Saturday, August 23, 2014

Sweet Salvage ~ The Trilogy ~ Part II

Today we went back to SWEET SALVAGE to Enjoy more of "The Trilogy' Theme which was also Celebrating the Third Birthday Anniversary of this Event.   My Adorable Talented Friend Cyndie of 'Vintage Envy' had Created more Bling Babies... so I added one to my expanding Collection... see if you can Guess which one it is in this Post?  *Winks*  I was J'Adoring Cyndie's Ensemble, if I could still Rock a short dress I'd buy one just like it and she and I could be Twins!  *Smiles*
 Wow, has it already been three years?  How Time flies when you're having Fun!   And Fun we always have at these Events.   Today as well as the G-Kid Force I brought along two of Prince R's Good Friends... so I had a Trio of Teens... and The Princess in tow.   And since there was a Catered Party going on the Kiddos were leaving on a Cupcake Blaze!  Their Parents can Thank me later!  *Bwahahahaha!!!*

Thankfully Chocolate I can't have and the Diabetes keeps me in check for slamming the Sweets so I was Golden and able to Resist all the Confections, Delightful as they were!  *Whew!*

But Sweet Baby Jesus... keeping those Kids away from Cake and Cupcakes was NOT gonna happen, so I didn't even try... and hey, when they wake up from their Sugar Comas it will be a brand new week, right?  *Smiles*

There was also yummy Pomegranate Spritzers... this one was mine, snagged the last one on the tray!  *Whoop Whoop!*   I also did my best to snag a pix of Prince R's two Elusive Teen Friends there on the Right... best I could do... you know how Elusive capturing the Teen in their Element is when they're hiding their faces and insisting, "No Pictures of me!!!"   *Winks* 
And a Salad from 'Urban Table' that was Divine... MUST REMEMBER all of the ingredients this one had... lemme see... Blueberries, Peaches, Goat Cheese, Walnuts, Fresh Greens and a Honey infused Dressing... this is Healthy Food that doesn't feel like deprivation!!!

Prince R with his Fav Chef Traci of 'Urban Table'!  He's considering the Culinary Arts... my Dad would be so Proud of his Natural Talent for a similar Passion and Culinary Giftings!

And Princess T has similar Passions to Gramma Dawn so she was Transported to a Magical Place when she beheld the newly expanded Boutique Section!!!   Bohemian Bling and Gypsy Couture Fashions Galore oh my!!!   *Smiles*

Yeah, it was difficult to get her or I out of there... AGAIN!  *Smiles*  The Teen Trio had bailed on us anyway almost as we walked thru the doors and were off doing their own thing somewhere at the Event... I hadn't expected them to wanna hang out with us for long... I mean, a little Kid and a Gramma... how much Fun could WE possibly be?  *Winks* 

But you'd be Proud of me... I did not come away with a single piece of Bohemian Bling this Month!  *Gasp!  Yep, it's twue!*

But I was on a Mission to procure another Bling Baby Creation by Cyndie for my ever expanding Collection of them.  They serve double duty for Adorable Display and to hold your Fav Bling for easy visible access.

It would have been simple if she'd only Created one more... but...

She'd Created TWO!!!   {Oh my... decisions... decisions... decisions... I felt so Conflicted now!}

Both were equally Adorable... Loved the little Fishes Brazziere on this one!  *Ha ha ha*

And of coarse the NFS one will eventually be MINE ALL MINE when Cyndie is done Displaying with it.   However, I shall keep you in Suspense about which one was Adopted... when I Photograph it in the Studio Cottage for a Future Post.  *I know... but lets see how Well you Think you know me?*

Source: SWEET SALVAGE Facebook
There were also Prize Drawings... total Celebration Mode Today!!!

As well as being surrounded by Found Treasures in Inspiring Vignettes to Create Fantasyscapes... does it get any better than that?  I think not!!!

Always the little Details intrigue me... I can get really mired down during an Event with the scrutinization of every little Detail, much to the chagrin of whoever came with me!  *LOL*

And Original Vintage French Ephemera... shut up... I'm going to look at every single one before I make my choice of which ones will come Home with me!   *Smiles*

And even tho' I could never pull off a Color Palette like this one at Bohemian Valhalla for obvious reasons... doesn't it look so Romantic, ultra Feminine and Serene?

I ended up choosing four pieces of French Vintage Ephemera Receipts... no, these aren't The Ones... I snapped them up before I even Photographed mine!   *LOL*   Lord, you can't take a chance of lining up a shot and then have someone else snatch them up while you're behind the lens... possession is after all nine-tenths of the Law so I had to have mine in my hot little hands and not dare lay them back down again!  *Smiles*

I also picked up this really unusual Industrial Style Flower Frog.  I have this Thing for Vintage Flower Frogs and I've got an Obsessive Collection of them built up over the years, but I had never seen one like this... so... hadda have it!

Fabu Old Doors abounded... luckily most Sold right away and therefore were no Temptation!  I am at Old Door Saturation Point actually and have begun Selling some of my Stash!  *Gasp!  Yep... it's twue!!!*

Well... be sure to come back for the rest of this Series of Posts about this Event... I took more Images today so I've got Blog Fodder for a few more... *Winks*

So 'til next time... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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