Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Our Early Autumn Vibe

As you now know I just couldn't wait, nor could Princess T... we were eager to get our early Autumn Vibe on and at least start Decorating to begin Transforming Bohemian Valhalla.

I'd have to say the only Season and Holiday I still feel compelled to go all out in my Themed Decorating for is Autumn and Halloween.

My Preferred Aesthetic is perfectly in alignment with that Style of Decor... I'd have the entire House Decorated in a Cabinet of Curiosities Motif year round if I had my way.

In fact, my Beloved Velvet Pumpkins are usually holding my favorite pieces of Bohemian Bling even when they're not being used in Vignettes.

Otherwise I might not be able to locate many of the pieces if they weren't Showcased in such an obvious manner and were instead hidden away in Jewelry Boxes, Drawers and the like.

If I enjoy looking at something then I don't really want it hidden away anyway... what's the point of having Lovelies that are never seen or used?

Sure, I've tried the Rotation Method of Decorating, since I have so many Beloved Objects I've Collected over the span of a Lifetime of being an Incurable Human Magpie that it can't all be out at once.

But the problem I've had as the Aging Process continues is that I still often misplace items or can't remember exactly where I've put them up when they're out of Rotation!

Seasonal Items just happen to be the one exception because I have Christmas Decor Organized and Stored in one specific location... and Halloween Decor Organized and Stored in another specific location.

Now... if only I could get that Organized and specific about all other items not in current circulation throughout the year I'd be Golden!!!   *LOL*

That's clearly something I'm still working on as the Great Edit and Purge continues... as I clear out the excess and clutter I am attempting to implement some Organization and Method to the Madness!

I used to change things up more frequently than I do now... and it's not that I don't still WANT to change things up frequently... I just don't have the Time nor the Energy to anymore... so except for Holidays it pretty much stays static.

And I suppose that is part of why the kick off for the Holiday Season is met with such Anticipation and we find ourselves unable to wait and inevitably jump the gun every year!?

Because it is the one time of the year when I will ALWAYS Decorate for each Special Holiday and change things up considerably so that it doesn't look so stagnant and same-o-same-o.

Sure... we do a bit of Decorating for Easter... but I don't find that Spring or Summer motivates me to really Style things with a Theme and an Ambiance quite like I do for Autumn and Halloween... and then again for Christmas.

The Home always looks so Normal to me during those other Seasons and not quite so Enchanting and Magical as during the Holiday Seasons.   Okay, so perhaps 'Normal' isn't quite the right word about describing Bohemian Valhalla EVER... but I Think you know what I mean?  *Bwahahahaha!!!*

I do Wish there were more Holidays throughout the rest of the year that would prompt a similar Atmosphere I guess... but then maybe that would burn us out and it wouldn't be quite so Special would it?

And to be sure there are some of you who do Create Magic throughout the year in your Homes and Businesses and I Applaude you for those efforts... because it IS a lot of effort and hard work to Completely Style anything!

I had Imagined that I would Style my Showrooms for every Season and Holiday and go all out... but I really haven't yet.   Sometimes I just can't Source enough Product... and sometimes I just don't want to haul everything out and put ALL new Inventory for a Season in to replace it!

I think I would need a Team of Stylists to Assist me in order to Feel THAT Motivated about it!  *Winks*

Now... to be sure the first year I did... because it was all so New and so Exciting to me... but now I just have a nod to most Holidays in enclaves of the Showrooms... and just keep re-stocking with what is Selling consistently.

Alas, Holiday Decor can be questionable from a Sales standpoint and I don't want to have to Store a lot of Seasonal Inventory throughout the year and then drag it out of Storage for the brief period of time that it would be desired.

Hard to gauge when folks want to Buy Seasonal stuff really... I'm finding that August tends to be when I Sell most Halloween and Christmas Inventory... and yet, I don't quite Feel like Decorating the Showrooms that early for an upcoming Holiday that is still Months away!

But now I TOTALLY understand why the Retail Shops do!   By the time the Holiday is closer, folks just aren't buying that stuff as much anymore and using what they already have... or have already Decorated or are waiting on the After-Holiday markdown Sales!

I did put out some Halloween and Christmas Decor in the Showrooms this Month and most of it has already Sold... in hindsight perhaps I should have saturated my Vignettes with more of it... but at least there's still time.

I don't suppose everybody is like us and already has their Homes Decorated for those Holidays?  *Smiles*   We're only a third of the way into our Autumn Vibe Decorating here... and by the end of September we'll be completely finished with our Vision of it, with maybe a few tweaks here and there.

Taking our time and taking it in small increments works best for me at this Season of Life... and Ensures that it actually GETS DONE and doesn't Rush up on me without getting done!

I would certainly be Crestfallen if that happened... if I ever had a year where I Neglected to Decorate our Home for our Favorite Holidays.  And missed out on the Ambiance of those Seasonal Favorites that Transform our Home into something quite Extraordinary!

Maybe to some it doesn't matter... but I know that for us it does... and so we look forward to it each year with Great Anticipation!!!

And in the Sharing of it with others...

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. It certainly looks wonderful! I love the masks!
    x Luna // wandering-maiden.blogspot.com

    1. Believe it or not those Wonderful Halloween Masks were a Dollar Store Score! Dawn...
      The Bohemian

  2. I really like the masks and the velvet pumpkins!

  3. Everything is so beautiful! You're inspiring me to get started decorating!! I love everything, but the velvet pumpkins are my favorite!!

  4. Hi Dawn, thanks for visiting my blog and being a follower! WOW, what a mix of beautiful, unique and interesting items~~~love your velvet pumpkins! A true bohemian mix! I am your newest follower~~~Blessings~~~Roxie

  5. Its time for pumpkin EVERYTHING! :)


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