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The Makeover... Phase I... Big Woman Small Room

Okay, so as you know by my previous Post I'm in full swing with a Room Makeover because I'm Insane like that... the previous Guest Bedroom to be exact.  It's a diminutive room of this Old House and I haven't been described as diminutive in quite some time... thus... Big Woman Small Room... it's Interesting as it plays out to say the least!  *Winks*

It was a necessary Transformation for a Host of reasons.  Primarily because we almost never used it to Host Guests anymore and aren't Inviting any anytime soon so it became the catch all room without much Purpose or occupancy.   I Hate wasted Space and the clutter in there was driving me Crazy!  As were the Pink Walls, which I never liked either, but a Painting Project was until now not a high priority.

I had some discount Paint that I got real cheap becoz it was on the Ooops Sale Paint Clearance at Lowes... mostly becoz it behaves in a very unpaintly fashion and 'distresses' itself so that it looks like Aged Sepia Hued Leather.  That was a Plus in my Mind, I'd Patent the Screw Up if they could replicate the Accident that caused that effect?!?  *LOL*   I had painted the back wall of Showroom One-Fourteen with it and Loved the results so I'd decided it was the preferred Palette for this room's Sepia Hued Vision.  It looks much better than it Photographs, Trust me it's totally Cool. 

Princess T's impression is that it's Baby Poo color {Ha Ha Gramma!}... everyone wants to be a Critic and Comedian... too bad Kid, I happen to Love it.  And since I'm the Unpaid Help sweating bullets making over this room, so you can have a private playroom away from the Guys and where you can keep your Dollhouse and it's paraphernalia set up indefinitely, quit complaining!  *Winks*

Yes, that's the other Primary reason I'm deep into this Project... she's driving everyone Crazy setting up her Dollhouse and all it's extended crap around the house... and because it takes her so long to Style it, she doesn't want to take it down and put it away... EVER!  *Le Sigh*  So it's a constant eyesore where ever she transplants it... and helping her schlep that large Toy around with it's baskets of Furnishings and Inhabitants is a pain in the ass and getting old fast!  *Smiles*

Have you ever stepped on miniature Dollhouse parts on a Persian Rug becoz they blend in so well and she missed them during cleanup or transport?   Well... we all have and it's akin to scattered Lego landmines!  Or Heaven Forbid vaccuum her fav pieces up that nobody saw until they got sucked up accidentally?  *Oops*  That's Drama I can certainly live without... so she needed a permanent location for said House so it wasn't the Nomad Pad!  *LOL*

Also, I'm needing a Therapuetic Distraction from the Family Court Process we're going thru to attempt to Adopt the G-Kid Force or become Permanent Placement Guardians, which is taking forever and a day... and is very Stressful and so out of my Control.  I NEED Control... I'm freaky like that... a complete self-confessed Control Freak in fact!   Anytime I'm being Creative and deep into a Project, I'm in the Zone and in my Element Creating a Happy Place with Positive Energies to dispel any lingering bad ones or feeling powerless to Control my World.  *Smiles*

But being also OCD I had to start with a blank canvas and build upon it... which meant everything had to go out and be sorted thru to decide what could come back in.  And discern what didn't 'belong' in the Vision and could therefore go Bye-Bye?   This is a tedious time consuming Process and has to be done in increments so I don't overwhelm myself and get mired down in minutia or stall.  It also creates a huge mess and chaos in other rooms until I'm done.

Done meaning every single frivolous Detail like Labeling each Suitcase now with it's contents that have been carefully Edited and Purged so that they can come back into the room.   The Labeling is on the back... yes, I had to Create Special Tags too that color coordinate with the Suitcase it's attached to becoz I'm Nuts like that!  But you knew that about me, right?  *Winks*  Yes, even the Seam Binding is Hand-Dyed... I told you I'm totally OCD about stuff... now you know where Princess T gets it from... apparently it's deeply imbedded in our DNA makeup?!  *LMAO*

But... I'm having Fun with it so I don't mind the Mess, Disorder and Chaos reigning in major rooms we use a lot that are now holding an obstacle course of what used to be in this room!  *Smiles*  Well, I didn't mind until the Kiddos Attorney ad Litem calls and says she's coming over in a few hours for an eleventh hour Consult before our Court Hearing in the Morning... meeting us and seeing our Home for the first time ever!  *Uh oh!!!*

Sweet Baby Jesus, this could be a problemo... she won't know we don't always live like this and I'm not Insane ALL the time... and will she then decide this isn't appropriate placement and not convince the Judge?   Crap!   Too late now tho'... an uninvited Guest is now on the way so we'll just Pray she only stays in the Livingroom and won't ask to use the Bathroom or view the entire Home and Property?!?   Thankfully Urgent Prayers were answered and she did NOT!  *Whew!*

