Friday, September 26, 2014

Too Much Of A Good Thing Is Never Enough

Since too much of a Good Thing is never enough for us... we continue adding layers to our Holiday Decor and Altar each day.

The Blessed Mother needed a Rosary embellishment... and Lord knows I've got a massive Collection of those... one of my Oldest and thus largest Collections in fact.  The Collection ranges from Antique and Vintage Rosaries to those I have Created... this one I Created from genuine Garnet Beads and Sterling when I was in my Rosary Creating Phase.

We added the Frida Kahlo Barbie to the Altar too to pay Homage to one of my all time Favorite Artists... she was a Surprise Gift from my Friend Pamela and it was so Special since I Adore and have been so Inspired by Frida! 

There is a new Boutique and Art Gallery in the Art and Science Center that my Grandson attends and Volunteers at, I just Love it and I bought some of these Dia de los Muertos Masks they Create.   It is IN-POWER BOUTIQUE and has a great selection of Dia de los Muertos Art, Jewelry and Wardrobe.  They will be Hosting Classes on Sugar Skull and Paper Mache Masks soon at the Center, we're so Excited about that! 

I so Enjoy Creating Masks but this year I just haven't had the time to devote to it like I've wanted to so it was nice to be able to purchase some that I just fell in Love with!

And taking a Class with the Grandkids will ensure we set aside some quality time together to have Fun and Create some, guided and Mentored by Amazing Artists that do this for a living.

This is only the temporary placement of the set... we've still got a corner of the Livingroom that isn't Decorated yet and that is where they'll migrate to as I Style that space.

Perhaps one of the reasons this is my Favorite time of year and I feel so Happy is not only that the Weather begins to get Glorious for spending more time Outside... but it kickstarts the Season for Imaginative Decorating and Styling Inside... so I'm totally in my Element.

And though I don't really get too many presents for myself at Christmas and concentrate on Gift Giving for Family and Friends for that Holiday, this is the time of year that I do prefer to pick out my own presents because the more Macabre, Weird and Wonderful... what I Style my Home with year round... is more readily available this time of year.

The Man and the G-Kid Force know that I'm sure to find what I Adore once the Halloween and Dia de los Muertos Inventory hits the Shops!  *Winks*

Because it's all more My Style... I don't mind Investing in some each year to add to what I already have, because most of it won't just be Displayed for a brief Holiday Season and then packed away not to be seen again until next year at the same time.

I just realized that my Vintage Medical Slide is upside down... but then, so is my Bat hanging upside down... so it doesn't look quite so accidental when I think about it... even tho' actually it was and I just now noticed it!  *LOL*

I loved these little mini Gothic Font flash cards I got from my Friends Ron and Cynthia's space at The Sweet Rustic Remains Event... and no, I didn't forget that I Promised more Images from that Event... they will be in Future Posts as Halloween approaches, so stay tuned!

I'm just REALLY into Decorating and Styling our Home... and even my Showrooms right now and giving everything a Make-Over for Autumn.   Some peeps do Spring Cleaning... well, I tend to do more of an Autumn Cleanse of all my Spaces.

When there is Cause for Celebrations and Decorating for them, it Inspires me to Imagine what I want to Change around here... and in my Retail Spaces.   I always Feel more Energized around this time of year and Ideas flow more freely like an Awakening after being Dormant during the long Hot Late Spring and Summer Months.

I am able to get out more often and take my long walks in Nature again since it's cooling off... and once I get the Kiddos off to School I can't wait to be around all of Creation with the Stillness and Serenity of it.  The Majesty of it all just never ceases to take my breath away and Feed my Soul so that I Feel more Creative in response to it.

I Wish I could Feel that way all year long actually, it's quite the Natural Rush!

So a flurry of Activity usually begins this time every year as I want to be Creative and kick it into High Gear.

And too much of a Good Thing being never enough... we allow the newly Transformed Spaces to Evolve and Morph into what they will be... without hurrying to Complete anything... because The Process is as Enjoyable as the End Result will eventually be.
I've always been a Journey Appreciator on my way to any Final Destination... so I'm not so Driven to Arrive... the Journey between the Start and Finish of anything is Savored just as much, so I'm not really in any hurry for the actual Arrival.

I've also never been able to relate to those that dread the Holidays because they consider it all 'Work' and can't wait to get it over and done with because they Feel harried and stressed out.   That is the polar opposite of how I Feel during the Holidays and time leading up to them... to me it is all a Joy and though certainly Work is involved... if you're Loving what you're doing it doesn't Feel so much like Work as it does Play and Enchantment.

I've got a very fertile Imagination and this is the perfect opportunity to allow it to run Wild and Free with absolutely no limits or boundaries to the Creative Process!

