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The Salvage Yard's August Event

It was time once again to make the Pilgrimage to THE SALVAGE YARD and see what I could 'Score' for the Studio Makeover this trip?

Loved how Editorial the Wall of Chairs was... but being the Old Chair Hoarder that I already am, there was not room to squeeze one more into the mix so I just Enjoyed the Visuals.  *Winks*

Loved the Sepia Hued Old Dress Form too... but it wasn't yet time to bring another Dress Form Gal into the fold either...

And as Tempting as Beautiful Velvet Pumpkins are to me this time of year when I've got an Autumn Vibe already on my Mind and Visions of Velvet Pumpkin Patches dancing on the Canvas of my Imagination, I stayed True to the Mission Statement for this Trip!  {Pats Self on the back...}

And there were Wonderful Velvet Pumpkin Creations EVERYWHERE... so that was no easy task lemme tell ya!  *Winks*

This row of Vintage Industrial Scales filled with Velvet Pumpkins being weighed was so Cute!

It helped me not to stray off task with so many of our Friends being there on the Thrill of the Hunt as well.  My Friend Katie will soon have her Etsy Shop up and running to offer her Wonderful Altered Art Wearable  Fashion and Jewelry Line from her business SACRED HEART STUDIOS.   She's wearing one of her Beautiful Creations and I can hardly wait to fill my Wardrobe with some since she will Design for the Real Size Women as well as the Diminutive Sized ones.

So be sure to visit her Facebook Page Link as well to see more of her Beautiful New Line!

My Friend Pamela had me Vogue in front of part of the set of Beautiful Cut Velvet Vintage Chairs she was seriously Jonesin' for!  *LOL*   She'd forgotten her Camera this trip, so good thing her Pathological Picture Taking Friend Dawn was along, huh?  *Winks*

And though the Fabulous Velvet Chairs were not on my Mission Statement... Guess what was?  Yep, right... Dead Pheasant... which Pamela called the Dead Peasant and had me LMAO!!!
So... lets clarify:
peasant (ˈpɛz ə nt) —n: 1. a. a member of a class of low social status that depends on either cottage industry or agricultural labour as a means of subsistence. 



  • Pheasant refers to several genera within the subfamily Phasianinae, of the family Phasianidae in the order Galliformes. Pheasants are characterised by strong sexual dimorphism, males being highly ornate with bright colours and adornments such as wattles and long tails. Males are usually larger than females and have longer tails. Males play a part in rearing the young. Pheasants typically eat seeds and some insects.
    Scientific name: Phasianidae
Yes, the 'H' makes all the difference on this one... Rest Assured, I won't be hanging any Dead Peasants in the Studio... I Promise!   *I think there might be a Law against it anyways... LOL*   But now Pamela and I have this Great Inside Joke when either of us says 'Peasant'... and that made it PRICELESS!  *Smiles* 

And now you can be in on it too... and folks will Wonder why the Word Peasant will bring about such raucous laughter amongst us!?  *Winks*   My New Acquisition will soon be Mounted on the Wall of the Art Studio Cottage with a Wee Tiara on it's Head and Modeling some Bohemian Bling.   I liked that it was a very flat Wall Mount so won't take up as much space as my other Dead Pheasant Table Mount.


But I digress... back to the Chairs... there were a trio of them... and they really were quite Magnificent.


And I was quite Surprised actually that they weren't some of the first Treasures out the door when the crowds descended at Nine AM!   But at least since they stuck around for a minute I was able to Photograph them for Inspiration.

I'd never seen a Vintage Moon Globe... and I thought I'd seen everything... so I hadda Photograph that too.

In fact, if you are an Avid Globe or Map Collector... you would have been in Seventh Heaven for this Month's Event because there was a Bounty of each!  
 I missed out on the Black one, which are what I'm partial to and in a few years there will be a Shortage of since I will have Hoarded THEM ALL!  *Winks*   Couldn't even snag a pix of it since it was already on the counter being paid for and I didn't want to be intrusive to it's new owner.  It was a Lovely Vintage Specimen though... I was a tad disappointed I hadn't seen it first.  *Pout*

 But, the Laws of Attraction being what they are... the next Shop we visited I saw another one!  {Note: Pixs of other Shops will be in other Posts.}   But, alas it was newer and it had a plastic base so I Passed. But then the next Shop had one that I 'Scored'... a Vintage early 1950's Black Replogle Globe and for only Twenty Bucks!  *Happy Dance!* 

 You rarely ever see the Black ones... or at a low price... so to see three in one day... unbelievable odds!  The Laws of Attraction were clearly in Hyperdrive this day!

And me holding firm to my Mission Statement of the day made me Proud of Self.  Because Temptation abounded I tell ya!!!   Prices of most Treasures was ridiculously low so it could have been easy to Justify getting off track!  *Smiles*

My Wish List for this trip was rather Short actually so I could be more Focused than usual.  I've found that if I don't try to have this Epic Sized Wish List for each Treasure Hunt, it tends to be more Successful... so that's one of my New Tactics and Rules when I'm out 'Pickin'.

It's not as if I won't still snag something Primo that isn't on The List if I happen to accidentally run across it... but sometimes I clutter up my Mission Statement too much so Streamlining it is working out better for me having a more Successful Junquing Experience.

Loved this Vignette... I happen to have an Affinity for empty Vintage Frames... as well as for Unframed Vintage Art... go figure...

Our Friend Karen had some of her Hand-Dyed Seam Binding and Repurposed Sari Fabrics Trim so I did pick up some of those... she had Sold Out of the Hues I wanted at Art Unraveled of the Seam Binding... and all of the Repurposed Sari Fabrics Trim...  so I was glad she had a great selection available for this Event.

I was thinking this Kid looked Creepy enough to be a great Halloween Prop... but that wasn't on my Mission Statement so I Passed on Creepy Kid sneaking down the stairs with his Menagerie of Critters.

My main Focus for the Mission Statement had once again been Smalls for Creating Gypsy Bling and Altered Art Projects in the making for Autumn and Halloween.   And I 'Scored' big again on both at the Event.

Hard to decide which Goodie Bags to Choose tho' when there's so many Wonderful Choices!  Instinct tells me to get them ALL... but Budget says otherwise dammit!  *LOL*
Since the G-Kiddos starting School has tapped me out this Month... and is STILL Costing me in fact since High School Expenses seem never ending... Budget Won Out over Instinct this trip.  *Le Sigh*  The Young Prince twirling a Flag in Band is apparently Costing me a small fortune... who knew?!?  Participation Fees, Class Fee, Uniform Fees, Physical Fees!!! *WTF!!!* 

 I mean, who knew that twirling a Flag also required a complete Athletic Physical!?!?!  *LMAO* Or that it has to be done so quickly that our Regular Doc that we would have Paid CPS Insurance Coverage for, can't get him in for in time so we have to explore UNPAID Options so he doesn't have to drop out before he really even starts the Class! *Dammit!* 

 Random pix of Miss Priss inserted in Post becoz it reminds me that Raising Fur Babies is way Cheaper than Raising Kids and doesn't take nearly as long!  *Smiles*  Oh well... 'tis what it 'tis!  And THIS is precisely some of the reasons why I NEED Retail Therapy from time to time folks!  *Winks*

And I did feel much more Centered after a Morning of Girl Time...

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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  1. Good for you! Looks like you got some fun things for creating too!


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