Friday, September 19, 2014

Rustic Remains Event ~ Sweet Salvage ~ Preview Party

Yes, even tho' I've been having a Great Time Attending Events like the Awesome SWEET SALVAGE Preview Party for the 'Rustic Remains' Event this Month... and the Opening Day of the Event the next Morning... I have been totally uninspired to Create Blog Posts and Share the Experience... even tho' I had taken like a gazillion Fab Images with that specific Intention!   *Le Sigh*  My Creative Energy was sapped and diverted by the Stuff of Life... I Hate when Life gets in the way of Creativity, don't you?  *Winks*

  I'm so sorry my Friends for keeping you in Suspense... but when I'm 'Off' Creatively, it's not gonna turn out like I want... so best to wait until I'm 'On' again!  *Smiles*   I'm trying to be 'On' again, but I'm not quite in The Zone yet but I also don't want the Topic to be Stale and long gone by the time I finally get around to it either!  *Winks* 

Especially since there is going to be a Drawing for an Awesome Front Door Makeover by the Sweet Team, who will show up at YOUR Home here in the Valley if you Win... to Create something like this!  *Swooning*    So Princess T and I will be back on Saturday so that she can Experience the Halloween Thrill and Gramma can enter the Drawing.  *Winks*   The Door on the Right is so My Style!   Nevermore... Nevermore... I'm Channeling Edgar Allen Poe right now!  *Smiles*


In fact, the Halloween Event is ALWAYS my Absolute Favorite of the Shows that SWEET SALVAGE Hosts... I'm totally in my Element surrounded by that particular Atmosphere, Vibe and Trappings, so it was a long awaited Experience, as it is every year.   Come Hell or High Water I don't wanna miss it... and we've been having a lot of High Water around these parts lately and I DID have to drive thru a fierce Monsoon Storm to get to the Preview Party that Night, no kidding!   *LOL*
My Friend Pamela was a Guest Artist at the Event this Month so we'd been busy helping her to prepare... she is an Awesome addition to the Creative Team and it was so difficult for me to keep it under wraps and wait to give a Preview Reveal of her Space on Social Media!   *LOL*

And my Personal Life of late has been as unpredicatable and draining as ever... so I'm always nervous about missing it all... given Mi Vida Loca and how things tend to turn on a dime around Bohemian Valhalla.   Making it virtually impossible to predict if I can commit to attending anything, even if I've managed to make Reservations to be there!   I was in fact sweating bullets on this one since we had some Family Medical Emergencies unfolding right up to the Afternoon OF the Preview Party!  *Whew*

But when you're a Caregiver of those with Chronic Illness or Severe Disabilities, lets face it, when are you NOT at Appointments or in the Hospital with them?  That's your Norm and you just learn to roll with and live with it.   A lot of Caregivers keep mum about such harsh Realities and won't talk about it... but you can count on me to always be one hundred percent and Keep it Real.  I knew I'd NEED Retail Therapy after the week I'd been thru!  *LOL*  This Fab Bolster Pillow Created by my Talented Friend Minnie was slated to be Acquisition No. 1... I felt better already!  *Winks*

   Part of the extended delay in Posting is due to the constant interruptions... I'm dealing with another one as we speak right now in fact!  "Gramma... can you make me some bacon???"  It never ends... which also stifles any flow of Creativity left in me on an average day of taking care of business for the Family and the additional Crisis always thrown in for good measure.   So... you NEED the occassional Event to look forward to as your rare Respite... and keep everything crossed that you will actually be able to attend it!?!  I never know for certain until I'm actually THERE and managed to make it... and even then, a Crisis Call can still be a possibility so there's no Sure Thing EVER.

