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Sweet Salvage ~ The Trilogy ~ Part I

Well, it was time once again to make the Pilgrimage to SWEET SALVAGE for the 'Trilogy' Event they were Hosting this Month... picking a Trio of Favorite Themes from previous Events held throughout the year.   I don't think I could just have picked out only three... every single Event and Theme has had it's merits!   But in looking at the Preview Posts about this Event I was already salivating from the Images like this one!   *Epic Swoonfest!*   I knew I had to have that Doily Vest... so that was Recon No. 1 piece... not that the Chair didn't slay me, but you know I'm at saturation point for Old Chairs.  *LOL*
And Recon No. 2 would involved making a Beeline to the newly expanded Boutique Area which had enlarged by over 400 square feet of Fabulousness!!!  *Happy Dancing all over the place to hear that News Flash!!!*   The collaboration between my Talented Friends Kim and Minnie for this expansion was a Dream come True... the Boutique has always been a favored Section by Yours Truly!!!   *LOL*
And it is difficult to Cover an Event and know you're gonna get 'stuck' in your Fav Sections being Mezmerized by things that Sparkle and are OOAK Fabric Creations... because the entire Event is worthy of your complete Attention and Adoration!   And who wants to risk missing a single thing?  Not I!!!!   Ah, the Conflict of wanting to linger where you are drawn... and yet the need to see it all before it's deconstructed and whisked away by all the other eager and zealous Shoppers who make the Pilgrimage and descend upon it!

And of coarse I always want and need to Socialize with my Talented Stylist and Artist Friends who bring this Event to Life every Month!   I want them to show me their newest Creations or what they've Sourced and the Amazing back end Stories to many of the Primo pieces and the Inspiration for their Vignette's Theme!!!   How Cute is this Wild West Bag Minnie Created out of Fur, Cowboy Belt and a Sheriff's Badge?!?   And how Cute is Minnie... she is her best Walking Advertisement since her Creations are Showcased so Beautifully when she's Modeling them!!!   I'm so Delighted for her expanding the Vision of her Line and her Creative Dream!

Of coarse when I'd heard that the Boutique Area was Expanding I knew that I was going to have a Mission Statement to procure more of Minnie's Creations... as well as some of my other Favorite Artists that Showcase their Creations in this Section!   I didn't know how much I would come away with... but I knew I'd NOT come away empty handed!  *Winks*

I have a Pillow Fetish... they're just so Comfy and Useful around the Home that I can Justify this particular Obsession!  *LOL*   And in the Preview Posts of the Event I had seen some of the new Pillow Line Minnie had Created and I NEEDED at least one.  *Smiles*

So the very first thing I grabbed as I sailed thru the doors was this one I'd seen in the Preview Posts and I knew by my Expert Reconnaissance Visual Skills that it would be on a Sofa right by the Front Entrance!  *Winks*   You see, I'd arrived an Hour early but the line was already quite long and I was quite far down the line wrapping around the building waiting to get in.   So I knew I could waste no time once inside and my Pathological Picture Taking would have to be done on the Fly and at warp speed in order to ensure I got my Lovelies and in the Checkout Line in sufficient time to pick the Kiddos up from School!  *Whew!*

So my Mission Statement was quite rigid this time around... 'Score' some more of Minnie's Bags... the Pillow... the Doily Vest pieces {which were unassembled but I intended to make my own in my size anyway}... and anything else I couldn't Live without but would have to Marathon Speed Shop for... whilst simultaneously snapping pixs and hoping at least some would turn out... like an Olympic Decathalon Athlete?!?   *Winks*

Minnie had Created so many new Bags out of Belgian Cut Velvet that I almost lost my Mind trying to choose just two... but this one with the Leopard Print lining in Creme Floral Velvet ended up being No. 1 Pick!   Yes, it matches the Pillow... and not like I'm gonna be wearing the Pillow... but I tend to be OCD and Anal like that in a Weird way, I can't Help it, I do this Subconsciously, Honest to God... I didn't even realize they matched 'til later!   *Bwahahahahahahaha, yeah, really Weird I know!!!*

There were many of the Bags I J'Adored... and so before I chose No. 2 Bag I had to run around like a scalded Cat and consider... not to mention Photograph... them ALL!!!   Yeah, the OCD was really, really bad this day!  *Smiles*   This was a front runner to be sure... but it didn't come Home with me... would I have liked to of bought them ALL like a Bag Hoarder of a Favored Artist... sure... I always WANT them ALL... but I resist my un-natural Urges to do Crazy stuff like that!  *Winks* 

Besides, its not like there weren't plenty of other Fabu Distractions to get my Mind off Bag Fixation!  *Whew!*

I don't even know if I Photographed the 2nd Bag I bought while it was just hanging there... I'm sure I did... but I haven't come to that Image yet... I'll let you know if it's The One okay?  So you don't have to Guess and Wonder or be in Suspense for days until I Photograph it at Home!  *Smiles*  Because I haven't really been in the best Head Space for Blogging either... so my Posts are fewer and far between lately... Stress Overload on the Homefront... so I NEEDED Retail Therapy and a Girl's Day Out really bad... it's way cheaper than Hospitalization and more Uplifting that Dark Posts of the back end Story that led me to a necessary Retail Therapy Session!   You don't wanna know the Details, Honestly!!!  *Winks*

At least here I could be in The Zone and Lose Myself completely and not Think about all the other unpleasant Issues of Life piling up like cordwood.   Fantasyscapes are a Great Escape, they really are, without running away from Home and joining the Circus.   My Life is enuf of a three ring Circus anyway, so Barnum and Baily ain't got nothin' on it.

