Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Our Dia de los Muertos Altar





One of our Favorite Traditions and Rituals is the Creation of our Altars... especially our Dia de los Muertos Altar to pay Homage to our departed Loved Ones who have Crossed Over, a Beautiful way to include them in our Holiday Celebrations with Remembrance and Love.  The Altar will continue to grow as we decide upon which Photographs of the departed Family, Friends and Fur Babies we want to include this year and to add our Love Notes and Messages throughout coming weeks.
I always have a lot of Fun Creating Altars... and especially this one since it is so Vibrant, Colorful, Cheerful and holds such a Personal Meaning of those we miss every day and never forget.  I've decided that this year when I print some of the Photos I will make Altered Art Cards with them to add to the Altar... the G-Kids are Excited to assist me with this Project to Honor those we Love and miss so very much.  It makes us Happy just to behold the Altar every day and light the Candles, so we tend to put it up earlier and take it down later each year.   If you are looking for some Lovely but inexpensive Dia de los Muertos Accents for your own Altar this year, TARGET has a new Line this year for this Celebration that I just Loved and bought early because it was Selling Out fast in our Community!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh wow, that's amazing. SO many beautiful pieces.

    I love sugar skulls, but we have nothing of the sort over here. I only got my very first Dia de los Muertos garland this year.

  2. Lovely, I started putting ours up this week.Grand-kids are excited to see the movie coming out about the holiday.

  3. Very Colorful! I bet you do enjoy it a great deal!

  4. Love it! It looks beautiful! I love the idea of celebrating your ancestors with partying and leaving them food! A wonderful, vibrant celebration and with a more positive outlook on death (and life)!


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