I was just about having an Anxiety Attack about possibly missing the Preview Party, which I'd awaited all year long and already paid for and made my Reservations.  As I sat in yet another Doctor's Office with the Young Prince til Noon on Preview Party Day... after a string of Medical Crisis with him threatened to derail and sabotage any and all Plans again.   Life goes on tho' and since Medical Crisis are our Norm and a Given with this Trio... as soon as we're finished with said Crisis, you just regroup with whatever Plans are still Salvageable.   Other Full Time Caregivers totally understand this Way Of Living in an attempt to try to still have a Semblance of a Life beyond Caregiving and to attempt to Care for yourself as well.  
 You're now looking at Acquisition No. 2 ... I had done Intense Recon at the Preview Party and had an Attack Game Plan that was very strategic and focused and as well laid out as a Military Special Forces Assault I tell ya!   Some things I HAD to have... this was one of them... I mean, how COULDN'T it be, right?!?  *LOL*

On Party Night the Band was playing and the Buffet Spread was delish... drinks were flowing, tho' I always refrain since I'm my own Designated Driver, and we were ready to Turn It Up!!!

I always get there early so I can photograph the Spread before the Ninety-Nine other people behind me descend upon it!   *LOL*    Can you believe that even being the Foodie that I am, my Pathological Picture Taking Obsession is greater and stronger so sometimes I forget to eat!?!  It's True...  so I just snagged a few Desserts first to see me thru on a Sugar High and Hope there was some left when I got back to the Buffet Tables?  *Smiles*

There always is so it's not as if I'm going Home hungry... but it just won't look quite as pristine as this by the time I wander back to get mine.  *Smiles*

So fueled with Fresh Fruit, Baklava and a mini Cheesecake in hand I headed out to Cover the Enchantment of 'Rustic Remains' for you all my Friends...

Come on... step away from the Dessert Bar and join me... we've got lots to see and do Recon on... because the doors would Open the next Morning at 10:00 am and the line would snake around the building to get in... so you better have your "A" Game On to 'Score' whatever you Think you can't possibly Live without?!?

I was even charting out a Military Style Map of where I would Travel thru the Shop the next Morning to 'Score' every last item on my 'Wish List' that I'd done my Due Diligence to Discover hidden amongst the Treasures!!!  I would be a Woman on a Mission my Friends!!!   With layers upon layers of Treasures a Preview Party comes in mighty handy and is part of the reason I Love them so. 
  I like to Linger and not be rushed... and soak it all in... and Experience the Pristine Vignettes and the Stories they tell of the Found Treasures that they consist of.  To Enjoy the Ambiance of all the Hard Work gone into Styling such an Amazing Themed Event.   And Photograph it without the distraction of Shoppers of coarse... that's the best part actually... looking without buying on impulse becoz you're not in a swarm of Buying Frenzy going on around you!   On Preview Night it's all about the Experience of what has been Showcased so Artfully and Extended an Invitation to like a Gallery ... or someone's really Cool Home!

With the Talented Designers Present... most of which are Friends and so I really look forward to gelling with them and talking about how it all came together, the Inspiration and the back end Stories of many of the Wonderful Treasures... because EVERY Wonderful Treasure comes with a great Story you know!   Only during Opening Day there will be no time to tell it or listen to it lest you miss out on actually 'Scoring' said Treasure(s)!!!   *Ha ha ha*

My Friends are such a Talented bunch and so busy Creating their Magic that it's usually only during the Special Events that we can manage to Connect and catch up.    I can't wait to see what they will Create and bring to Life each Show!?!
I knew my Friend Myko had Created a Cabinet Of Curiousities Theme in her Space and so I couldn't wait to behold the Magic of THAT!

Along with the Sparkle and Refined Autumn Accents would be the Taxidermy and Oddities... I was giddy with Excitement!!!

But what Restraint I would have to gird myself with to pass up Blinged Out Gypsified Pumpkins... the Weird and the Wonderful... and not want to have it ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   And stick to that darned limiting Budget!   *Biting Nails!*

Especially when confronted with the likes of THIS!  *Lustfest of Epic Proportions going on!!!*  Myko you really nailed it my Friend!!!

