Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Make-Over ~ Phase III ~ It's Her Room Now

Yes... it was Time... for me to relinquish The Make-Over and my part of the Project and turn it over to Princess T for completion...  I looked back at what I'd done and felt quite Accomplished.

I'd put a few final touches in place... and tho' bittersweet to relinquish such a Zen Room where I could easily Hang-Out myself, I knew how Excited she was to Take Over the Space and make it her own...

We added her Love Note Chalkboard above where the Dollhouse would be installed in Hopefully it's final destination... so that it would no longer be a Nomad Pad being toted around every room of the house Gypsy Style?!?

I took one last look around before Phase III would begin... and turned it over...

There was the 'Void' to fill after all in the Play Areas.

And she wasted no time in filling it up with her possessions... so that Play could begin immediately!

I'm always Amazed at how fast this Kid can Style and finish her part... since my part had taken so long!   Maybe I shouldda had her helping me more in the beginning and we couldda gotten it done in half the time?!   *LOL*

She had Dollhouse Styled and Boutiques Set Up within the Hour!!!

And even Time for Humor as she said, "Gramma look... she's a Hoarder... Ha ha ha!!!"   That Kid is a Riot... LPS Kitty Hoarder!  LMAO every time I think about it now!!!  Especially since some of my rooms during the Make-Over kinda resembled this scene for a while as they became Staging Areas and 'til I could start getting it cleared out after the Make-Over was finally done!   *Whew*
Of coarse in HER Home everything was Orderly and Perfectly Staged... just how she likes it... if this Kid doesn't become a Professional Organizer and Stylist I'll be Surprised... she has a Gift for Enjoying doing that kinda thing and to her it's Play to Clean and Organize!  Yeah, she definitely didn't get that from Moi, huh?!  *Winks* 

She'd even had time to go thru her massive Collection of Dollhouse contents and give some away to various Friends... guess she's in Edit and Purge Mode too... and that's Okay... it's a Good Habit to have to Curate your possessions as you go and often.

It was Enjoyable seeing her all moved in and the culmination of all my Hard Work to make the Purpose of this Room what it needed to be during this Season of our Lives.

And it Tickles me to see all of her little Touches in 'Her' version of what makes a Home... notice the strategically placed Snacks and Treats all over the Home?!  *Smiles*   And there's Rich Fabrics draped everywhere... well, at least she got something from my Genetic Code and Influence!  *LOL*

Now after she's spent an enormous amount of Time Carefully Staged and Decorated her Dollhouse in Creative Play, it won't have to be disturbed or picked up and put away anymore.   And I can Relate to how Priceless that is since that's why I Enjoy my Art Studio Cottage so much too!

Mission Accomplished... now... it's on to the Next Project...  Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. For my granddaughter it's her "office" that takes over space(and my office supplies mysteriously appear in!)..But I remind myself how fast they grow, and soon she will put aside toys for the heavier burdens of life. So i try to chill and enjoy every second of her play time. It will be gone to soon, seems like yesterday it was her mother playing.
    You have made a magic place for your princess to play and you get to look at your good stuff too! Win, Win!


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