Suffice to say we were Denied Help yet again... after wasting Months of my Life I can never get back just jumping thru numerous hoops for the Application Processes and Evals for The Man and each Grandchild.... just so we can get Denied AGAIN!!!  So three grueling Processes going on simultaneously and yet separately... at the insistance, I might add, of the other Agencies involved like CPS, VA and DES who were SURE we should Qualify and therefore should Apply and go thru all this crap! 

But whadda they know about who will actually get Help and who will be Denied it, it's such a random crap shoot really!  And Attorneys to represent Cases are so particular about which Cases they'll take on... Lost Causes aren't their Specialty, especially if they have little or nothing to Gain from it.  Besides, I've learned one Agency will tell you to get Help from another Agency just so they don't have to Help more themselves... it's all a Pass The Buck kinda thang really.

 Just when you think they can't possibly dream up more lame absolute bullshit reasons to Disqualify you for much needed Assistance, they do... very Creative The System is when they don't wanna Help or pay for Services needed.  And they can screw up legit Claims they can't Deny like nobody's business to delay payment almost indefinitely it seems!  They all have more lines than the telephone company as to why it hasn't been processed properly or at all!  So dealing with Agencies that are completely wasting my time, lie to cover their asses and make up absurd excuses for their incompetence or not Helping you at all made me wanna go Postal... so I went Shopping instead!    At least then I didn't end up on the ten-o-clock News 'Losing It' spectacularly!  *LOL*

I have to be in Family Court next week anyway about the Kinship Permanent Placement thang.   So I needed to get my head together and in a good place before talking to the Judge about why I should continue with this Insanity Voluntarily?!  As an unpaid Caregiver of three Loved Ones with very Special needs... with no real Help offered by anyone... yeah, how Crazy is that, some days I have to Convince myself to continue, let alone Convince anyone else!!!  If it weren't for the fact their fate would almost certainly be dismal at the hands of Strangers and questionable Care outside of our Home, I probably would throw in the towel, seriously.  But my Heart and my Conscience won't let me, I couldn't Live with a bad outcome or horror story.  I saw enuf of those Cases in the years I worked for the DA's Office to last me a Lifetime... I cannot risk my Loved Ones being some grim statistics.

So I had a Heavy Mind and an even Heavier Heart for quite some time lately... lots to Process... lots to Get Over so as to move forward in the right Spirit.   And tho' I did NEED my Fantasy Break... I did have to force myself to actually take it.   Yes, I almost didn't go... but I'm Glad now that I did... it was so worth it... and the Stylists and Artists had once again outdone themselves to Create the Magic.
And I had a really good time even tho' I didn't stay very long out of necessity and time constraints.   And yeah, I spent more than I Intended to... Retail Therapy can play out like that sometimes even if you're very disciplined about Budgets like Yours Truly. 

  I didn't break the Budget, but I didn't deprive myself either.  *Winks*   I figure it will just mean I'll have to Work my Hustle more in my own Showrooms to build the Discretionary and Entertainment Fund back up.  *Smiles*   And it's always so Nice to see Friends and hang out in a Positive and Uplifting Atmosphere filled with Creativity and good Energy!!!

Princess T is already chomping at the bit to return to the Event with me tomorrow... since it would be too Crazy to take a Child on Opening Day she always waits for when it calms down and the more Frenzied first day Shoppers have disbursed.   She needs Getaways as much as Gramma since she's my more Serious G-Child about Helping and riding herd on the guys.

Opening Day of any Event is always off the hook Insanity... and I get enuf of that at Home so I typically limit my exposure to it and come back another day to do the Leisure Thang and linger, Socialize properly, soak in the Inspiration and Atmosphere fully.
Oh, and to pick up a Persian Carpet Remnant Prop that wasn't for Sale but Sweet Kim agreed to Sell to me because it's Ideal for a Furniture Makeover I'm doing for the Studio Cottage Bedroom.  *LOL*   Yeah, I'm Glad my Friends are bold enuf to cut up Lovelies that I'd be hesitant to because I'd Feel so Wrong about it.  *LOL*   Me and Persian Rugs have this Love Affair and no matter how tattered they are it's just so difficult for me to hack them up so I leave that to someone else if I can!  *Smiles*   It's like if I had to kill to eat meat I'd likely be a Vegetarian out of necessity!   Sorry the Image is so sketchy... but it's up near the rafters and I have a Cheap Zoom Camera.  *LOL*

And I just realized that I did NOT take any pixs of the other Bag, Bling or Ephemera that I came Home with.  In fact, I didn't take nearly as many Images this time around because it filled up FAST and was a flurry of activity quickly.  But I do Hope you'll come back and Join me to behold what I did manage to Capture thru the Eye of my Lens?  Including one Special Piece Created by another Favorite Talented Artist Friend.
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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