his side to recover from even a debilitating injury... but it was still scary to get the news.

 And though I've had a steady rotation of The Man and each G-Kid of the Force taking turns being Sick at Home I'm Hopeful everyone will stay Healthier as the Holidays begin to roll in?

There's always so many Activities, Events and things to do around the kick-off of the Holiday Season, starting now, that I don't want to spend most of it tending to Sick folks!  *Le Sigh*   Sick folks have a tendancy to be cranky and demanding... which after much exposure to it... tends to trickle down until everyone in the household is cranky  *Winks*... and me being exhausted from Nurse Nightingale Duties!    So a lot of long Naps and early Bedtimes have been in order to try to recuperate and restore myself!

Which is part of why I've been MIA from the Land of Blog... but on a positive note I've got almost everything Styled for Halloween now and will be able to Share it in Future Posts so you can see what else I've been up to and distracting myself with.  *Smiles*

And yes, since I didn't have sufficient time to Create some ATC Cards or more Halloween Tags at Pamela's Shop that day I bought this one she Created to add to my Halloween Inspired Tree... which is now totally Decorated for the upcoming Holiday.   Okay, so I'll give ya more than just a sneak peek of at least the Halloween Tree before the Big Reveal Posts...

Of which I took pixs of just about everything we Decorated the Tree with and will probably take up an entire Post just in and of itself!  *Ha ha ha!*  We're so Glad we decided to keep our Champagne Pencil Tinsel Tree up all Year long and Decorate it for different Seasons, we've had so much Fun with it.

Including Creating and picking out various Perfect Ornamentation to Decorate it with each Season... this is Princess T and I on our recent Mission to locate Dia de los Muertos Inspired Ornaments to put on the Tree... we found the best Artist for our Style of Decor at THE MAD HATTER Antique Mall in Glendale, her Booth is on the Upstairs level on the West Side of the Store.  
 If you Enjoy Dia de los Muertos, Frida Kahlo and Altered Art Style you're gonna have to check this Artist's Work out!   You can be sure we'll be regular Customers and her prices are really reasonable.

The hardest part for Princess T and I was to just stick to our Mission Statement of ONLY purchasing items for the Halloween-Dia de los Muertos Theme of our Holiday Tree!   *Smiles*

Because seriously there were many other pieces we wanted to procure... and might have to go back for!  *Smiles*

Along with some other items for the Tree that we had to leave behind due to the pesky Budget, which always cramps our style!  *Smiles*

Even the items I don't have a Jones for were cute enough to bring a Smile to our faces...

And the bold use of Colors and materials was just Our Style!

We did get these two Dia de los Muertos Shadowbox Ornaments for the Tree... and the Skully Clown Princess T was holding in the one Image.

But after payday I shall HAVE to go back and purchase a few more... Hopefully this one is still available...

And for those of you who Enjoy Mixed Media Romance there are Delightful Ornaments in that Style too.

So I definitely had to give this Artist a Shout Out in Today's Post... luckily she was stocking her Booth just before we left so we actually got to see her even tho' we didn't have time to Visit properly.

But at least now she knows we're Admirers of her Art Forms and bought some of her Fun Creations.  Be sure to come back soon... we'll be Revealing some of the rest of what I've been distracting myself with here at the Ole' Homestead...

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. the Mad Hatter shop is very cool!

    I am glad you mentioned your friend sells those domino pendants, I have been ogling the ones on your posts and wanting one of my own! Going to go check out her website!


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