Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Post-Birthday Post

It can be really hard to come down from a Birthday Celebration... I mean, on your Birthday it's ALL ABOUT YOU... and I LIKE that... in fact, I could get quite used to that!  *Winks* 

  And so I can have a difficult time getting back to my 'normal' routine of Caregiving drudgery after having the heady Rush of a complete day of Birthday Freedom.  Of doing anything and everything I want without considering anybody else or having an entourage in tow!!!  Even if it wasn't anything Special, Spectacular or Planned Out... Complete Freedom is something I Covet and is absolutely Priceless!
I had a mound of Lovely Birthday Cards show up right on time... my Fav being the Frida one my Talented Mixed Media Artist Friend Pamela Created.  Using every conceivable Fabric she knows I J'Adore on it... a Frida Birthday Card of complete Fiber Excess is absolute Perfection!  It's now hanging on our Year Round Tree... which is about to be switched over into Dia de los Muertos/Halloween/Autumn Decor this week.   But the Frida Kahlo Art will remain since she's so Iconic to be Honored for Dia de los Muertos.
But Dawn, it's still only Mid-August you might be Thinking?!?   Well, aren't you?  *LOL*  Yes, I know... but the Anticipation of Decorating for our Favorite string of Holidays is just too much every year.  So Princess T and I always jump the gun way early in dragging out our Favorite Seasonal Decor and starting the Process so we can take our time and enjoy the Ambiance of it as long as possible.  Remember, we are the Addams Family Type people and surrounding ourself with that Style is our Normal!  *Winks ~ Future Decor Posts will follow in days to come!*

Besides we were fueled on Fresh Fruit Tarts and Haagen Daas Ice-Cream for my Birthday Celebration so we were two extremely Hyper Gals all Hyped Up on a Sugar Blaze and needing to burn off that excess Energy before I Crashed and Burned.  *Smiles*

Yes, I knew the Crash and Burn was coming for me you see because I had done too much for my Birthday... and eaten too much forbidden fruits... literally!   *Smiles*   So this Morning was my last Hurrah before I Tanked!!! *Le Sigh*   I had actually spent the first half of my Birthday from Sunup to 2:30 pm WORKING at our Antique Mall's big "Name Your Own Price Sale"... because I always do well during a good Gypsy Haggle Sale so I wasn't about to miss it and not bump up Sales by being there in the flesh to Negotiate everyone's Best Deals that wanted my stuff!  *Winks*

And our Antique Mall also generously provides a yummy Breakfast and Lunch for the Dealers that Participate... and the Fellowship of Sharing Meals with my Dealer Friends was a Perfect way to kick off my Birthday Celebration... making Money ta boot!   We also got another Free T-Shirt emblazoned with our Mall's Logo, which is Great Free Advertisement when you're out and about.  I did Well during the Sale and had a lot of Fun... but I did bail at Two-Thirty because I had the Urge to go 'Pickin' and also to look for Art Supplies and to soak in Seasonal Decor Eye-Candy.   Yes, my Urges on my Birthday aren't that different than most other days actually!  *LOL*

So I spent an inordinate amount of time at 'Hobby Lobby'... not that I bought a whole lot... but because they'd just put out their Autumn and Winter Seasonal Decor... and because their Bohemian Bling Supplies are so Awesome, especially when they're On Sale!  So I hadda at least see it all before it got picked over by other Early Starters like us!  *Winks*  'Hobby Lobby' is one of the few Chain Stores I do still Enjoy tremendously and frequent often in fact. 

Now, I've got enough Tree Decor for every Season and Year until I die that I might want to Decorate it differently... but I still like to behold all the newest Tree Decor and at least Photograph those I fall in Love with!  *Smiles*   I've limited myself to one or two Tree Decor Purchases a year anymore because I've been Seriously Editing and Purging Seasonal Decorations for a couple of years now. I've de-stashed Seasonal Decor successfully and won't want to do it again in the Future.

And I don't spend as much on Seasonal Decor as I used to when we were Younger and probably had more Holidays in front of us than behind us.  I don't even feel the need to... I also don't Decorate as All Out as we used to either, but I sure like to behold others who still do.   At times I think I might like to get back to Over-Decorating for the Holidays, but then Reality sets in and the Holidays Rush up on me and leave me unprepared to.  But damn, this year the New Ornaments were so Alice In Wonderland Fabulous that it was hard not to WANT to have a Wonderland Tree this year!  *Winks*  This Ballerina Donkey was my Fav of the Line!

In fact, this ENTIRE Line of Alice In Wonderland Style Animals was my absolute Favorite of all the Seasonal Decor and so very My Style of over the top Surreal Imaginative Whimsical Quirkiness!  Each equally as an Adorable tumble down the Rabbit Hole as the next!!!   I'd want to meet the Designer(s) of this Series... they'd mos def be MY kind of People!  *Smiles*

But I'm thinking that perhaps IF I do make one Purchase of Ornamentation this year it might have to be this Peacock... since it will already go with other Decor I have for the Tree and the Wonderland Set would Tempt me too much to want IT ALL!?!  *Winks*

Because who could stop at a Ballerina Donkey when Friends such as this exist?

Could I limit myself to my Self-Imposed maximum of two per year... I doubt it... so I don't even wanna go there my Friends! 

Too darned Cute they were as an entire Set to just Settle for one... or two... and I know myself too well!  *Winks*

Lucky for me I'm more in the Halloween and Dia de los Muertos Spirit right now so bypassing Christmas Tree Ornamentation wasn't so difficult... and Hopefully, the closer to Christmas we come... they'll be Sold Out and there will therefore be Zero Temptation to cave in?!  *LOL*

Besides... this year I was thinking more along the lines of an Architectural Salvage, Organic Fabrics and Vintage Photo Tree when we get around to Decorating for Christmas... but we'll see what I Feel like by Mid-November... everything is subject to Change without notice around here and I'm not very rigid when it comes to Decorating in a Theme or Style really.

I've been known to turn on a dime when it comes to Decorating and just make it up as I go along with Spontaneous Abandon... it usually turns out much better that way than something contrived or Planned out meticulously.

I tend to prefer Living Spontaneously anyway and especially having the Creative Process be absolutely Spontaneously and Evolving as if it has a Life of it's own.   Which sometimes I really Believe it does since it tends to unfold as if it does anyway when I'm Creating something.

And Styling for the Holidays is my Absolute Favorite thing to do... which is probably why we've decided, as a Family, to keep our Champagne Metallic Pencil Tree up all year long now and just Decorate it for various Seasons rather than taking it down and putting it up again only during the Christmas Holiday.

We really like the way it looks in the room and it makes all Year and each and every day seem like a Special Celebration... and that's how we choose to Live actually... in a Celebration of Daily Life!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... where I'm STILL recovering from Birthday Celebration Excess... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. So lovely! I see that you had a wonderful birthday, and I wish you many more! Loving the birthday cards, by the way! :)

  2. What a lovely Birthday Celebration having a whole day just for you!! Was much needed and appreciated I know! Yes those ornaments are really special!


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