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Vintage Bliss Warehouse Market ~ Part II

We're back at VINTAGE BLISS Warehouse Market for part two of this Month's Event.  I was so Inspired by my Friend Tricia's Styling of the Warehouse Spaces that it Shamed me into re-foofing my own Showrooms a bit more since they've been sadly neglected in recent weeks.  A slump in Sales had been Testimony that I needed to get with the program!  Sales instantly bouyed, evidence that if you Work it, it works... and I KNOW that in my head, but sometimes my body wants to languish and be a lazy Vendor!

 Source: My Friend Pamela Facebook
If only we could have such smooth skin... and such a Hard Body... I was thinking of 'pickin' the nose, since I was out 'Pickin',  but didn't wanna gross you guys out!  *LOL*  As I sit here lookin' at the Linebacker size of my biceps tho' I'm thinkin' that perhaps I'm schlepping way too much heavy Junque... not sure I wanna look like a WWF Wrestler with those guns!?!   But then again... my arms are the only rock Solid body parts without fat on 'em so I also feel rather conflicted about it!  *Ha ha ha!!!*

In fact I've been Feeling a bit Conflicted about a lot of things lately and the direction I want to go on them, my Showrooms included.   Have you ever just NEEDED to revamp it ALL... but hesitate because you know you'd be taking on a gargantuan Project of epic proportions?   And like I need another Project, or more Work, right?!!!!!!!??!   And thus, the Conflict of what I have a strong Urge to do, but stand on the fence about.
This has been the week stacked up with Doctor, School and Caseworker Appointments for the Kiddos so just squeezing in some Retail Therapy, Girl Time and infusing heady doses of Inspiration has been Challenging enough... without adding to the Chaos at Home or the Showrooms!   *LOL*

But I so LOVE Styling my Treasures... be they at Home or in my Retail Spaces... and when I behold the Wonderful Styling my Friends have accomplished it amplifies the strong Urges I've also had to do the same.   I'm just in the Zone when I'm Styling... but it is a lot of Work and you do need to be able to do it without a host of interruptions and distractions to do it properly... and Time... even if my days held more than twenty-four hours I doubt I'd have sufficient TIME to do all I want and NEED to!?!

 Source: My Friend Pamela Facebook

Not to mention I have stacked up mounds of Inventory that need to be... well... Inventoried and Priced.  I'm all Gung-Ho about the Sourcing of Inventory... and the Styling of Inventory... but the actual Inventorying of Inventory or wading thru my possessions to Edit and Purge what should be in Inventory rather than my house... not so much!   *LOL*   Do you have that same problem my Friends?   Those tasks you could do endlessly... and those you put off for as long as possible because you abhor those... even if they're equally, or even more, important?!?
 Source: My Friend Pamela Facebook

The CPS Caseworker for the Kiddos is coming by on Wednesday and so I know I've got to prioritize moving out the piles of Inventory that should have already been IN the Showrooms for Sale.   I mean, it's not as if it's gonna Sell in piles at my house, right?   *LOL*   The Caseworker has always been enamored by our Home and it's contents, so The Man always tells me to relax, it all looks Fine enough.  But I still bear the Shame when it's appearing disorganized to me and I've got things in rooms that shouldn't even be there.  Because they should have been Worked and moved on to where they SHOULD BE!  *Le Sigh*   I think any Small Biz Vendor or Artist experiences this dilemma of what I like to call The Organized Chaos of Work In Progress!?  
And I'm a Type A Personality... if I'm having Guests that aren't Invited or aren't long-time Friends, I want my Home to look decent and presentable... so that I don't have to apologize for anything... or everything... because I don't know what they're thinking?!?   Or writing down in their little notebooks if they're Caseworkers you've been Assigned for the Kinship Placement of the G-Kids.  Its awkward when you have to involuntarily Welcome them into your Home every single Month.

 Aware that they reserve the right to scrutinize everything and anything anywhere in the Home or on the Property.  Even Private Spaces and Personal Sanctuaries most Guests wouldn't ever have carte blanche access uninvited to!  Very Stressful even if you're immaculate and very organized... and I'm no domestic goddess.   So it's very, very Stressful for me because Housekeeping isn't a particular Strength and so very much is at stake... my Precious Grandchildren's continued Placement in a Safe and Loving Environment with Family rather than Strangers! 

 My Friends I am Relational enough with that they can see me at my worst and most chronically disorganized and not Judge... in fact, they might even pitch in and Help or commisserate.   But with other Guests coming over, especially involuntary Guests... I Stress about what the house looks like, is it tidy ENOUGH, clean ENOUGH, organized ENOUGH???!!   And especially Caseworkers for the Kiddos since we're trying to convince Family Court to allow us to Adopt them so the Placement is Secured as Permanent.   And this Crew I'm constantly running damage control behind because they're a High Maintenance Trio.

So to BE Inspired and to KEEP Inspired and Centered is Crucial for me.  It helps me keep the kind of Home I Desire... keep my Studio Space more Organized and Inspirational to be in... and assist me with Presentation in my own Retail Spaces.  So that my Customers will Feel a similar Atmosphere I always Enjoy in my Favorite Retail Spaces or Shows... and want to linger and most importantly BUY the Inventory!  *Smiles*
It's True that Presentation is vitally Important in Showcasing what you have offered for Sale and have Customers Imagine what their Spaces could look like with those items in it, so that they WANT it or desperately NEED it now!  *Smiles*

Because how many times have you walked into a Shop that took your breath away and NOT come Home with SOMETHING?    Or on the flip side, gone into a Shop that was 'meh' and come away empty handed because it just didn't Transport you anywhere or Wow you in any way?

The Art of Display is HUGE in my book... it will make the difference usually on whether I'll make a purchase or not actually in any Retail Setting.   If I'm Junquing I might expect to wade thru mounds of whatever to hit Rusty Gold or that hidden Treasure and the Thrill of the Hunt does hold it's Appeal in those instances.   But if I'm going into a Brick and Mortar Shop or to a Show or Event, my Expectations are higher I must admit.  That's why I loathe most Chain Stores and Mega Corporations... so Predictable and catering to the masses in such a non-stimulating way. *Yawn*

That's also why I'm a staunch Supporter of Small Businesses, Local Artists and Artisans making distinctive products in small quantities.   Or the Curated Collections of Vintage, Collectibles and Antiques that many Smaller Business Owners offer and they've carefully and thoughtfully Sourced, Displayed and also Love just as much as I do.   There is just that Appreciation for the Product that Corporate America can't really match when they're mass producing their Inventory or Creating Re-Pops of whatever is Trending and will make Bank so they're jumping on the Bandwagon of. 

I'd rather pay a little more for Hand-Crafted Lovelies or the Real Deal Vintage Item if I have the option of getting it over Settling for a Reproduction or Knock-Off.

Well, be sure to come back for Part Three of the Post Series of Touring VINTAGE BLISS Warehouse Market with us my Friends.   We like having you along and I Hope you're as Wowed as we were and being duly Inspired as well?  It may even make you want to put some Pink and Sparkle into your World as well?!  *Winks* 

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Yes the way the booth is displayed is important to me too! Love to get ideas for displaying as I shop around!


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