Sunday, September 21, 2014

Rustic Remains ~ Sweet Salvage

Okay... so I Confess I'm still having trouble being 'On' and getting with the Program to catch up on Blog Posting about all the Fun we've been having even tho' I have loads to Share!   I mean, how could I NOT get around to Sharing such things as a Squirrel with a Sword under Glass?  *LOL*

Or Eyeless Creepy Doll Head Lights?  It's all SO My Style and so these will be the best Posts for me to Share here in the Land of Blog so that all the Kindred Spirits can come along and join us Virtually!

We had so much Fun being there that I went three times, the Preview Party and then twice more to Shop!   I would have gladly gone all five days for this particular Event if circumstances had permit, I never Tire of a Great Halloween Vibe and such Fun of Imagination running Wild!  *Smiles*

I've been more into Decorating my own Home in recent weeks than I have been for a very long time... and so even tho' I haven't been 'On' for Blogging... I've more than made up for it in the Doing of everything else that lights me up!  *Smiles*

I had Intended to pick up at least one set of these Old Black Sewing Cabinet Drawers... but somebody beat me to them... oh well, it wasn't a 'Must Have' item on the ole' Wish List.   They were mighty Cool tho', including the drop handles and perfect Hue.

This Vignette cracked me up... LOVED IT!!!   I Feel like this sometimes... so it really Amused me and the whole Abandoned Hospital Theme Appealed to me as well.   I would like to Abandon all of the Hospital visits that are seemingly endless around here... and Help would be a four letter word I utter often... at least out loud!    The other four letter words I'd like to utter I repress!!!   Well, soemtimes I do anyways...  *Winks*

Came close to uttering one out loud in fact when I realized I shouldda, wouldda, couldda picked up the other Bohemian Art piece I Adored when I got the Color One on my first Shopping Adventure... but I hesitated.   And you know what they say about those who hesitate... so when I went back of coarse it was gone... Damn!   Sorry... couldn't repress that four letter word a second time!  *Smiles*

And after the whirlwind Weekend we've had I kinda feel like this right about now and wasn't sure if I wouldn't be too weary to actually even start a Blog Post, nevermind finish one and publish it?!   You see, we Celebrated Princess T's Birthday this Weekend and she's insatiable when it comes to her Celebrations... they go on Forever!!!

Doesn't she know that Seniors like to still have Fun, but our Stamina wanes compared to someone whose just turning Nine?  It doesn't seem to Phase her when I remind her that for Gramma, well... I can have Enough Fun before I'm totally spent and hafta throw in the towel!  *LOL*

Luckily she was Indulged by many so I could sneak off now and again to relieve myself from the Intensity that is Princess T going Full Tilt in Diva Mode!  *Bwahahaha!!!*

A little bit of that can go a very long way you see... especially since she's absolutely insatiable when it comes to it being all about her... no matter how much you cram into the itinerary, she wants MORE!

And so I was very Thankful that my Friends at SWEET SALVAGE kept her Entertained and not totally sucking the Life right out of me every second of our Girl's Day Out!!!  *LOL*

Now... don't say that I told  you all or she'd be Mortified... but it Helped that she was quite smitten with a Handsome Young Man at the door... my Friend Myko's Son... who was so Gracious as to Entertain her Infatuated little Self.    Hey, don't we all remember those first prepubescent Crushes we had on 'Older' Guys or Gals as we Blossomed?  *Smiles*

I get 'this look' anytime I divulge too much about Diva Princess' embarrassing details... well, it's my revenge for being perpetually tormented by a Child that thinks I'm her Personal Servant and my Life revolves around her every whim... she IS her own Universe!  *LOL... yep, she IS her Mother's Child alright!  That Apple didn't fall far from the Tree!!!*

And lets face it, I HAD to sneak away to luxuriate, linger and revel in all of the Details... many of which were now completely Re-Styled since Thursday when I was there last.   There was a lot of new Inventory and Fresh Vignettes, so it was like a New Show each day!   I got the Science Slide on the far Left.

In fact, Saturday Morning there was another line waiting for the doors to open!  This was one of the more popular Events indeed!   Apparently I'm not the only one that can't get enough of Halloween and Autumn Styling!

After a long, exceptionally hot and muggy Summer can you blame us really?  Even tho' our temps are still exceeding one hundred degrees... and it's Storming and Humid most days... we're still Transported to Autumn Days when surrounded by such Seasonal Displays as all this!

Awash in Pumpkin Patches filled with Velvet Pumpkins... which BTW were a Fundraiser at this Event and proceeds going to Help a Family with Medical Needs battling a Serious Illness... and so I bought four to aid the very Worthy Cause.   May the Family receive a Healing Touch and may God also Richly Bless the Creator of all of these Marvelous Pumpkins who Donated them all!!!

Here's the two I purchased on Saturday...  Velvet with a Lacy overlay of Embroidered Tulle...

The other two I added to our Velvet Pumpkin Patch at Home were Earthy Hues... so many to choose from that I was absolutely spoiled for choice... and the Prices were so reasonable and the Cause so worthy that I only Wish I could have had the Budget to do even more.
And speaking of Doing more... I Wish I had it in me to do more Posts so that I could Share all of the Fab Images of this Event with you here in Blogland... but the rest shall have to wait for Future Posts... which I Promise I WILL get around to eventually Sharing...

Because it's all too Good to just keep to myself and not Share!   It's the stuff that Dream Blog Fodder is made of I tell ya!  *Winks*

And not just for us Dark Types that Enjoy the Weird and the Wonderful or the Macabre... there was Beauty of the 'Normal' Type abounding as well!  *LOL*

Beauty is very Subjective though... I can find Beauty in the most Interesting of places and things and perhaps you can too my Friends?

And Inspiration as well!!!   Oh to BE Inspired is indeed a thing of Beauty as well!!!   To want to rush Home and Create something Beautiful yourself is as much of a Rush as beholding it even when you haven't Created it!

So be prepared to continue to be Inspired... Intrigued and have Fun as you continue to Join us... even though Tonight was the final Night of the Event... the Posts shall continue for quite some time since I pathologically took pictures of it all for days!   Three Glorious days and separate occassions to be exact!!!  *Winks*
And I suspect you might come back as well to Experience even more??!   For however long I drag it out as I attempt to be more Inspired to actually Create Blog Posts again!!!????!?  I really Hate Dry Spells or depletion in Creative Energy, don't you?   Guess I've tuckered myself clean out with a Frenzy of Creating Vignettes at Home for days on end, I dunno?!?  *Smiles*
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. The squirrel and doll's head lamp look like the kind of things The Bloggess would love!


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