Hey, if she comes back another time, with prior and adequate Notice, things will look Fabulous because I do TRY to stay on Point and have a Presentable Home most of the time.   *Smiles*  But running damage control behind the three stooges is a full time job so I can't Promise anything if you just happen to show up uninvited... hey, we LIVE here and it's rarely Photo Op Magazine Spread worthy!  Hence, only right after a Makeover can I do any Panoramics!  *LOL*


But this is a Work In Progress so you won't get any panned Panoramics of the entire room just yet... there are parts of it you don't wanna see yet, seriously, I even try not to look!  *Ha ha ha*  Big Woman, Small Room, remember?   So yeah, it's tight and not a lot of maneuverability... especially when you're doing everything from laying different Old Persian Rugs in there to fixating on one small area 'til it's Perfect!

Her Toys will come in last and she'll insist on Styling those... so I'm trying to get my shots while it's still just my stuff and I can stand to be in the room, or not be banished, Okay?  *Winks*

Well... if it's HER Playroom then why is your stuff even in there Dawn?  Well... because I have a lot of stuff and it's everywhere. *Winks*  But remember, I had to unexpectedly raise a whole other Generation and Share my Golden Years and Retirement Dream Home now with Littlest Pet Shops, Monster High Dolls, Pokemon characters, various Action Figures and whatever else wee peeps NEED spread all across every room most days too!!! 

So at least if I have some of my Lovelies in each room to behold and uplift me I don't so much mind cleaning up the carnage of the rest of the room after THEY'VE been in there reeking havoc and leaving an Apocalyptic Mess behind.   Yes, I taught them to clean up after themselves... do they always do it?  Or without a running Battle and excessive Drama and Procrastination, which is just more exhausting than doing it myself... Hell No!

So I'm self-indulgent on Purpose as a Preservation Method and so that I don't commit any homicides around here and have to Share Space with a Cell Mate in a much more diminutive room than this one!  *Winks*

Besides, I long ago gave up the Fantasy of having my own Private Spaces around here that nobody else would Intrude upon and not Insist on Sharing Space with me in... so we just learned to co-exist by blending our stuff in a delicate compromise around here.

And Respecting the knowledge that if Gramma has to give up and Sacrifice just about everything else worth Living for... let her at least have her stuff!  Scattered about this Old House like remnants of what Neverwas but is still Dreamed about.

If I can Create an Atmosphere I want to not Escape from then it has to have a certain Appeal so that I can resist that Urge to run away and join the Circus.   After all our Dream Home has to have Evidence of at least some of the Dream as we Dreamed it should be!

I have enclaves of that infused with that which makes me twitch and wanna go Postal!  *LOL*

And I'm sure that even tho' just the parameter of parts of the room hold my Treasures and she will have Center Stage for her stuff... those LPS Characters and their Furnishings and Friends will end up 'Exploring' Gramma's Vignettes... they always do... and those touches of the Innocent's Whimsey often make me Smile too.

And bit by bit the room is coming together as Phase II begins soon... with some Furniture Makeovers and the Process of moving in the Empire of a Princess.  And I'll defer as she reigns Supreme in there...

Not minding that Gramma is Sharing the Space too with Lovelies that she also Enjoys being surrounded by as she plays and Imagines and Dreams her Childlike Dreams.

And paints pictures upon the Canvas of her own Imagination as she Creates her Version of a Beautiful World she has Dominion over.

I think we all like to do that... each in our own way and in our own degree of making it come to Life around us.   Mine tends to be over the top extravagant because that's just how I've always Rolled.

And a certain Princess insisted that I buy every color of Play Dough under the Rainbow so that she can begin Creating the Wardrobe for her Characters that will Grace her new Dollhouse Domain in there.

Honestly 'Project Runway' ain't got nothin' on this Kid... she can Create exquisite Play Dough Wardrobe in the blink of an eye!

And at a mere fifty cents a tub for each Hue it's the Cheapest Peace I've ever bought!  *Winks*

She can literally spend hours Creating and then Re-Creating endless Ensembles for her Models! 

Only now she'll be soon able to do it away and apart from the Guys so there will be a whole lot less Drama and Fussing going on around here as she sequesters herself in the Makeover Room at the back of the house.  And when she's busy doing that Hopefully she'll have less time to Torment the rest of us?  Or have the Guys Tormenting her and Fussing about her stuff being EVERYWHERE as she plays with everything and nothing all at once!!!  And I won't be yelling to clean up, clear needed Space and put it all away.  *Fingers Crossed*

Hey when we Dream around here... we Dream Big... *Winks* ... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 

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  1. Gorgeous room Dawn, it's so damn funky, love the colour too and every minute detail.You must be so happy with it, and there's so many lovely treasures...Pink Mary and framed butterflies are particularly drool worthy:-) Wishing you a beautiful weekend there in the desert.


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