But one of my MUST HAVE IT AT ALL COSTS Acquisition Mission was for this Set of Addams Family Vintage Playing Cards in my Friend Kim's Space... obscurely peeking out from a Lantern... I was Hopeful that nobody else had spied them... or at least wouldn't get there fast enuf to beat me to them!?!   But I'm Stealthy... and Tenacious when on a Mission...

And since I'd only ever seen these Online before and not even for Sale... I was so Jazzed that Kim had managed to Source them!   She thought of me of coarse *LOL* ... No Kidding, she really did, just ask her.   And though a Little Simple Treasure each... they were my Primary Focus for this Event... anything else I could have gotten over if I hadn't of 'Scored' it... and so it was with much Relief that they were there as I headed full tilt towards them and snatched them out!!!   *LMAO* 

She's been my Muse for as long as I can remember you know... and lets face it... we ARE them in our own way here at Bohemian Valhalla.   I AM a version of Morticia in Real Life!

And the G-Kid Force ARE versions of Wednesday and Pugsley... Princess T is especially a Wednesday Addams Child incarnate even before she ever knew or saw Wednesday on reruns!!!!!   *LOL*

And of coarse my Beloved... The Man... is Gomez.   And some of the rest of the Addams Crew are dead ringers for Extended Family... I Swear... just ask our long time Friends that have gotten to meet and know them all!   *LOL*   And so I rejoiced to 'Score' all three of these Cards!

And I do Hope you'll all come back for the Future Posts of the Event... because there will be several... to Transport you to an Enchanting place filled to the brim with Rustic Remains...

The Weird and the Wonderful... Harvest Delights and everything inbetween!!!

Your Imagination will run Wild and you shall be filled with Inspiration and the Desire to go Home and Decorate for the Upcoming Holidays in YOUR particular Style and preferences!!!

Of coarse you all KNOW what mine are!  *LOL*   And I'm Working upon my Dia de los Muertos Altar now... which is always so much Fun and Nostalgic to pay Homage to our Loved Ones who have Crossed Over before us and who we miss and Fondly Remember every day on this Side of Time and Eternity since Love is Eternal.
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. Glad you got your choice treasures! It does look like a fun time!

    1. Oh it certainly was a Fun Time... I could go back each of the four days for this particular Event if I could manage it... Halloween is my Favorite Holiday to Decorate for! Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. I seriously think I need to come down for this event next year! LOL

    1. And when you do my Friend, be sure to get my pertinents via a PM and we can hook up and I can show you all the sights... oh what Mischief we can get into! *winks* Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Wow great post. I am impressed how you manage it all. I understand how hard it is to treat yourself to events like this. I was feeling a little run down from all the family stuff and I thought it would be nice to take myself away for a few hours and what better place than Sweet Salvage to do that. And Halloween... my all time favorite holiday. So on a whim I decided to go on Friday. The kids were in school, the youngest started kinder this year so I had the whole day to myself no Dr. appt, no errands, no dogs to take to the vet. I walked in and it was amazing so many wonderful treasures. My heart was a flutter. Looking around trying not to miss one little bit. I was there for 10 minutes and my phone rings it was the school my daughter was sick 103 temp. It was time for me to go. life was calling. At least I got to see it for a few minutes and what I saw was wonderful. Unfortunately I didn't get to take home any treasures.(my husband will be happy about that) Thanks to posts like yours I get to see some of what I missed. Great score on the Adams family cards. BTW my madden name is Adams. Everyone would call us the Adams family and snap there fingers. lol My favorite show to watch after school when I was growing up that and The Munsters. Thanks for sharing. Rebecca

    1. Oh... I can SOOO relate to those Emergency Phone Calls at the most inopportune times! *Le Sigh* Glad you were able to see some of it in person tho' because Images just don't do it Justice, you have to BE there for the full on effect and Ambiance it Creates. Hope the little one is doing better now? Hugs... Dawn... The Bohemian


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