Monday, September 8, 2014

The Wettest Day Ever ~ Thousand Year Flood

We woke up this Morning to the wettest day ever in Arizona recorded History... images of cars floating down the Freeway and Fish swimming across surface Streets in the City were on the News all day!

We live in a Desert, this is NOT typical... sure, every Monsoon Season we get wet and have the typical Flash Floods and some sustained damage from them, but this was Epic.  We even get the semi-annual alleged "Hundred Year Floods" as they like to call them, even tho' I've seen several and I'm nowhere near my 100th Birthday...  *LOL*... this one they're calling the Thousand Year Flood.  Sometimes I Wonder where they come up with these Names and Stats?  *Winks*

It doesn't help matters that most new subdivisions seem to have been built in Natural Flood Planes and beside Dry Washes and Dry Riverbeds... which should be a 'Clue' that what carved them out of the Earth wasn't running Sand?!?  *Winks*  Or that if you live in a Desert and are required to cover your Real Estate with the National Flood Insurance Program perhaps it's not built where it ever should have been... Clue No. 2... just sayin'... 

But when a typically parched and drought baked environment gets three to five inches of rain in a few hours, which is more than we usually get in a couple of years... no place is safe from flooding really.  And folks can get caught unawares in a very difficult situation where ever the raging waters decided to go, which was heartbreaking to Witness as Homes were flooded under feet of water and thick mud... and vehicles were washed away on a FREEWAY that now resembled a River! 

Most Schools has Closures... The Young Prince was sent Home early from his High School... but Princess T's School was one of the few West Side Grade Schools that kept them all day... color me Happy... her not so much as she was Hoping for Rain Closure all Morning and doing her Rain Dance!  *Winks*

We were fortunate in that this Old House was built on higher ground than most and sits on it's own Acreage so not so much asphalt around it to drain runoff towards it like the Modern Subdivisions or smaller lots.   But we do get some minor flooding or seepage in one Bathroom anytime the rains are excessive in spite of sandbagging the foundation of that spot.  It's one of those Mysteries since I never see water holding there outside but somehow it always seeps inside in that particular spot during a hard rain.
But since we made the National News Today with the wettest day ever and all the coverage... I thought I'd let everyone know we're not building an Ark yet and for the most part are higher and dryer than many unfortunate Desert Dwellers this day.  Our Hearts and Prayers go out to all of those negatively impacted by the inclement weather.    And especially to those who have lost everything, sometimes twice within the last two weeks of torrential rains.
And it looks like more is looming on the Horizon... and the Desert will look pretty lush as Nature takes a very strange turn in these parts.   Mother Nature is unpredictable and must be given the utmost Respect because she will always have her way and put mankind in our place.

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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