And I particularly Enjoy that even the most subdued folks can turn it up and let loose with uninhibited Creativity during those Seasons when anything and everything goes when it comes to Style and Decor!

And speaking of Uninhibited... meet my newest Vintage Mannequin that I happened to 'Score' by Chance that Night on my way to the Event.  I was heading out early because of the fierce Monsoon Storms so I arrived Downtown earlier than I needed to which gave me time to hit some other Fav Shops and browse before the Preview Party.

I'm always Jazzed when I discover Vintage Mannequins at a great price to add to my ever expanding Collection of them.   They're like Big Girl Barbie's really... for Dressing Up or Creating Wardrobe and Accessories for... so they make the perfect Muses.

I actually came Home with her like this in the back seat of the Jeep on the Night of the Preview Party... talk about getting some startled second looks as you're toolin' down the Freeway with an armless naked bald Chick in the back seat staring over at them with her intent icy gaze!!!   *LOL*

Princess T was quite disturbed that she's missing the lashes from her Right Eye and wants me to buy her some new ones from the Dollar Store!  *Smiles*  Yeah, the Wednesday Addams Child is not at all disturbed that she's missing arms, legs and is bald... just that she's missing half her Eyelashes!  *Bwahahahaha*

Yeah, we're talkin' about YOU Kid... very Odd Child that you are!  Which of coarse makes her a Perfect Fit for her Family... since that's how we ALL Roll!!!  *Winks*   Right now she's in Brett and Myko's Showroom since Brett just Styled it for Halloween and we were getting first sneak peeks!

And first 'Picks' as well... of coarse, Duh!!!!!!!  *Smiles*   After all... during Rustic Remains there were just so many layers that I knew I hadn't seen it ALL... and I was Hoping that some Choice Pieces might still head West where I could snatch them up!?  
 As well as the New Inventory that Brett and Myko had Sourced... like check out that Killer Turquoise Vintage Industrial Work Table!!!  *Lustfest of Epic Proportions!!!*  Is that not beyond Awesome?!?  If only something that big could fit thru my Studio doors I'd have to flip the one I presently have and replace it with the likes of this!   Sadly, that ain't gonna happen... so... I set my sights on more logical and less Grandiose acquisitions.  *Le Sigh*

Because I recalled that even the Vintage Industrial Creation Station I presently have in the Studio had to be dismanted and rebuilt by the G-Son and I to even get that INTO the Cottage thru the narrow Victorian doorways!  *LOL*  Not to mention all the previous furnishings that had to be demolished to get them OUT!  *Wince*   So... rather than Jones for the Table I couldn't have... I picked up the Vintage Spider Web Liquor Bottle...
And a Cloche filled with Creepy Old Doll Heads... so my Retail Therapy now done I was Content.  They too will end up in that corner of the Livingroom we're going to be Styling soon.

And Princess T was Content to be shamelessly Voguing in just about any frame she could stick her phisog into before I could snap the pix... just so that she'd be the Center of Attention again!  *LOL*   Isn't this a Cute little Old Industrial Storage Chest?  Okay... so NOT as Cute as YOU Princess T... but pretty darn Cute all the same!!!  *Ha ha ha* 

It's a smaller size than the other Amazing one I bought from Brett earlier this year and have in my Studio, but it too is Hand-Made and would be a great addition for Studio Storage if you don't already have one this size?  

I do so I could Resist, though mine is White and I prefer the Natural unpainted Wood actually... I'm just too lazy to refinish mine and sand all the old paint off... well, for now anyway... coz we're too busy Styling for the Holidays and having Fun... *Winks* 

But I must say mine is in dire need of a Make-Over one day... inside and out... so that will be on the long list of To-Do Projects this Fall perhaps?  Mine was a bargain basement price 'Score' so I didn't even care about the condition when I discovered it {in pieces spread out all over the place I might add} becoz it would be a relatively easy fix once I got out of Laziness Mode and gave it some TLC.  *Smiles* 

You know how those Projects begin to stack up... especially once you see something that Inspires you to make a Change to something you already have and have long neglected!?!  *LOL*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. So glad the weather is more agreeable and you have more energy! Fall is my absolute favorite season too! Happy creating and gathering! I Always really enjoy your posts! Marlynne

  2. OMG Dawn, you just crack me up!! Okay, first, let's talk about Freda - I love her too...but that "unabrow" needs some tweezing! hahahahaha. Next, let's talk about that jar of baby hands - I cracked up when I saw that because I just love how you set it out like it was a vase of flowers that most have on their side tables - love it! Your collections are always cool, but your story telling is what is icing on the cake for me. I love fall also, and will be leaving for a bit with my honey to fish and stay in a cabin - can't wait! Thanks for stopping by and for sharing.
    Big hugs


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